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With another week behind us, we bring you a new Lloyd to help us take a look at some of what we may have missed. We know, you get busy, you spend time with the family, you don't dedicate 24 hours a day to us, but we still love you and bring you a recap of some of the weekly highlights. Take a look below at some of this weeks news, and be sure to poke around in the forums for some fun as well!

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The Week in Android News

The EVO 3D is not the first 3D phone, and the initial review was actually included in last weeks round up! We don't favor anything when we give the round up, it is purely based on articles that I pull that I feel a majority of people would enjoy to read / may have missed.

Completely off topic here but I think its appropriate since the forum is about Android news... Cox is turning wireless! They'll be getting Android phones aswell. My friend is a manager at Cox and told me this yesterday. He said they're getting this one HTC phone called Desire running Android 2.3. I'm not a fan of cable tv since I dont watch much but its great news its a chance for more people to jump into the Android ship :)