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When we last left the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign two days ago, it was well on its way to reaching its $1 million goal. As we all know, it hit that goal in about 11 hours, and it's now closing in on $3 million, with still more than a month to go.

A couple of updates to point out, however: In a Reddit AMA, LeVar Burton reiterated that Reading Rainbow is coming to Android. And he said as much again in a new video update for Kickstarter. "We need to be on Android," he said. And, yes. We're going to take his word for it.

According to this afternoon's update, more platforms — they're talking Android, game consoles and other set-top boxes — will be in the works once the campaign hits $5 million.


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'We need to be on Android,' LeVar Burton says of Reading Rainbow's epic Kickstarter campaign


I have the DVD of all of the old ones. When I showed it to my wife, who was about finished with med school at the time, she was amazed at how advanced some of the concepts they were teaching kids in one of the science episodes. She said she didn't learn some of what they were talking about until her first med school anatomy class. Not sure if that should be taken as a compliment to Schoolhouse Rock or as an indictment of our current educational system.

Kunta Kinte would never lie so of course its coming to Android.

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Saw all of them. I actually like First Contact the most. I've seen it at least a hundred times.

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I hated reading rainbow, and this is just people cashing in on late 30's, early 40's age nostalgia.

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This is fantastic! I hope this momentum keeps going so more children can be reached.

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The kickstarter was only for a million, to expand the program all over the place. I am pretty sure that this is going to hit 5M and might go as high as 8M when it is all said and done.

Reading Rainbow is a nice supplemental program....

Still.. They already made the iOS app even a million is extravagant for a conversion. 1/10th of that maybe.

I appreciate this is a popular app (must be if it can raise that kind of money, although I'm not an iOS user so hadn't heard of it before AC started posting about it) but what the heck are they going to do with all that money?

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Its not just to develop the web portal and apps, it's to create the actual content and to subsidise the cost for schools that can't afford it.

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