Google IO

What!?!?!?! No Froyo? No Android 2.2? No Flash? Sorry, folks, the first day of Google I/O is a slight snoozer as far as hard Android news is concerned. (Don't worry, it's coming on Thursday.)

But there are plenty of application developers and even some new hardware (new to you, anyway) here at Moscone West. So stay tuned. We still have tons of great stuff to bring you.

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Yeah I'm really glad I had the 19th circled on my calendar.

First day major letdown

moosc says:

What new hardware....

aleis says:

is there any video out yet??

Channan says:

Wow Android should have been first. That's all I care about.

Guess I have to wait til after work tomorrow to read about it. :(

Danskin4242 says:

I'm glad that google threw everyone off with waiting for the 2nd day. I think it was done on purpose also, have you noticed how the day the Incredible was released an iPhone was 'Lost' and all eyes were on Apple, and the day of the Evo 4G party in New York another iPhone was seen in a video with the screen actually on, and Today on the day that we all expected Google to make some big announcements for Android and Froyo another shot appears showing a White iPhone face plate causing people to look the other way and right back to Apple. I don't think these events were just a coincidence, I think every iPhone appearance was planned by Apple I'm I'm just so sick of their attitudes. I can't wait to have my Evo and can't wait for tomorrow!

rizzay1 says:

You bring in some really good points i think you might be right cuz every one of those times couldnt have been coincidence maybe apple is trying to keep the iphone the most popular phone as long as they can but there will always be a better phone to take over..Evo!!

darktanone says:

Pretty weak defense, this conspiracy theory of yours. Notice how nothing overshadows Apple events? Like it or not, IPhone 4/HD or whatever it will be called, will be the inspiration for smart phones over the next year. It's gonna be way, way bigger than anything Android. You know this!

nightowl4272 says:

If the iPhone 4 is as huge as you say it's going to be (I agree with you BTW), you can thank Android. In the past 3 years the iPhone's upgrades have been nickle and dime. But with the N1 and other super Androids now blowing the 3GS out of the water, Apple is FINALLY going to have to make a better handset instead of eeking out features over 3 years that should have been in the original in the 1st place. I'm an iPhone 2g owner and Apple had better bring it in June or I'm jumping ship...hello Nexus One! P.S. Do you REALLY think Jobs is above leaking little news tidbits to distract attention from his competitors? Wake up dude...

Simer03 says:

Bummer......i watched it live, but was disappointed that nothing about froyo came up, but whatever, it's coming tomorrow at least! Let's just be happy that it's gonna be talked about, and finally get answers about what really will be on it and not just speculation! I cant wait until froyo is out for my nexus!

You guys disappointed? Why? They never said anything about 2.2 at Google I/O. It is for developers and they showed a lot on that front for devs in Chrome and Chrome OS.

Not saying they won't announce 2.2 tomorrow, which I highly think they will. Just hate people who bitch, don't expect anything, and you get everything.

So you, the person that hates people who bitch, come in here to bitch about people bitching?

Go away

or you can stay and listen to us bitch :D

borgey401 says:

lol good point he's complaining about people while he wines like a toddler in his own post. wow haha

remixfa says:

guys guys guys. You never release your biggest news on the first day.. whats the incentive to come back the next day then if all the exitement is gone? If you thought they'd give us what we wanted to know about 2.2 on the first day then u must think theres something "even better" for the finale.
No, tomorrow is the green robots big day, and no stupid iphone 4.0 pic is gonna drown it out. :)

bakanagohan says:

So as it turns out, like everyone got a free evo I think... damn... I need to go to this next year