Google's latest addition to its Explorer Story's is this, the tale of firefighter Patrick Jackson from North Carolina. Patrick is also a Google Glass Explorer, and he's taken to developing for it, with an eye to helping out his fellow firefighters out in the field. 

Check it out. It's a long way from becoming a widespread reality, but as far as uses for Glass goes, this has to rank as one of the most awesome. 


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Watch how this firefighter is doing awesome work with Google Glass


That does look potentially nifty. Of course, I'd rather have heard more actual information about how this concept works, and perhaps less in the way of Dramatic Musical Accompaniment. But, hey, it's a commercial. (And let's not forget that it's a commercial.)

He was using Glass while driving. Why didn't he get a ticket?

It should have been, "Okay Glass, where is the next sleezy cop hiding?".

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No not even remotely close. We are allowed to do what we need to in order to get to the scene but if we are involved in a collision all standard penalties can be applied including us being at fault if we don't clear an intersection properly and cause a collision. We have discretion to disobey speed limits but its in our protocols to abide by them. Smooth is fast. Speeding doesn't save you anything especially a life.

Yes we can get speeding tickets enroute to a call

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Thank you!!!! Fire fighters and police officers are public SERVANTS... they are not above the law and the mentality that they are, is the reason you meet so many "rectal hole" police officers.

. I'm the only male member of my family who is not in law enforcement. What you are saying all sounds good. My brothers would go so far as to say that you're proudly protecting the image of the shield. I get it. Having said that, I have never ever heard of a law enforcement officer being cited for speeding that did not involve an accident. I liken it to being caught removing the federal tag on one of your pillows. It's the law but it has never happened.

My dad's a cop and got a speeding ticket. Not in his patrol car, but personal. Not sure if you were saying never EVER or just never at work.


You've never actually read that entire label on your pillow, have you? Note the last part that says "except by the consumer".

The manufacturer, distributor, and retailer as well as any other middle men are prohibited from removing that tag because the information contained is for the benefit of the consumer. It is a requirement that the tags be in tact for the consumer to read, and then may be removed by the consumer after they have purchased the article.

Now that I have that out of the way...cops get tickets sometimes. And sometimes they don't. Some non-cops get tickets. And sometimes they don't.

Source: 7 years of law enforcement, including 4 years doing traffic enforcement/accident investigation. Have written a few cops tickets. Have given a lot of non-cops warnings.

Now if this doesn't cause people to think outside of the box I don't know what will. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

It'll require a lot of data in the cloud, wireless connection of some form and best scenario, a decent amount of local storage as a backup.

It's not really "IF" it can be implemented, but "when will it be" implemented.

As a fellow firefighter in California I was really excited to read this yesterday. The ideas he is presenting could revolutionize the job. I will for sure keep an eye on this. Still waiting for my Glass explorer acceptance as a music all access subscriber. Now I'm even more excited.

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Great concept, but the downside is that this can also be used against you now as well. Kudos to this brother for his concepts and bringing the job along farther. Stay safe brothers and sisters!

Cool! The uses in which Google Glass can be used and applied to everyday life is endless. This is a great example of it being used in such an awesome way.

He will have a lot of obstacles to overcome. For one voice commands will not work well or at all with the SCBA (face-mask) on while inside a fire. Often times communications with 2-way radios fail because the mask causes an obstruction so the audio is not heard by the radios. Anybody in the FF service with new P25 9600 Phase 1 or 2 systems will understand and agree with this.
But i do see more potential. For one if it can show floor plans, then hopefully they can add each FF locations on the maps as well. So if a FF were to go down in a mayday situation finding that FF would be easier as it would be on their glass.
Also for Hazmat task forces this would be great to show chemicals and other useful info as well as evac zones and staging areas and responding personnel.

Many good points brought up here. FF location would be a great addition to this type of software. If he could find a way to utilize the PASS device to trigger FF location would be amazingly helpful in locating downed firefighters.

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Me gusta. Definitely one of the more practical uses I've seen so far with Glass

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I don't think glass will be developed the way people are thinking. The theory of it will most likely be implemented into scba masks or the helmet. Preferably the helmet since it will allow it to work with or without an scba on which would be nice. Would love to see it happen for sure. Pre-incident surveys are gonna be intense though

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As a Product Safety Engineer whom assess products for use in a hazardous location (i.e. potentially explosive atmospheres such as many of the areas where firefighters fight fires), I have to say that this is a really bad idea without modifications to the Google Glass Hardware. It was not designed for this type of location. The energy available from its battery pack is surely ignitable when in the presence of combustible gases.

As a Product Safety Engineer, I certainly do understand the purpose of a proof-of-concept. I also understand that any wearable tech being placed in a Hazardous Location (Class I, Div 1) requires serious ingress protection, large wattage resistors to limit current from the battery, proper material selection (to avoid ESD issues), low energy radios and countless other considerations found within 60079-11.

Google isn't going to head down that path with Glass. It will significantly change the performance and looks of their product. Furthermore, they will need to attain appropriate certifications for each country they sell into. Based on that, this is a bad idea for the Google Glass.

Perhaps a competitor will create a more industrialized version that can achieve similar functionality.

I think Google need to design a different wearable device for emergency services and military use.
The Google glass device in use now is not durable enough in my opinion.

In terms of the voice command shortfall mentioned earlier eye movements could be useful

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I'm sure the final implementation would be different and there would be many safety concerns to address but this is the future and shows just how practical this kind of technology can be in many different areas.

People never imagined that the creation of Wii would give a seniors a second chance to enjoy sports. That was not the intention of the product when it was conceived. It was an accidental byproduct. Now you can't step into a retirement community or senior citizen center that doesn't have one. The exciting thing about the Google Glass article is that someone saw a potentially life saving application for this device that it wasn't originally designed for. If we're talking about saving lives, I'd like to think that someone can and will make this happen.

Firefighters have been using helmet cams for this sort of thing for years.

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That is amazing, there are so many positive things that will come out of this cant wait till its out for the general public