Samsung Fascinate

A new device means new goodies, and this time we don't have to wait for the Samsung Fascinate to launch before we get a peek at it's innards.  We have the full system dump for you hackery types, as well as a bevy of new wallpapers and system sounds for the rest of us to enjoy:

Now all that's missing is a unit in our hands.  Big props to our mystery man for this Android treasure trove!  [Android Central Forums


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Verizon Fascinate ringtones, wallpapers available


Come on, one-step rooting! I'm a noob to all this phone stuff and need all the help I can get. The first thing I'm gonna do is get rid of all the VZ bloatware, Bing and Blockbuster.

Live wallpapers were just hacked out and posted over at (the spam system isn't letting me post the link).

To JerryH. and AC, of course we appreciate you providing these photos and ringtones (thank you). I'm only concerned that these are likely protected by copyrights. Wouldn't want you guys to get in trouble for posting them. (make sure they're free to distribute)

Won't work. Using Astro, "Expecting End of User Directory..." only downloads about 8kb and stops...HELP?
Droid X

I can get these to download on to my Droid x
and open them and play them by using the files apparently that came with the phone , however I can't get them to show up in my ringtones and such so I can use the m? How do I get them to show in the ringtones file ???

I had the same issue...only thing that I figured out, or worked for me, was to copy and paste all...or the ones you like, to the audio file on your sd card that holds all your ring tones...

My daughter has the Captivate from AT&T and I really like the wallpapers and Touchwiz. The slide it puzzle unlock mechanism is great...hope someone can port that from the Fascinate to the Droid X soon...

It's tedious, and there could be an easier way, but that worked ok for me.


create a directory on your SD card, name it "ringtones", and put all the ringtone files in that folder, and they'll show up in your phones ringtones menu. you can create another directory ("notifications") and try that, not sure if that works though

Create (if not there already) the following directories on your SD card:


Then drag-drop whatever ringtone file you want to the appropriate location.

Live wallpapers were just hacked out and posted over at (the spam system isn't letting me post the link).