The Weather Channel's official Android app has been given a complete makeover in today's big update. In addition to an all new user interface and tablet optimization, they have beefed up the content quite a bit with more detailed forecasts, better and faster maps, and a better selection of videos from around the world. The full change log reads like this:

  • “Expect rain to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If your weather is changing within 6 hrs, we let you the exact time it will happen.
  • Faster maps with past & future radar, severe weather bulletins
  • More detailed forecasts
  • A better selection of videos
  • Optimized for Android tablets
  • Set up your favorites places to take full advantage of our weather widgets and notifications.
  • What everyone has been asking for, a Refresh button!
  • It is now easy to share your weather with your friends & family

Of course, the biggest thing users are going to see is the all new UI. My first impressions are that it's quite nice. There's plenty of information, it's well laid out, and most importantly, pleasing to the eye. But according to the Play store entry's comments, many long time users aren't very happy with the changes. They note the new ad placement as a sticking point and feel it's less intuitive. Having not used the app before today's update means I have no reference, but I like it enough to keep it around for a while. This sort of thing is subjective, so the best advice I can give is to install it and try for yourself. It's free -- grab it at the Google Play link above. I've tossed a few screenshots after the break.


Reader comments

The Weather Channel app gets a sizeable update with a new look


I updated this morning, I've been waiting forever for a update like this. I was getting so sick of the old layout. It looks so much better and more modern looking

Definitely nice to see them update it. Though it's not perfect. There's alot of wasted white space and un-needed scrolling. Especially on the 10-day forecast. And I hate the fact that the video section is in between the current forecast and the 10-day. Does anyone actually care about Videos on a daily basis?

Also I wish they had a premium version that didn't have ads.

LMAO They are not stupid!!! They don't even know what Holo is. . . . that just makes them ignorant. Not Stupid. Geezs

Apart from how we feel about the new UI on the app, it is so nice to find someone who readily knows the difference between ignorance and stupidity. [thumbs up]

I like it just the way it is, pre-update. Like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Straight forward and simple is best. The new UI seem cartoonish to me.

And don't forget this feature: "And, don’t forget! You can earn points while accessing your weather! For a select group of our US consumers you can now earn mPoints by just checking the weather."

Yes, you can earn mperks just for checking the weather. Could never figure out exactly how they worked or why I would ever need 85,000 of anything just to earn a $5.00 gift card to Burger King! ...but whatever

What they don't bother to say is that while earning all these fabulous mperks, and you must allow them to do this, they will text you messages 3-5 per month at $9.00 a pop with deals you supposedly just can not live without.

The only way to completely opt out is to call the corporate office and go through them. Just removing the app won't do.

Best of luck to all!

Sure there was always better looking graphically richer weather apps out there so i understand their compelliness to update with newer more fresher design but what made the weather so widely loved was its ease of use. It was dull yes but got the job done. Cmon its just weather we are talking about. Not everyone is a budding meterologist or storm chaser? The overly large add is absurd waste of space and the adult swim so call new graphics look real cheezy. If there is a category for apps that went from great to horrible after a update i nominate the weather channel for top runner!

As one of the long time weather channel app users, I like the new look and features. However, I do think they should consider a new, paid, ad-free version of it though. A "picture" representing the current weather at said location would be a great way to replace the full screen ad in the paid/ad-free version.

The new layout is less intuitive in my opinion and the ads are very in your face. I can live with all that, what made me uninstall it was the same as before. It makes my GPS active constantly. Am I the only one with this issue? I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 if that matters.

I've noticed a few Note2 users saying the GPS is on constantly. I've never had this app turn on GPS on my previous Captivate or current SIII. Nor has it ever been a resource or battery hog. Curious..

One day, I looked at my battery and I saw that this app was responsible for most of the battery drain (likely due to the constant use of the GPS?). Unless they can optimize that, no aesthetic redesign is going to make me install it again.

One (questionable) step forward in appearance, two steps backwards in functionality. First thing that came to mind when I opened the updated app was that they are simply scrounging for advertising money. When you open the app you are greeted with a full page add and a small current temperature overlay. You have to click that overlay just to get the full current conditions. Retrieving any information now takes more swipes, button presses, and scrolling than before. Instead of hitting one button to get the hourly forecast, you now have to swipe twice, and hit two buttons. The layout is terrible, the fonts over oversized, and I'm not a fan of the cartoony icons. Still no way to show the temperature as a notification from what I saw. But don't worry, you can now earn points by looking at the ads!!! This app has also always been a resource hog on my Note II as well, so we'll see if that has changed.

I updated it this morning (2/18). The new widget would not work (Loading...) and the new interface is, well, ugh. Plus the full-page ad. I'd leave a review in Play, but I don't G+. I was having some issues before (like ajcepler, my GPS would sometimes stay on long after I had left the app) and was close to uninstalling it anyway.

I downloaded AccuWeather Platinum (it's on sale for 99 cents US), and I really like it SO much better. Worth 99 cents to avoid the ads.

It's too bad, because TWC is the "home team" and I actually know someone that works there (behind the scenes, not on camera).

I absolutely hate it. It looks cartoonish and juvenile. It wastes spaces. It crazes often. It makes ads more important than weather content. Epic fail.

The addition of the Future Weather on maps was definitely needed (I believe only VZW customers had this previously) however everything else on this new updated app sucks. There is far too much wasted space to access the information you want quickly. I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but the WeatherBug Elite app is a pretty ideal weather app. Everything is available immediately to the user.

Weather Channel is a step in the right direction trying to make improvements, but for a couple bucks, I'd gladly pay to rid of the ads.

TWC app has always been a pretty decent app, nice to see that they updated it. Can't really go wrong with TWC, Accuweather or Weather Bug, They all offer pretty much the same information.

Just wish they offered some really cool widgets though. Still going to stick with Eye In Sky.

The screenshots for this are extremely misleading. The screenshots show weather related images in accordance with actual weather data. Instead though the app is full of advertising that covers more of the screen then the actual weather info (over 3/4 of the screen is a ad). They need to fix this immediately! I'd also like to see the old hourly update view back (but perhaps with the new minimalist UI). Currently it's a green + sign you tap on the 10 day forecast to open a small side panel instead of a dedicated page showing hour by hour.

i have that same case for the nexus 4 :D i also have the bumper but for some reason i like this one ..( this one helps to differienciate from the other 4 nexus 4 in my house hold :) )

I had the old TWC app and 4x1 widget installed from day one. Saw the update this morning and (hadn't had my coffee yet) hit the update button.

... Hmm, why do they want the "make calls, hang up calls" permission?

... What is this giant ad where the weather is supposed to be?

... What's this nonsense about "earning points" to see forecasts?

Checked the Play reviews, yep, everyone is saying the same thing. One mentioned that the Amazon appstore still had the old version. So I quickly uninstalled and switched back. Mentioned it on Twitter and @WeatherChannel asked me what I thought was wrong. Perhaps they should check their reviews and try some UX-lab testing before release next time.

Again the great kmowledge of the Android Community. Thanks alot AndrewRich I totally forgot about Amazon app store! I reinstalled it myself and so happy to be back to quick forecast and hourly without a tundra in my face.

That's a goofy looking design. Seems very cartoonish to me. I think I'll stick with Notification Weather with respect to how notification panel information goes and WeatherBug for the more detailed information. The comments that folks are leaving about Adware and huge screen-consuming advertisements certainly don't surprise me. The Weather Channel should stick to displaying weather and cut out all that other unnecessary crap. Monitoring weather is one of my favorite activities on TV, Computer and mobile devices and it's really a pain-in-the-a$$ when developers add a ton of useless and unnecessary junk into their apps. Mobile rewards / Earning points? Hello?! Not interested.

Not exactly happy with ads but some features are nice. Was clicking on different sections and accumulating m points but now have noticed the SessionM achievements button is dead. ???