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The year's quickly coming to a close, and it's time to cast your vote in the 2011 Android Central Awards. We want your vote in the following categories:

  • Smartphone of the year
  • Tablet/e-reader of the year
  • Most disappointing smartphone of the year
  • Most disappointing tablet/e-reader of the year
  • And a handful of app categories

This one's entirely up to you, folks. If you don't vote, you can't complain. Just like real life. So hit the link below and make sure your voice is heard. It just takes a couple minutes. (And, yes, you'll be getting Android Central's unabashed choices in the near future, too.) We'll be closing entries on Friday afternoon and announce the winners (and loser) next week! Vote now! 

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Vote now in the 2011 Android Central Awards!


No best Podcast or RSS app categories?

I just want to know what everyone else likes because I am always open to more productive ways to be less productive.

"We'll be closing entries on Friday afternoon and announce the winners (and loser) next week! Vote now!"

Next week we get the results! :)

Best Phone: Galaxy Note
Most Disappointing Phone: Galaxy Nexus
Best 10" tablet: Asus Transformer
Best Sub 10" tablet: Nook Color

just because its not the best phone out, doesn't mean its the most disappointing, that goes to the DoubleTime

I really hope people don't vote for the Galaxy Nexus as best phone of the year considering it barely even arrived in 2011 due to ridiculous delays and can't be bought for GSM carriers without importing still. I think everyone knows which Android phone set the bar by which all others were judged in 2011.

Whether or not the GNex wins i think that it should over any other skinned device. This is android and google is the only one that puts in yhe care needed the oems are only out for money. GNex or nexus s deserve to win as they are the obly vanilla devices out. The nexus s is still on the market and runs better than 90% of thr devices out there cause software trumps specs everytime. Im dobe with skinned phones and believe me ive tried most of them on verizon they all are slow to be updated and buggy as hell. There is only a handful og devices that deserve the best android product and they all run vanilla android and out of those the galaxy nexus is the best phone and is the best phone on abdroid to date and will spark imnovation and keep oems honest.

Not arguing that the Galaxy Nexus isn't a great phone. It is, but it will be a better candidate for best phone of 2012 because that's when most people will be able to get it and that's when it will become popular (if it does).

The only Galaxy Nexus I can get in the United States without paying an insane amount of money to import one is the Verizon version, and while it might keep some OEMs honest (doubtful), it sure as hell isn't keeping carriers honest, which was the original purpose of the Nexus. Hell, Verizon controls which apps are on it and blocks tethering unless you shovel over cash. So much for the dream of carriers becoming dumb pipes. And by the way, there are handsets other than the Nexus line that run vanilla Android: the G2 and G2x on T-Mobile, the Xperia Play on Verizon, and the Samsung Impulse on AT&T come to mind.

Can't believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note is not in the list of phones.

If other surveys are anything to go by, the Galaxy Nexus will win simply because of ICS - nothing to do with the actual phone.

Apart from ICS, the Note is the winner with a better battery, better display, better GPS, better camera, MicroSD card slot, Faster processor, FM Radio, Stylus etc. than the Nexus. The only thing missing from the Note is NFC and the bugs!

Since when does the Note have a better display? Bigger doesn't mean better. The Note is too big to be considered the best phone in many people's opinions. Plus the Note isn't widely available. You can't even buy one in the US without importing. Not sure about the GPS being better either. They seem on par.

the galaxy nexus have 1280 x 720 pixels, while the Note has 1280 x 800 pixels, now the Nexus has higher ppi of course, but some of the resolution is taken away with the on screen buttons, I dont see a need of on screen buttons when it still has a bezel at the bottom, which you could have added capacitive buttons. Anyhow the Gnote with ICS will be one of the best phones around of this year, yet at the momnet it has better performance than the nexus, better processor with exynos 1.4 ghz, anyways the Nexus still a top contender, but I think ICS needs to get iprovements, there is some lag on transitions, we will have to wait until next year.

That's funny because last year they would have lost everything since it took them 6 months or more to update anything.... Ohh how soon we forget

They haven't improved in the US. They just haven't been widely tested since last year in the States.

The Samsung Infuse launched with Froyo as a top of the line device in early May with rumors of a quick update to Gingerbread. It's still on Froyo nearly 8 months later and is now two major Android versions behind.

I'm not expecting any of the US Galaxy S II variants to get updated within six months of ICS's release. We're already over a month in and the clock's ticking.

Surprised that the T-Mobile/Samsung Sidekick 4G (one of the 10 most Googled Consumer Electronic devices of 2011!!) was missed on either list. While it shows a big leap from generic Android phones (Almost all reviews touted it as the best keyboard in the current market when it dropped last spring) it was also very disappointing in terms of software bugs and meaningful updates (2 minor bug OTAs but still on Froyo with no formal OS upgrade announced!!). The phone is still plagued with constant re-boots and memory leaks and design flaws (no landscape phone app??).

Had to go with the Atrix for best phone simply because it brought the ability to use one device (for phone, desktop, and laptop) to the average consumer.

Worst phone was hands down the Casio G'zone Commando. Aside from its construction, it underperformed in just about every task I could think to use it for.

Fire got top e-reader this year, with the Nook Tablet getting the worst in that slot simply because of the locked bootloader (the Fire was kind of fortunate in that nobody really had any expectations from a hackability perspective and the Amazon Appstore is well stocked compared to B&N).

Otherwise had to type in n/a for most of the apps because I don't use some of them and the ones I do use are generally the stock Google app. (Maybe next year make those optional instead of required?) I did find Executive Assistant thanks to Amazon's FAOTD and man I love it!

Tried to take the survey, but it wouldn't let me unless I put something in every category of apps. Some I just don't use and the only way I could have completed the survey would have been to put something, anything in the categories I really have no experience with.