Heathrow Upper Class concierge kitted out with Glass to assist passengers as part of a trial

Considering Google Glass isn't officially available outside of the U.S, Richard Branson has been especially kind to Virgin Atlantic's London Heathrow check-in agents. The members of staff looking after the airline's Upper Class passengers are being given Google Glass as part of a six week trial to guide their customers through the check-in process. 

Glass can identify the passenger, see their flight details and selected preferences and present the necessary flight information to the concierge. Glass then proceeds to check the passenger in for the flight and can update with travel information, as well as details such as the weather and local events at the destination. 

Besides being pretty cool, Google Glass its hoped is going to provide the ultimate personal service to Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class customers. The trial is being undertaken at Heathrow Terminal Three, so if you're headed that way in the next six weeks you might see some Glass around. If the trial is successful, it may be rolled out further. 

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Virgin Atlantic staff in London flying high with Google Glass


How exactly does it identify the person, as Google officially has policy against facial recognition, even though some have been created.

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Presumably by identify it means scan the passport as the check-in desk usually would and provide all the information to Glass.

Great, scanning our photo ID's, licenses, and passports to create their own face recognition system. Next they'll be giving us Customer ID cards to use and fill out before we fly. Spending all this money for what? And I still get an attitude for asking for a bag of peanuts.

I think their Economy Class is known as the Slaves Class and the Business Class as Master Class

So two planes with people in business class go on a race, What is the name of the race?

The Master Race.....?

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In England you "belong" to the upper, middle or lower class based on your wealth so this is probably based on that. Middle class is then divided into upper middle, lower middle etc...

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