Applications are always a great addition to any Android device, and finding the right application for you. Let's take a look at some of the application updates as well as some of the new releases from the past week after the jump.

Carbonite Access


If you like to back up your computer, you have probably heard of Carbonite, and if you ever wished you could access all that data easily on the go, you now can. If you have ever used Carbonite, or are looking for a service to back up your data and allow it to be accessed on the go be sure to check out the full review here.

Rhapsody 2.0


Those who enjoy to use the Rhapsody music service on their computers will not want to miss out on Rhapsody 2.0 which is now available in the Android market. The application features high resolution album art, play list syncing and offline playback as well as a completely revamped user interface. Check out more information here.



A popular albeit slightly expensive way to tether your phone's data connection to your computer. More on that here.

Celebrity Tweets


If you like to follow the ever humorous lives of celebrities, but don't want to clutter your actual Twitter time line, this application is for you. You are one click away from thousands of mindless tweets from your favorite celebrity. Check out more information here.

Swype beta update


Keyboard replacements are very popular on Android, and one of the most popular of them may just be Swype. This week there was another warmly welcomed update, and more information about this can be found here.



Foursquare's been updated to allow you to better accept friend requests within the app. Check it out here.


Facebook for Android

Facebook got an update as well, bringing higher resolution picture uploads, improved Places usage for non-English locales, and always welcomed bugfixes. Full story here.


Reader comments

The week in Android Apps


Can someone from Androidcentral please explain why Tether is being pushed so hard when it's the same thing as a couple other FREE apps? If you're being paid to endorse them, we should be informed about that.

Just to clarify... I'm not saying that AC **IS** being paid to market any apps, including Tether. I'm just asking the question and saying if that's the case, then just say so.

First off, you're wrong. And normally I wouldn't respond to something like this, because it's wrong and unfounded.

I'm not sure why you think Tether is "being pushed so hard." We've done three posts on it. The first was when it was in private beta, and the second when it went into public beta. So it wasn't being paid for either time then. The third story was this week, when it launched in the market.

Do some apps get more attention than others? Sure. And we're careful to keep an eye out for that. But Tether hardly falls into that category. On the very rare occasion that we have accepted an app sponsorship, it's been clearly stated at the top of the post -- and the post itself looks different than the normal daily posts. In other words, nobody's hiding anything here.

All that said (and I'll put this in bold so you don't miss it), paying $25 for any tethering app is just about as ridiculous and shortsighted as insinuating that we're paid to promote applications in the first place, and I suggest you consider that before ever again accusing any blog of such a practice.

Agreed with uansari, other, bigger sites inform the consumer of this(For example, gamespot informs people whether they've been paid to put something on their frontpage or not.)

Can we have new apps not just updates and the featured apps of the week? I wouldn't mind apps you already covered. Thanks

That's what we used to do, but people were complaining that they didn't like the apps listed, so we decided to try something new. I'm certainly open to suggestions, and people undoubtedly will complain no matter what. :/

Personally I don't think it's anyone's business why they feature an app. If you don't like the format of this site go somewhere else. At the very least stop bitching about it. You guys are adults (I assume) so act like it. Who cares if they are paid to run a review on an app. If something like that is affecting your life then you don't have much of a life to start with.

Infidel take a prozac and relax. People care about the origin of the reviews because we value the opinions and information provided by android central staff. I for one would like to know what's been "sponsored" and what's the actual belief and opinion of the writer so I know what to take serious and what to take with a grain of salt. So assuming you are in fact an "adult" you should probably open your narrow mind and see the reasons before you try to jump the butts of other readers.

It's always nice to have options wether its free or paid, and journalism is all about being non biased so I welcome any opinions or articles on any application so keep it up AC, you guys rock better than any other Android site!

I agree. Of all of the Android sites, I think this is the best one. I'm just asking for honesty and disclosure of any conflicts of interest.

Considering Tether was an awesome app on my old Blackberry, why shouldn't a great app be featured here. Granted us rooted users have free resources but don't knock a great product that probably haven't tried. And it is a great product. So ALL OF YOU quit your whining and start Tethering! All those iSuck 4's are depending on it so they can Facechat away from home.

You're totally missing the point. I'm sure Tether is just fine... probably no better or worse than Easytether or PDAnet. But it's because I love Android Central that I pointed out that IF they're being paid to push an app, they should disclose it. Journalism is about integrity...and like it or not, AC is an Android-oriented news site.

Actually I paid 19.99$ for tether. It's faster then some other tether apps. If u want full experience with pdanet you have to pay for it. For folks that don't root there phones they don't have a lot choices.

I did like the old way where you featured other apps. Now it is just a recap of what you already posted this week and I've already read. Before I might discover an app I didn't know about it. I might like, I might not, but I usually learned about something new. Now it is just ho hum. I used to really look forward to it. Thanks for your site either way though. It's my favorite Android blog.

I also liked the old format. Unfortunately it speaks to the "young" nature of the market that good apps at this point in time are hard to find sometimes. If I don't like AC's selection then I just don't download them, but it has helped me discover some real gems.

Go back to the old way please. People are more likely to complain than say that they like something.

I liked the old format too... The recommendations weren't always my cup of tea and some did seem a bit absurd but who am I to judge, and I did discover a couple of apps thanks to you. Here's a thought, why not involve the readers? Leave it to people to submit which apps get spotlighted (preferably lesser known ones), that way if the recommendations suck you can just turn it around and say "well suggest something better for next week!".

I know that's partially what the forums are for, but a weekly spotlight of recommendations by the editors is still welcomed, not everyone reads the boards or cares to try out stuff only one if two random posters have suggested.

I know to an extent this is what the forums are for, but not everyone reads them and a spotlight recommendation by the site editors carries a bit more weight.

I'll throw in some suggestions for apps I haven't seen mentioned much in the past... Point Inside, Package Tracker Pro, G4, WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor, TubeMate, and MusicSleep.

I may actually have read about some of those here and forgotten.

I liked the weekly Android app suggestions. Some weeks I would not be interested in any of the apps, but sometimes Android Central would suggest some new ones that were actually pretty nice. I understand that sometimes there just aren't any amazing new apps to suggest.

uansari1: You should know what you are talking about, before you start bitching someone out. If you aren't rooted, there aren't any FREE tethering apps. PDANet And EasyTether both offer a free LIMITED version. You cannot visit https sites. Those are pretty important. Without those, no email, no bank sites, no nothing with a login. Now, I do realize there are apk's out there for the paid versions that can be had for fee, but that's not the issue at hand. EasyTether costs just $10, PDANet is a whopping $29(last I checked) Can't seem to find the paid version for a price check. I don't know why people pay triple the price for it over EasyTether, but a lot do. Options are a good thing. So, for you to go off about them featuring tether, because you don't want it, is really uncalled for. Who cares if they are getting paid or not. They have to get paid. It'swould be no different than any other advertisement. It's presented to you. You decide if you want to try it, or not. A lot of paid apps get featured. If they didn't, we may never know about them. Phil explained to you in great detail how they handle apps, and if they sponsor them. Yet, you still kept whining. Stop whining, or click the x.