Samsung Gem

It's been seen on Alltel, Bluegrass Cellular and deep inside Verizon stores, and now US Cellular has the Samsung Gem. As you'll recall, it's a mid-range 3.2-inch (WQVGA display) Android 2.2 device with a 3.2MP camera and 800MHz processor.

The Gem will be available on April 1 for a mere $29.99 after $80 mail-in rebate. [US Cellular]


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U.S. Cellular gets the Samsung Gem for just $29.99 after rebate, contract


Cellcom in Wisconsin had this phone for free (after rebate) last week. Cellcom's is running android 2.1

They will also be carrying the milestone X this next tuesday for $199

The aren't always plain but when they are it's because they're not worth the resources to customize.

Ironic, eh?

Pfft available at verizon (agents exclusive I think) for $1. It has been available for a few weeks now and is typical samsung. Nice hardware, terrible software, ie buggy, freezes up all the time.