Veronica Mars movie

Fans of Veronica Mars are nerding out this week (and rightfully so) after a successful Kickstarter campaign resurrected the cult hit and got a movie made. And after opening in theaters on Friday, it's already available for streaming from Google Play. Hollywood, take note — this is how it should be done.

The movie is $14.99 to buy, or $5.99 to rent. Now shut up and take our money.

Hat tip to Russell Holley.


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Veronica Mars movie already in Google Play


In theaters on Friday. Now available for streaming. This is acceptable!!

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"not available in your country "
This is precisely not how it should be done.
Germany, movie out next week iirc

The same happens in the UK store if you follow the link in the article.
It does show up to buy/rent if I search in my own Play Store. Maybe try that?

It is available in the U.K. It's even on the TV/Movie home page and to rent is £5.99 and to is buy £9.99.

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This is extremely interesting. If they could manage this and everyone follows, I just wonder what will become of the theatres. Perhaps they will still remain? It's still a much better experience than my living room. But outside a Sunday daytime prices, I don't go to the movies more than once every other month (or less).

The actual movie theater doesn't make money on ticket sales until the 3-4 week of showing. The first week the theater pays the movie distributor 110-120% of ticket sales. Each week that percentage typically drops by 10%.

That's why concessions are so high, the movie theater industry is actually in the food business.

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Indeed, if you really want to support your movie theatre, wait two weeks before seeing a new movie.
You also get the advantage of not fighting through the crowds, and more likely get a decent seat.

What's Veronica Mars, I see Kristen Bell, going to have to go Google it. Is this the Movie that was a Kickstarter by fans?

Sorry! Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
Guess it wont show in a theatre here either, especially since we might get one in a few years if they can decide where to build it after our old one had a fire in the cinema area.

I was surprised when I saw this in the play store as it was just released a few hours before I saw it. Of course, I'm not complaining! I love this idea and think they should do it more often.

I have to rent this. During high school Veronica Mars was my favorite show.

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I watched it tonight. Well almost all of it, it was awful, felt like a hack job, which I suppose it kind of was. TV shows into movies never seem to do well.

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And that's just one example. We've also had plenty of good movies based on Star Trek and The Muppets (though there have been plenty of bad ones, too). The recent Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie wasn't half bad either.

BFD!! What a smart move. They are ensuring most of the fans see this movie one way or another.

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This is nothing new, plenty of movies hit streaming service at the same time or before their small theater run, this is obviously due to movie not belonging in the theater in the first place (plenty of shitty movies go straight to video)

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It also went live on Amazon last night. Made a comment as lot this idea to my wife too. Not just a fan of the show but also this new way of making a fan movie.

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If you think this will ever be the "norm" for big budget movies... "blockbusters" if you will... think again. Movie theaters aren't going anywhere just yet. Not for a while. At least I hope not. It's about the experience of watching a great movie on the big screen with a room full of people that appeals to me. I also usually go to the dine-in theater by me too, which adds to the experience being able to eat a decent meal and drink beers while watching a movie on the big screen. I for one hope that never goes away.

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I'm not a big fan of movie theaters either but we have a few around that are 21+ and they are usually a lot better.

Wait....... People are actually paying to watch this movie? I think that's the real news here.

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I actually rented it in HD for $4.99 yesterday afternoon. I figured it was a goof they'd fix so I jumped all over it.

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Watched it last night. My wife and I were big fans of the show thanks to Netflix. I saw it on iTunes fist and searched the Play Store to see it was there as well.

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Directv also has the Veronica Mars movie for rent. I rented it on Friday night. There was no theater in my city that was showing the movie, so I was happy Directv had it. I liked the movie even though I never saw the TV show.

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