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The highly popular Weather Channel Android app got an update late on Friday in the Google Play Store, presenting its users with an all new user interface and other features.

Here's the change log for the update:

  • Complete redesign: More beautiful & easy-to-use.
  • Social Weather: Report your weather to us. To complete your report, remember to take a photo and share it with your friends! (PHONE ONLY)
  • You can also activate an always-on temperature.
  • Navigation: swipe down to view details

Some users may noticed that the Mpoints rewards that were a part of the older Weather Channel app are not present in this new version. Mpoints has already sent out emails to users stating that they will return to the Weather Channel app at some point. In the meantime, what is your opinion on the new UI in the app and is it better or worst than the previous version?


Reader comments

Weather Channel Android app gets major redesign in latest update


Yeah I prefer it to the old one much more. It actually runs smoother on my old phone than the pre-redesign version. Also, I've had this update for a long time now... Was I the only one?

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I've also noticed I still have access to MPoints through the settings menu of the app. And yes I have checked that I am running the latest version.

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Don't update it. It messed up my weather notifications for finding current location. Now it won't display when I'm moving from one city to another.

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The app itself is very much improved, however the widgets aren't able to be resized (a 4x widget looks bad on G2), and the background color can't be customized.
I've got to have good widgets with my weather.

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It's the worst update/version TWC has pushed out. The previous version was horrible the new one is just plain terrible. They ruined the widgets, screwed up the navigation by removing tabs and replacing it with scrolling. I put up with the previous version hoping they would improve it well the latest update I finally uninstalled it.

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All you have to do is google search "The weather channel APK" and just download an older version and sideload it on your phone. It's that simple.

Am I the only one on here that thinks of stuff like that? :)

I liked the older version of the weather channel. This new one , first pinpointed my location wrong...I don't know how to get rid of it's not as user friendly as the older version. I've had it for. A no like. Can I change it back?

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The link for dish is right under TWC?,,LOLOLOL....awesome. Thanks much! Great birthday present..... Giving me the link for something that works!

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I have had it for 2 days now and it has only smashed records for the best weather app and widget out there. No problems at all with location and so user friendly!

It looks nice and all, but the huge blocky ads in between each section completely ruin the design, and makes it harder to distinguish between relevant info and junk.

Of all the weather apps I have, I find weather underground and weather bug to be the best freebies, and RadarScope and Pykl3 to be my favorite radar apps.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

Find it really hard to believe that people don't go to weather apps for radar first and foremost. So why bury it 5 screens (and 4 ads) down??? Would be so simple to just have a material design floating bubble sitting there that instantly launches the radar. Also, ads, ads, ads, too many ads. I'd pay 5 bucks easy to eliminate the ads (if the app was better).

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For the most part it's a good update. TWC needs to iron out some kinks like the temperatures being cut-off in the 1x1 widget, but the new version is much more asctetically pleasing.

I dumped TWC app long ago when the opening page was a giant ad. I tried AccuWeather, and still have it, but no longer my primary weather app. I use 1 weather and its weather/clock widget. I use Raindar for radar.

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Yeah installed and then Uninstall.... Hate the scroll down feature would much rather have a window for each thing. 1weather is it for me!

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Same here....... 1Weather tops. This is another Weather Channel fiasco. Uninstall.

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As a weather geek, I cannot understand why The Weather Channel
always try to make things worse. Their on-air programming has gone
downhill. The Android app, while not perfect, was usable. Now they
decided to fix what ain't broke and make it 10 times worse. <sigh>

HD Widgets does the job nicely for me, or Bright Weather. Weather Channel is just ugly!

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Hear hear! I'm surprised this isn't a more popular option! And even if you don't like using big beautiful widgets, it's one of the most beautiful weather apps with the most user friendly UIs there is.

The update seems to be using location services much more often than before, even after turning off the settings. Another Uninstall...

I liked the app but the MPoints thing annoyed me so I deleted the app. Yahoo Weather or BrightWeather for the widget and Google Now for details are my go to weather apps.

Mpoints was dumb as hell and annoying. That's why I deleted the app. Just downloaded this one and like it much better. As long as they don't make Mpoints so damn annoying when they bring it back I might keep the app.

Weather Underground is my choice. I'll try TWC every now and than after I see they have updated the app, but usually end up uninstalling it after a day or two.

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I hope that means less ads. Man, TWC app had more ads (and irrelevant ones, at that) than any other app that I had on my phone. I'm often to reluctant to open it unless there is some really severe weather approaching/occurring. Otherwise, I just rely on HTC Weather or Yahoo Weather.

Those widgets forced me to switch. Using Yahoo for now. Not sure that's for me either but you can customize their widgets a little at least.

THEY STRAIGHT UP RIPPED OFF YAHOO WEATHER WITH THE LAYOUT ON THIS ONE! But it is way nicer than the terrible previous app. No problems here after updating on my M7.

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Why is everyone so melodramatic over a weather app. I welcome the change in UI. It looks modern and is even smoother on my S5.

My only small complaint that could be fixed in an update is having hard stops in the scrolling or having some means of jumping to different parts of the weather app (i.e. tabs).

Nice work weather channel! Great app.

You would think the weather channel would have a better weather app than others but I guess they care about making reality TV shows about weather and making apps filled with ads than actual weather.

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This WAS COMPATIBLE with My Phone before, but Now it's NOT!
Why is My Phone No Longer COMPATIBLE?!!!!!!

Most useless app I have ever downloaded. Took forever to find radar and other favorite uses. What happened to my mpoints, some notification would have been nice. Will remove and look for another app that is easier to use

I need the status icon on the toolbar for my phone. I depend on it for putting out warning flags on the beach. Right now, it comes and goes. I've been trying for the past hour to get it back. We're are under a rip current warning today.