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Have you ever signed up for a new credit card, gone through the approval process and got stuck on the card design at the end? Often times the designs are never cool enough, they never fit your very own style and finding something awesome isn't always the easiest. Android Central forums member zero neck decided to make use of the stock Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper on their card, and the results were pretty awesome. But again we realize that isn't for everyone, but there is likely to be something for everyone in our favorite wallpaper gallerty, right?

So why not before ordering your next credit card, hit up the Android Central Wallpaper Gallery, browse around for a few minutes, and grab yourself an extra awesome wallpaper to make great use of?

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Use the Android Central Wallpaper Gallery to help design your next credit card


capital one will reject images if they don't meet their guidelines, Ive had so many images rejected its not even funny.

Just as a heads up to anyone, I did this with Capitol One and it went through. I actually got the ICS rainbow image they show in this post before even reading this post. Looks amazing!