Another batch of excellent Android apps are now supporting Chromecast, allowing you to beam all sorts of sports coverage to the big screen. The WatchESPN app and Major League Soccer are the biggest names to join the ever-growing ranks of Chromecast-supporting apps. As you might expect, access to these are dependent on subscribing to their respective premium services.

Those aren't the only Chromecast updates today, though. Crunchyroll's anime show app has also hopped on the bandwagon. You can also beam Google+ pictures and video to Chromecast to make your TV a big photo album.

Those are some great additions overall. Do you guys feel like you're getting mileage out of your Chromecast? Which apps would you like to see supported next?

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WatchESPN, MLS Live, and Google+ photos come to Chromecast



Now if only they'd remove the cable provider requirement, I'd be SO much better off cutting the cord.

Find a friend that has one. So much easier. I was just thinking about this for the world cup. So awesome

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NFL Gamepass need to add Chromecast support for the upcoming season.

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Yup. Love my CC. What an amazing device for dirt cheap. Use it all the time. Replaced my broken Roku without a hitch.

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ABC is part of the Disney family as is ESPN; all of their sports broadcasting is under the ESPN banner. It will most definitely be on the app.

Crunchyroll? About damn time! Guess I'll go sign up again.

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I won't use these apps (maybe Google+ photos), but I'm really happy to see new apps supporting the chromecast. I use mine everyday!

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Glad to see G+ Photos as most of the social photo CC apps are hit and miss so far.

Now if only G+ would allow photo sub-albums. It's basically unusable as, say, a vacation photo archive without.

What would I like to see? Spotify Spotify Spotify. It's ridiculous this has not happened yet.

Soundcloud wouldn't hurt either. I've got some workarounds for that one, but official support would be better.

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I thought Spotify has said they have no plans of supporting Chromecast...
Have you tried spoticast?

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Any one else having an error with charter login saying it does not support casting with this device or something along those lines. I have HTC m8

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Yep! Same! Charter login works for app, but when I try to cast I get a toast notification saying the provider doesn't support casting to this device. (I think "device" means chromecast, not your phone). Same thing happens whether I use my S4 or Nexus 7.

So... wouldn't I just watch ESPN on the cable box (since a subscription is required?)
Love Casting though... ordered mine the first day and have since given several as gifts!

ESPN3 broadcasts more than what's available via the cable box. I watched a lot of College Baseball this weekend that was not on the ESPN Networks...

Love my Chromecasts...spreading the love as gifts too. I am very pleased with the recent additions and just hope they keep pushing this....

I'm officially set now. MLB.TV and ESPN were the last two I was really hoping for. Everything else is gravy at this point. Very happy about this.

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Did anyone else notice that casting button is not available when you're signed into TWC account? There's a twc logo where the cast button would or should be. Wtf

Same with me and Xfinity. I have tried and there is no cast icon anywhere in the application - and I have the newest version (June 9).