Gear Live update

If you're one of the lucky few who already has a Samsung Gear Live from Google or by other means, you'll probably want to check for an update. The small (it was quick to download) update is still Android 4.4W (naturally) and is build number KMV78V. Likely this addresses some of the bugs that were in place, as there are no readily apparent user-facing feature changes. We'll keep digging.

To check your Gear Live for an update:

  • Tap the screen to open the menu
  • Scroll to Settings and open them
  • Scroll to About, then System updates

Sound out if you notice anything new!


Reader comments

Update for Samsung Gear Live pushing out


I thought Google has full control of the updates this time on Wear.

Is it Google or Samsung fixing the error?

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It's my understanding that they will be updated just like a Nexus device. The updates come from Google, but much of the code comes from the manufacturer for hardware support.

In this case, the Gear had a bug where sometimes the display dimming freaked out the framebuffer and you got a bunch of colorful gibberish. That seems to have been fixed, and it was probably Samsung's developers fixing it.

Good to see Samsung get on a bug like that so quick. I hope this kinda means a new partnership between the two so that thing run well for the end user

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The first thing I could think of when I saw the articles title "Is this Tizen?" I was kidding. Great to see these watches can be easily updated!

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Yeah, Samsung makes the hardware, but it stops there. I wish trolls would stop with "OMG SAMSUNG THIS MEANS KIES AND TOUCHWIZADRY!"

No. They have much more experience in watch hardware vs. LG or Moto and know what they are doing. OS updates are a direct line to Google. This is no S-Watch thingy. Glad I bought the Samsung. Battle tested and so-on.

Hey anyone able to make sure that ADB, recovery (front end) , and fastboot are still available and working?

Check the XDA-developers post by Childofthehorn to see how. Contact her or post in the thread of the results.

Personally.... I think this is kernel patches/fixes.

Only thing I've noticed so far is that the "Incremental" watch face is fixed when the watch is muted. Before, instead of the screen going black when you put your palm over it, it would sometimes show a gross distorted version of the normal background. No new apps or settings in the update.

Just curious if anyone has send text working? I can receive text, send email etc.. just can't get send text to work.. (on the Samsung Gear live watch) Don't see anywhere to report.. I am using a Galaxy Nexus stock.. as a phone.. the watch says it has sent the text but can't find it anywhere and it is never recieved.