Google I/O

Just a quick reminder (how could you possibly forget?) that we're here in San Francisco this week for the annual Google I/O developer conference.

A few links you need to know:

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Strap in, folks. This is going to be one hell of a ride.


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We're live from Google I/O 2014!


Rooting fixes everything... Got a leaky faucet? Root it! Burnt meatloaf? Root it! Mortgage too high? Root it! Too rainy? That's right, root it

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Do you have a Link for the walkthrough for those interested in rooting their landlord for free rent?

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Well I've just made a massive asshat of myself, thought you were on the app and there were now ads, lol

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Not if Andrew live blogs the whole thing with Glass on, and everyone else gets in one of those Lawnmower Man VR contraptions with an Occulus Rift. I mean Jerry should be able to rig that up right?

Your dumb if this makes you mad.

Any live video? I know CNET always does something during events but I would like some android central live goodness.

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If you guys are up for a drink, I'll buy a round.

I'll even have Google Shopping Express deliver it....

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.... The fail!!! This comment is so full of fail! You'll all be amazed at the massive amount of fail in this comment! Step right up!