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Radiant Player for Google Play Music

Web-based players are fine, but there are times when I'd prefer to have a native application for Google Play Music, for any number of reasons. Maybe I've already got 60 tabs open, and one more will drive me over the edge. Maybe I want to be able to use the play-pause controls on my keyboard.

So, I'm using Radiant Player for Google Play Music on my Macs.

First things first: This is not a native Google Play Music app for OSX. It's a wrapper for the GP Music website, basically. (If you've used Mailplane for Gmail, then you're used to this sort of thing.) This isn't an official app from Google or anything, but it's really good. And it has a couple tricks up its sleeve.

First is that it ties into your OSX notifications quite nicely. So if you're the kind of person who just has to be notified that way, have at it. It'll put a mini player in your OSX menu bar if you're looking for something else to take up a spot there, too. It's got a few options for skins as well. And if you're a user, it'll tie into that, too.

For me, it was all about being able to use the play controls on my keyboard, and I don't mind the idea of offloading work from Chrome, too.

Radiant Player is free. You can download a fully working app, or dive into the code on Github. Get links to both here.

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machzk says:

I will be downloading this app. I too prefer native apps.

Posted via Android Central App

mvsmith says:

Anything like this for PC?

I've been wanting a Google music app on PC for a long time.

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jeddo45 says:

Came here to ask this...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

negativefx says:

If you're on Windows 8, outcoldplayer is the best one I've found. It didn't work for a few weeks apparently because Google changed some backend stuff but it works again, has a good (albeit metro) interface, and seems to do the trick.

brainimpact says:

just purchased it without even trailing it first, I don't regret it, cant stand managing music in my browser when I'm using it for other things.

kurioskurion says:

I use G-Ear Player. It's not just a wrap, but a native application. Does everything Radiant does here. You can customize the look a bit. The only thing G-Ear doesn't have is a great "Listen Now" section. But I personally always know what I want to listen to.

elvisgp says:

I've been using radiant player for a few months now, and it's awesome. I love that I can use the hardware play/pause button on my keyboard too. The only bad thing is that the ui can get a little slow and laggy sometimes.

15israellai says:

Other systems need this too! Especially, Google should make these. Primarily for the keyboard buttons.

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bigtank says:

dang needs 10.8...that sucks

radixe says:

Just tried it, pretty good. I would like it better if it could cache the library song list, instead of loading it every time you open it.

kcerica says:

This sounds great, I need to find something like this for Windows. I have used different scripts and tried some browser extensions over the years but all of the good ones broke with google music updates and the ones that I have tried lately aren't as good

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jdotcarter says:

Would be cool if it had chromecast support

Posted via Android Central App

Uhhhh.. Download the music extension for chrome and have it open in a new window by right clicking and having it open that way, then pin it to your taskbar, looks exactly like radiant player, surprised you're not just doing this, notifications from chrome and everything.

CBanda77 says:

I agree, been doing exactly that for the last few weeks.

Posted via Android Central App

lament says:

Link to the extension? And does it have native keyboard play/pause?

patrixl says:

I don't use Chrome anymore, so this is welcome.

Also when I tried the extension, the mini player was annoying and not so functional, and always required me to have the main window open anyway...

I must have this.


I've been subscribing to All Access since it was introduced in Ireland. And the biggest issue I've had with the service is also the web player-only approach. Music streaming isn't stable, especially not if you run it in the background while playing a game. So, I took a long hard listening comparison with Spotify, and apart from the fact that Spotify streams never die in the background, the mp4 format actually sounds a bit clearer than Google's mp3s, too... So, I decided paying €2 more per month for Spotify is totally worth it, and switched this week. :)

Wicket says:

wonder if there is anything like this for Linux and Windows. I suppose I just use the Chrome app but it would be nice to compare.

Zac Barton says:

Wicket says:

cool, thanks!

jackwagon06 says:

If your on a mac, wouldn't most use iTunes to sync to the play music? Therefore just using itunes?

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GadgetGator says:

Not if you are using the All Access streaming service.

Posted via Android Central App

On all access for $10 a month you can listen to pretty much any album by any artist.

jackwagon06 says:

This.^ Now I may pony up the $10/month. Thanks for the responses.

Posted via Android Central App

patrixl says:

Aside from the All Access (which I don't have access to in my country of choice), my laptop's drive is pretty small, and I'd like to keep my music collection on an external hard drive. With Play Music I can still play my music without having to bring my hard drive with me, and having this player makes it that much slightly more a viable option.

DirkBelig says:

I'll have to try this because on my MacBook Pro, Google Play All Access doesn't work in Safari (the WORST browser ever; IE is heroic in comparison), so I have to open a Chrome instance just to listen to music. So lame.

Apple is the worst. Mavericks is pure garbage that halved battery life for many people and Apple is doing their usual schtick of pretending nothing is wrong and refusing to fix it after 7 months. No wonder they gave it away for free.

patrixl says:

For me, it's Chrome that reduces my battery life, so I switched back to Firefox..

DirkBelig says:

I don't generally use Chrome. I use Firefox for my browsing and Safari for my email and other connected stuff to that account.

lament says:

Radiant Player uses Safari to render the page, and it works fine.. what do you mean "Google Play All Access doesn't work in Safari"?

DirkBelig says:

You select a song and hit play and it doesn't play. IOW, it doesn't work.

stevovr says:

couple of nice choices in music Mr Nickinson

Very good APP for MAC's. Works very nice and it is fully integrated with google play. Nice keyboard controls such much like itunes. Play nice with Macbook air.

kolson2211 says:

I think I'm missing something, but how do you sign into your gmail account to get all of your music? I downloaded the app but it just has the free music, not the music on my account. Can't find the place to sign in to my Google Music account.

jsabo says:

What I really want is for WinAmp to play directly from Google Music-- after 15 years, it's instinctual for me to just reach for those specific keys to change tracks or pause. And still a nice tiny memory footprint.

Awesome, will definitely give this a go

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