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As you by no doubt  have heard, there's an all-new version of the Android Central App amongst us. And now we’re going to walk through it in all its awesomeness. It's got full access to the Android Central blogs, forums, wallpaper gallery, store, podcast, and videos. Our people have worked hard on this, and there are still plenty more features on the way. 

Have a question about how things work? Give us a few minutes of your time, and we'll walk you through it.

Android Central app

First up, you’ve got the blog section. This is exactly what you’d expect - full access to content categories like reviews, apps, accessories, editorials, and day-to-day news. We’ve got commenting enabled from the app with full Passport integration.

Android Central app

Of course we’ve got the forums baked in as well. Start threads, reply to posts, bookmark discussions - all of the important stuff is there. A short press on a post lets you leave a like, thanks, or quote someone in your reply. You can cruise through our multitudinous forum sections and easily track conversations you’re already participating in or those you’ve subscribed to.

Android Central app

We’ve got a section for the podcast, so you can listen to Phil, Jerry, Alex, and whoevever else dares wander into their den of talk show iniquity.  You can stream episodes or download them locally to listen to later. You've also got access to the show notes and comment sections if you want to follow up after listening.

Android Central app

Our monsterously huge wallpaper gallery has its own section within the app. It’s easy-peasy to find new backgrounds and set them as your wallpaper in a single tap. Pictures are organized into sensible categories, and presented in a buttery-smooth swipeable gallery view. ShopAndroid is nestled in here too, so you can order cases, headsets, screen protectors, and any other kind of accessory you might need. Lastly, there’s a nice showcase of our YouTube channel, so you can enjoy our personable reviews.

So, that's the Android Central app as it is now. There are plenty of features we're still working on, we're pretty stoked about how it turned out. What do you guys think of the app so far? 


Reader comments

Walking through the new and improved Android Central app


The App is pure Awesomeness!!!... If there was only 1 option I could ask for, it would be is Themes... Other than that it's A+!!

Without a doubt, for some of it means the difference between seeing it and not seeing it. If we can't see it we sure can't use it.

The app is awesome! It's been a long wait but it's well worth it. I think I will be more engaged now because I always read the site from my phone. Thanks guys

Nice! But where's the SEARCH functionality? Especially needed in Forums. The old Forums-only app has it but I couldn't find it anywhere in the new one.

Search apparently is a little tricky to do given our back end, so it didn't make the first version. Definitely something we're looking at though. Thanks for your patience.

Very nice! Honestly I was not going to download it, but I saw the video on the features and then I had to use it... Thanks!!!

I wouldn't mind seeing articles that have been read grayed out in the list so you can visually see which you have read and which you haven't. Then you don't have to re read every title to find one you have skipped over but now want to go back and read. Other than that it's a great app.

+1 I would be much more likely to use it as feedly tracks which articles I've read and haven't.

Great job on the app guys, love it! Only VITAL feature missing is refresh-on-load option for those [like me] that disable background sync.

Great job on the app guys, love it! Only vital feature missing is refresh-on-load option for those [like me] that disable background sync.

I'm using a Hauppauge PVR 2, but there are lots of gizmos that can capture HDMI out. Most of them are built for pro gamers that want to share gameplay videos. 

This app is awesome. I have uninstalled the Androidcentral Forums app - no need for it any more. A widget, notifications and search are the only missing things for me.

I may be in the minority, but color me not impressed. I primarily use the app for reading forums but it's terrible using this app. You can't tell what threads you've read and which ones you haven't. You open a thread and it doesn't take you to the latest message that you haven't read. It's like a snipe hunt trying to find the post in a thread that you haven't read yet. :-(

Will be fixed in v1.1 and v.1.2 with-in the next few weeks. We will continue to have the Tapatalk powered Forums app available until the AC App is fully up to par.

Phil, now that I have the ac app, do I still need the forums app, or is it redundant. I haven't really explored this new one, but it does seem pretty clean! Thanks!

See my comment above and the response. While this version of the app allows you to read and post to the forums it doesn't have all the functionality that the old app has. Waiting for the 1.1 or 1.2 version that does have it!

Definitely want to see it track read articles and forum posts. Otherwise it's a very nice app. So much nicer than going to the mobile web site.

I like the way comments are color coded.
Though I wish it could gray out read articles. The sub menus and tabs are plenty, which may not necessarily be a good thing.
I give it 3 stars. There is a lot to improve on, but that is what makes an app great in my opinion. The fact that it is continuously being improved and tweaked.
By the way, kudos for the forums. I really hated tapatalk forums

Installed this app yesterday, and can't login. Says web page not available, after multiple attempts over the last 24 hours.
Sent feedback to AC, so hopefully I'll get a solution soon.
Otherwise, the app looks awesome.

I've been waiting for this app since the last one mysteriously disappeared. But this new one blows the other one out the water. Not bad for a 1.0 version. With future updates it can only get better. Can't wait.

Does it work for gingerbread yet? I can't get a new phone until June and my Photon is stuck on gingerbread. Why would you make an androidcentral app that doesn't support gingerbread, still used by over 40% of android users.

Love the new Android Central app! Works great, and it's easy to get to everything I need to see! Keep up the great work!

The app is very smooth and crashes less often (but still does) than the old one, however you've missed the boat totally on one thing that has always driven me batty - clicking links to YouTube and the Play Store from your articles takes me to their websites and not to the actual apps on my phone.

That's just crazy and makes me put down the app and wait until I get back to a PC. I'm sure that's not the experience you want for us. The browser can do it, and maybe someday your programmers will too!

Until then, thanks for being the best site for Android news and info!

Great so far just one suggestion... How about being notified of new articles in our notification bar.. (Background Sync)