Google I/O 2014

Holy Moley we saw a lot of great stuff at Google I/O 2014, didn't we? Android on all of your screens, the new design language starting with Android L, and even new hardware. Being there and watching the presentations — and rewatching them on Youtube — was a blast, and I left more excited than ever for what's in store from the minds at Google.

Now that we've had a few days to digest it all and pick everything apart with that critical eye that only a fan could have, I'm curious what everyone's favorite thing was. Mine was Android One. I love what I see from Android Wear so far, and I can't wait until I Phil buys me buy a new Jeep with Android Auto on board. I'm even clearing out a spot in the stand for an Android TV box. But Android One was my "big thing." Imagine every entry-level smartphone being like the Moto G. That's what Android one is trying to make happen, and to me that's pretty important.

Now hit that poll and tell us all what your favorite thing was!


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For most the obvious is Android L, but honestly Android One was the biggest, Google setting guidelines for low end hardware is a step in the tight direction. Also Android Auto and Android Wear is the biggest step towards Android everywhere.

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I can only say Android L, or possibly the Countdown was before it started but I got tired of the droning on and on about features that were not really meant for keynote other than a quick mention to alert developers that they could learn about these. Instead it was like listening to a principal lecturing the students about new school rules at the start of the term and just going on until I decided that I had more productive things to do. Glad I wasn't there in person trapped. I'd have ruined it for people because I would have fallen asleep or had to try and get out to go bathroom. Instead I worked on projects and when I got back into the room it was finally over, only just but finally finished.

Someone needs to teach them what a keynote is and that it is not a marathon for every tom dick and harry or harriet to spend hours droning about the particular features they contributed to. It seems strange that they are making things more textured in appearance rather than flat, just when the world thought it was finally free of trying to make things seem like they should in reality rather than how the rest of the world has progressed. Just when we had grown up and learned to different between what is on a screen and what is real life Google goes and thinks we need the illusion of things needing textures again!

If they had focused on reliability features, maybe incorporating such features that are becoming more prevalent like WiFi calling etc rather than requiring the carrier to create their own modifications to do it then it would have had more focus. Now if they said that carriers and manufacturers would be pushed to upgrade the OS versions rather than using the OS version to 'outdate' their devices with planned obsolescence through either not supporting hardware that is maybe one or two years old or just taking their sweet time pushing it through because it drives the sales of devices.

I was going to say AndroidOne, but then Phil told me it was for the "poor countries" and I choked on my glass of bubbly...

I would say Android wear, but cannot do the poll from the app
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Edit: I cannot say L because I think that it is going to be more than what it is right now. We all knew another version was coming so it really isn't a suprise/shock/whatever

I voted for Android wear over android l because it is something alot more people will get to experience while most manufacturers will most likely put their own skin over android l and ruin it.
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It was a tie for me between Android L and Wear. Both are excellent. Android L has so many little options that I've been waiting for, but were not announced in the keynote.

All of it was amazing and it made me very proud to be using Android for 5 years. But the one thing I have been waiting for since 2012 was the ability to have Android in the car. Android auto and Apple's CarPlay are great additions to the Auto industry for consumers and manufacturers.

I would love a double din car stereo running Android Auto.

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Me too! I can't wait until the aftermarket starts cranking out new head units with Android Auto.

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Wow. Seems like the vast majority ALL care about Android L more than anything else. Just goes to show you we are still primarily concerned with our mobile devices more than anything else. Don't get me wrong, I am excited about Android Auto and Android TV a lot. My primary concern, though, is Android L.

Can we get a write in vote for "material design"? In my opinion that sort of trumps all of these things, because the design influences the experience we have with all of these devices. Without a great UX these other products completely fail!

Loved the look of Android L, but Android TV is the thing I'm most looking forward to.

Over the years I've accumulated (and still use for different reasons) Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. I'm hoping they'll all be replaced in my Living room by a single Android TV, with the added benefit of casual gaming to boot.

For future polls that are similar to this one, maybe have us rank them? Kind of curious to see a slightly more detailed look at what the AC-nation thought of I/O

Lots of good stuff came out off I/O but I'm pretty pumped for Android L. It's a pretty major change and looks to be a change in the right direction.
As a sidenote, I kind hope they don't give it a dessert name and just stick with "Android L" I like the sound of that.

I voted for L because the in-car features don't interest me at the moment, nor do wearables.

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Android L for me, easily.

Wear was a little ho-hum. Still not sold on them. I feel like I won't be using the voice control stuff (as I never have on my smartphone) and if I need to go back to my phone to do anything, then Android Wear will just be a watch. I already have a nice watch and my phone does all and more that Android Wear does, so I kinda don't see a reason to get one.

L Obviously.

But of all the other stuff, I am most likely to actually buy in the near future an Android TV box. If it is "good", of course.
And I want to make a Cardboard.

But I don't need a watch. I can't update my car stereo.

For Me, the confirmation that the Nexus isn't dead due to Android Silver. I have a Nexus 4 and I was/is really looking forward to buying the N6 and expecting a great value that is the Nexus line.

What was missing was the thing that I noticed most about the event.

No announcement of a new Nexus tablet.

Are quality android tablet choices going to be Samsung,Samsung or Samsung?

Good point. I can't think of a single other good tablet that's available.

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I am surprised there isn't more fan fare over Samsung contributing Knox to Google. That could be the tipping point to bring Android into the enterprise.

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All of the above! I chose Android L though because it is the key to almost all the others. Android One, and potentially Android Silver, could be huge for the strength of Android though.