The flexible display tech we've all been waiting for? 

@evleaks, who is always a source you want to pay attention to, has just posted this picture on their Twitter account. Yes, this is what appears to be the curved display phone from Samsung we've been hearing about for a while. 

Sporting an SK Telecom (the dancing Bugdroid carrier) icon and Korean language writing, it would appear that this one will be releasing in Samsung's homeland. Other than that, we have no details about exactly what we're seeing. And the ones I can imagine aren't fit to print.

Edit: Another image has been posted, and conformation that this is a Korea only affair, for now. See it after the break.

Are we ready for phones like this? Call me skeptical, but I see little benefit here — at least none that would be worth the added manufacturing costs. Maybe it's one of those things you need to hold before it makes sense.

Source: @evleaks

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What has God wrought? Samsung's curved display pictured in supposed leak photo


WTF is that....ugh. Normally I don't hate on Samsung, actually like their products, but what is the point of this?

It's supposed to be ergonomics they believe it'll fit better in your hand and be easier for your thumbs to hit the screen.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, it might also reduce some glare depending on the angles they have chose.

We'll see their presentation and maybe they'll share scientific data with us or some numbers.

I imagine landscape mode would suffer a bit. How much the curvature changes actually viewing the device remains to be seen though.

Current batch of 4.7-5.0" smartphones are already rather wide so anything that makes it easier to hold (as width is the main issue) is a plus.

Not sold on holding onto the physical home button and the capacitive menu and back buttons though. With devices this big, those should be activated by gestures rather than buttons that are hard to reach onehanded.

Actually the concave design will reflect the light inward. So no matter what angle you hold it, it will have a glare right in the middle. (I'm pretty sure)

While a convex surface will (if it's reflective) reflect light towards a center point, that point is out in front of the surface a distance, not on the actual screen. So, a glare won't be in a particular location (like the middle), it'll be at whatever point on the screen that is facing the source of the glare. On a flat screen, this can be the entire screen (since it's flat), where it'll be a small(er) band on a curved screen. But the tradeoff is that a curved screen is essentially pointing in more directions, so if there's multiple potential sources of glare/reflections in the surrounding environment, they're more likely to be reflected.

I'm not really sure if the purpose of this is to reduce glare/reflections, and the amount of curvature isn't enough to truly make a large screen easier to reach. It could be argued that the curvature brings the edges of the screen closer to the center, but we're talking fractions of a millimeter here - not enough to be noticeable in any reasonable way. It strikes me as more a gimmick just to sell the next generation of phones and/or justify maintaining currently accepted prices.

The fact that most phones can only do so much with design and Apple suing everyone with rounded edges. Sometimes you just gotta go crazy.

Really the lens isn't even curved. Its just a piece of glass much thicker at the bottom than the top giving it a "curved" appearance. It's still flat on the bottom like the display.

Makes me wonder what doing screen repairs on curved screens will be like

If you going to have a curved display, I appreciate they decided on curving the width of the phone. The LG curved display is along the length of the phone to meet the curvature of the face while on a call. It may fit the curve of one's face, but it won't fit the curve of your leg while in you pocket. I don't know which would be more useful to look at while doing smart phony things.

I would think a curved display like this would make one-handed swiping very difficult, both in portrait and landscape modes. This may be a real rendering, but I doubt it would ever make it past the prototype phase.

Here's what I don't understand. If this tech is actually viable, why on earth didn't they use it for the Galaxy Gear. They would have had the first curved screen smartwatch that actually would have looked good on your wrist instead of like a giant box. This seems stupid to me. No benefit that I can think of. Honestly, the pic looks like a bad Photoshop job rather than a product.

They were desperate to push the product out first, even if it sucked.

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They were desperate to push the product out first, even if it sucked.

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For all those people who have been dying to have all their videos and apps distorted like its the 90s and we all have curved CRT's!

At first I thought it was dumb but as someone noted its curved to fit better in your pocket. I like that a lot. Give me a curved Note 4 and I might go that big. Right now it just don't not fit in a pocket...

Well, I don't buy devices based on how they feel against my thighs, despite the fact that they vibrate.

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. A curved phone should -- at the least -- respond and be in relation to a person's face. I'm sounding the hoax alert on this.

For me its less about the ability of the display to curve and more about the ability to survive a drop! Unbreakable display is a huge feature for me!

I like flat phones. These "curved phones" seem more gimmicky than anything.

I'd be interested to see how case manufacturers respond to curved devices - especially if they are flexible displays.

Why would anyone want this? It looks awful. I see the real point in flexible screens coming when you can fold screens. Like having a power and size of a tablet, but able to be folded into a phone.

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Most tech innovations started with a whole bunch of folks saying '' WTF no one will ever use that''... Sammy however is the king of actually making sure those people are right

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Rumor $399 for 32 GB with a 3000 mah battery. But who's keeping up with news though right? LOL

Bigger display, still fits in your hand. Why is this distressing everyone? Nobody's going to make you get this. You can still use your flat S4 or your old Moto flipphone.

Honestly I feel Flex Display will have much better use when say the next gen Smart Watches come out, or curved displays for Gaming monitors and TV. Or even a curve display for bike helmets. The future is there for benefits, just not for a phone to be curved to say first. It's a great step into new technology though.

Plastic is a terrible material for a watch face, and I assume that this is a plastic display. Unless of course it's scratch proof plastic

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Ugh.... as in damn that's ugly and completely pointless! No Thnx ill stick to the HTC ONE phone of the year! Woohoo!

Except that in the grand scheme of things very few people want a phone as big as the notes. Of all the people I know with smart phones only one has a note (2) and he hates it lol.
Edit: And this phone is every bit of ugly.

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You are entitled to your opinion about ugliness, but Samsung selling 10 million Notes and 30 million Note 2s shows that you are clueless about product demand.

And it still won't be the phone of next year. Nice device, nonetheless. Funny thing is of my circle it's the ladies that love the Note ABC since they put that phablet in a purse. I can palm a basketball, so don't go there lol.

You ment to say phablet of the year lol, the Note 3 is an awesome phone but I agree the Htc one really hit it out of the park even the iPhone goofs stood up and noticed the Htc one.

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I know I'm looking at a leak photo here but if that's even close to the bendable screen were talking about. I have some questions about the frame and rest of the phone bending how much give are we talking about here? Looking at the LG screen on other thread there sporting as there bendable screen just looks amazing compared to this.

You can lay it face down without risking damage to the display. Of course, if you have a case on your phone you can do this anyway.

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Yeah. They should get to work building their phones out of something that can shatter or dent. Unbreakable plastic takes all the fun out of it.

The mass of a sufficiently large object will shape said object into a sphere.

This is an intermediate form.


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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Youm would only be useful to me if it turns out to be more durable while maintaining or exceeding the current resolution or sunlight legibility of the current premium screens

Slow down Samsung. It's enough things to do in the world, Like looking for UFO's.

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People are so quick to judge based on an image. And gimmicky? What company doesn't use "gimmicks" to stand out? Its always not new enough or too gimmicky. And why does every story about Samsung have someone boasting the HTC One? I, for one, couldn't care less about how you feel about your phone made by unpaid employees...

There is a difference between useful features and gimmicks. Moto's new devices have useful features, there is nothing gimmicky about them. Every feature of the HTC One is useful such as Zoe and Highlights, Boomsound etc. The first thing you have to do when powering on a new Samsung device is attempt to debloat it and turn off all of the hand waving, eye scrolling and other battery killing gimmicks.

Opinions. ALL phone makers add things to make their phone unique in some way. As much as it may hurt you, someone with a differing opinion CAN just call those gimmicks. These are phones... beyond making a phone call, all else is superfluous. If a phones features are not for you, buy something else. Plain. And. Simple.

What would the battery look like? Or would this be the Samsung phone with a non-removable battery?

Only obvious benefit I perceive is easier to grasp/better hand feel....but, my question would be whether it would be a tradeoff in screen size benefit.

I would guess not, else this phone wouldn't be in the works.

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Samsung.. You tease us with a vision of the future and show us the Wallet/Phablet phone earlier this year.. Now you have the nerve to front this?

LG.. You just announced your Flex Battery.. You have OLED Technology.
YOU make the Wallet/Phablet Phone! and STEAL the market with a device that would be so futuristic that very few would be able to resist purchasing it.

2 years and 60 Million sold devices later, Let Samsung sue you.. It would be too late.. You will have already won..:)

Do it LG.. make 2014 the year of the Wallet/Phablet Phone.

I don't know if I've missed the explanation or what...but isn't a curved screen going to distort any text or images at the edges.

Go home Samsung, you're drunk!

Let me know when the "flexible" screen allows me to fold the phone in half (lengthwise or widthwise). Until then, I'll stick with the standard flat screen thank you very much.

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This would be horrible. I do not like it at all. I mean a slight curve like they did with the Gnex is fine, but man. That think looks like you'll wanna bend it into a taco. No thanks. Give me straight flat lines. That's what looks good to the eye. We've got enough curves Samsung. We don't need em in the screen itself.

Another potential advantage is dropped phones might result in fewer shattered screena

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I don't see the point in this... Yes it may help with glares but other than that... I rather have a flat phone...

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I think everyone is missing the point here...this is the future of mobile technology and in being the first to bring it to market, there will be a lot of trial and error...whether this makes sense or not innovation is at play here

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Are they curving it just for the sake of using their curved screens? I can't think up a single reason why anyone would want a curved phone like that.

Gaming would be completely impossible on this "thing" without the use of a controller

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Ok why does every post end up being about a nexus....Lmao ....damn!!

Phil could post about the first phone that prints toilet paper and even a wipes your ass..or the first phone that the screen taste like whatever image is displayed...

And sure effin enough you'll see 21 responses... "Oh I can't wait for the Nexus"...Lmao.. Wtf... I get people love Nexus... but gawd damn!!! Does everything have to be about a Nexus?!?!

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I see no point in this. Looks awkward. I say keep a flexible display but make it flat. Goodbye shattered screens.

Posted from my Galaxy s4 or HTC One.

In this model, the panel is flexible and the glass is curved, while a curved glass phone with a flat panel was already introduced in the form of the Nexus S.

Anybody else notice that the back of this phone seems to be advertising LTE Advanced..?

It might just be a Galaxy Note 3 owner who went too far after being misinformed about regional restrictions...