The Weather Channel app updated with localization for 40 languages

Planning a summer event but worried about the weather? You'll be happy to hear that The Weather Channel app for Android has had a fairly beefy update geared particularly to international users.

  • Bug fixes for wide widgets and widget crashes
  • Support for 40 languages
  • Support for metric in the 36 hour forecast
  • Widget bugs fixed on Ice Cream Sandwich
  • iWitness now open to our customers in the United Kingdom -share your weather with us!
  • Expanded test pilot for Session M points

The download link is available below. What's your favorite weather app? International folks, is it hard finding a good weather app in your language?

Download: The Weather Network (Free)

There are 10 comments

joshua.worth says:

Weatherbug has been a mainstay on all my devices.

crs2265 says:

Yep, Gotta agree on that one...

OmahaPlaya says:

Been using weather info from Google or Weather Underground.


1weather is my weather app of choice, but I'll take a look at the weather channel app.

stevenpw says:

I have tried most and always come back to Weatherbug. I've always thought Weather Channel app is a resource hog, even on PCs.

CeluGeek says:

BeWeather is the weather app for my phone and tablets. Ever since NBC ruined The Weather Channel, I don't watch their TV channel and don't want their app on my devices.

horacenick says:

Why would taking a photo need to be part of a weather app? I would imagine that the main use of a weather app would be to check the weather. There may be one or two other apps that can already handle photos quite well.

I've been using Weather Eye for the last month, it uses the Design Guidelines and looks really clean.

mtmerrick says:

1) this is not a new update. seriously.

2) while TWC is a good weather service, its not the best, its app is disappointing, and its widgets SUCK.

Executor32 says:

I use WIFR Weather, the official weather app for one of my local TV stations, and one of a large number of station-branded weather apps by WSI Corporation which are all pretty much identical. It has the best maps out of any weather apps I've tried, though admittedly I haven't bothered to try anything else after finding it early last year, so for all I know AccuWeather or TWC stopped sucking like they did then.