Unless you've managed to wrangle your way into a new device from Verizon, you've no doubt been dealing with some bugs on your Samsung Fascinate. The previously mentioned ED05 update that fixes the incoming call and various other bugs is now available for download through system updates. Still, it may worthwhile to give Verizon a call and see about getting a refurbished Droid X2, Incredible 2 or Droid Charge. Unless you're quite fond of your Samsung Fascinate -- in which case, you should just grab the update.

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Verizon ED05 update now available for Samsung Fascinate owners


Is this the same update that is messing up the phones so they cant recive calls? Or is this an update to and update? I also heard that verizon is replacing phones that have this problem.

It sounds like an update to that update. It says the bullet points:

"Properly receive incoming calls."

Check out the Fascinate forum on the VZW website. You'll see all manner of problems over the last 2 or 3 months that neither Samsung nor Verizon could fix... until today.

What's wrong THIS TIME is a better question.

This time, the phone wouldn't receive calls. The phone would never ring, would never register a missed call, they'd just go to voicemail. Kind of a big issue considering the primary function is as a phone.

But overall, the phone has suffered from one issue after another from the day it was released. The GPS would take absurd lengths of time to lock on, the sidetone was initially ridiculously loud, there were driver issues where the phone would only appear as a CD drive when connected to a computer, the list goes on.

The screen was great and it wasn't locked down at all, so it was very easy to hack and very difficult to brick. It was good hardware ruined by lousy software. When the opportunity to ditch it came along, I jumped at the chance and am glad I did. Loving my new Incredible 2.

Like the post says... They weren't receiving all calls. Got my Charge yesterday and it was brand new. The best part? I picked up the fascinate for free back in May!

Steve in CT

Wow, I got in right under the wire. Replaced mine with an Incredible 2 last week, and just received the replacement for my wife's this morning. Good riddance Samsung.

I called today to get a new phone and got the update. I wish I could have got the Charge but oh well if this fixes the issue i will be happy.

I got my Fascinate replacement (DInc2) last week, and while I'm loving the phone for the most part, I have to admit I am really missing the AMOLED display on the Fascinate. Other than that though, the Inc2 is superior in every way.

My wife's phone still has the problems, with the update installed. Starting to think it's time to wave goodbye to these phones myself.

Can you hear me now?
I didn't even know I got a call !!!

Sorry, its just really funny that this was me a month ago.

Sent from my EVO 3D

Interesting. I spend so much time in the Rooting, ROMs, and Hacks forum I wasn't aware of the extent of all the issues.
On one hand I guess that I would take an DInc2 if it didn't require resetting my contract, but tbh - things have been just great for me. From ComRom and now on CM7 my Fascinate is a beautiful beast of a phone and I am MORE than happy with it. I love it!
Perhaps the Fascinate Rom community should be "thankful" that there has been such a history of software issues as it really inspired so much of the great work that devs have put into this device. Now that we are in sync with Cyanogen nightlies I think I'll be happy for quite some time to come. DInc2 seems like a very under rated phone, however.

Just did the upgrade. Phone wouldn't start for 20 minutes. Picking the wife up from the airport soon... SO lucky it finally came back to life. Great phone but I believe its problems are VZW related.

Just did the update and phone said it was fully charged, but the phone has already lost a quarter of the battery. In addition, when trying to download something in the market, the program quit a few times and wouldn't let me download anything. Also, the phone has locked on me a few times. Going to head to Verizon soon and see if the DX2 or DInc2 offer still stands.

Really surprised by all the complaints. Never had a problem with my fascinate, wasn't even aware that there was so many complaints. I always get my calls. I was with an iphoner and their navigation was taking forever we almost missed our exit. Mine is quick and accurate. I did the download, which was quick and timely, started playing words with friends while downloading the free app of the day on amazon. Really surprised and slightly offended for my little best friend in the world. I'm not going to let my fascinate see all these complaints so she is not offended.....

I've been having a problem with my Fascinate since the Froyo update. I bought mine last year and it was working great. Then just a few months ago, I was excited to get the Android 2.2 update. Instead of being better, the phone kept freezing up and not responding especially right after putting it on a Samsung charge dock. When I complained to tech support, they sent me a used one of the same model and it was having the exact same issue.

Their advice to me was not to download anything from the Android market. Fortunately after much more complaining and a visit to the local store, I was able to get a replacement. I chose the Motorolla Droid X2 this time. So far so good. I do miss the Samsung Super AMOLED display and the capacitive keys on the bottom but other than that it's been great. I only wish I could have gone back to the 2.1 Eclair so I wouldn't have to give up the phone.

Since nobody else is saying this, I just want to throw out that if you go the refurbished route, you could be asking for all kinds of problems. My OG bit the dust last November, not a week before the warranty was up. Since then it has been one replacement after another that had some sort of problem. Perhaps it's the additional complexity of the slider mechanism, but all I know is I was NEVER happy with the refurb replacements I got. So good luck with the refurb roulette. I wouldn't suggest to my worst enemy that they buy a refurbished Verizon phone.

I checked online for weeks waiting for an answer on the missed call fixed. Finally hit the jackpot on Monday when I found out I can get a new phone. Went to the local Verizon store that night and picked the Incredible 2. Love it! Even if I still had my Fascinate, I would probably skip the update and get a new phone. The missed call problem was huge, but not the only issue I had with the phone.

I just received a refurbed Fascinate from verizon and still having the same issues.Battery life is still awful calls go right to voice mail and doesn't register missed calls. Come on Verizon...