AT&T Samsung Captivate Update

AT&T is pushing out an update for the Samsung Captivate -- its version of the Galaxy S -- as noted by SlappyMcgee in the Android Central Forums. The 12MB update takes the phone to version I897UCJH7 (from I897UCJF6) and includes the following:

  • Preinstalled software - QuickOffice for Android will allow users to edit various Microsoft Office documents.
  • Messaging - Exchange 2003 support, MMS and other messaging enhancements.
  • Voice - Improved calling experience.
  • Media - media scanning time improvements.

So, no Froyo yet, and no GPS improvements. It's also interesting that AT&T notes the update "is not intended to resolve all device reset or freezing issues."

The update is being pushed out in batches of 15,000 through Friday (which gives you an upward ceiling of how many Captivate may be out there). Oh, by the way, regarding the picture above -- if you manually check for the udpate and it's not ready for you yet, you'll have to wait 24 hours. Classy, AT&T. [AT&T via Android Central Forums]


Reader comments

Update coming this week for the Samsung Captivate


Wow...What is Apple...oops I meant AT&T's problem.....i know its a small thing but making you wait 24hrs before your next check for an update...Like you said Phil...nice...

They shouldn't have been able to sell this phone w/a broken GPS system.. im guessing they'll roll that one out w/froyo (if they'll ever fix it)

Nice to see them admit the reset and freezing issues even if they don't have a fix yet.

I wonder if voice calling means voice dialing. The Captivate pretty much sucks at that compared to the Nexus One.

Update, if you get this error turn off your task killers boot at startup feature and reboot. you will then at least be able to manually check for an update.

my gps works just fine
including using Phone Locator for lost phone map

menu, settings, locations.. , check use wireless networks

Go into LbsTestMode (*#*#1472365#*#*) (using phone dialer)
Go to Application Settings
Enable MS-Based Mode
Increase Accuracy to 100
turn Skyhook ON
Leave the rest stock

Return to the main LbsTestMode menu
Go to SUPL/CP Settings
Select the Serve FQDN Type drop down menu
Hit AUTO Config

Turn wifi off for faster lock

usually locks in less than 10 seconds and tracks just fine

Why would you turn skyhook ON and then turn WiFi OFF?

That makes no sense whatsoever. Just leave skyhook OFF so you can get your map data over wifi if available.

Turning off 70% of your bandwidth to get a faster GPS lock is ridiculous.

no offense, it's nice for the ppl with a cappy to get any updates from at&t due to their update history. when i was on the blackberry bold, it took them almost 2 years to get a 5.0 OS upgrade from 4.6. and this is after blackberry OS 6 came out. *shrug*

Stop with the GPS issue, I have a Evo 4g and yes it has its issues worse then gps. But I still love it and think its a great phone as the Epic or other galaxy phones. I DO say its crazy to have to wait 24hrs for a update request. With ANY of my other phones I could look for a update with no problems or limits, it this with the Galaxy S phones (Any) or just atnt?

I've been running JH7 for about a week now, and JH3 for a few before that ;) XDA, check out cognition rom.

Also, that seems to say a max of 60K Captivates sold. Doesn't sound right, since a while back, there was a million total Galaxy S sold, and I don't think a phone like the captivate on a large carrier like AT&T in a smartphone market like the US would contribute so little of that, especially since, at the time, only the captivate and vibrant were out on market. Yeah, the iPhone is also on at&t, but I still don't see the captivate contributing to only 1 SGS phone in 20 sold or even less. Something doesn't add up.

The logic of figuring out that there are 60,000 Captivates sold based on updates at 15,000 a day till Friday is laughable. The link says updates starting today and rolled out to 15K customers a day Tuesday through Friday until they are done. Means every week for 4 days until everyone gets updates, not just Tuesday through Friday this week. If there are a quarter million Captivates in the wild, updates will go on for a month.

Yeah the 24hr I don't even bother checking anymore. I think it's rediculous. The X users have their Froyo within the last 8 to 10 hours, lucky bastards..LOL. But seriously, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the GPS issues(for some, me included) gets fixed and Froyo comes out eventually. I shouldn't have to download or grab a fix from xda or go into the OS to change/add Roms to fix my GPS. I've not had freeze or lag issues but whatever issues exist hopefully Samsung will address(fix) and AT&T(APPLE) approves and releases Froyo to its Android OS phone users..

It may not be FroYo, but at least its an update. Its a good sign if you ask me. Updating my phone now. :)

There has been speculation that AT&T doesn't have the infrastructure in palce to provide OTA updates. I think this pretty much chumps that idea. Thankfully!

As for the number of users, thats hard to say. The phone has only been out for a month or so and is not as heavily marketed as an iPhone, nor as fanboish, so who knows. I do know that my coworker bought one when he saw mine and a friend did the same... :)

BEWARE!!! As posted in other posts on this issue, they take away the PC Internet or "Tether" option. OF COURSE, they DON'T MENTION THAT!!! SNEAKY!!! My GPS did not even improve that much (I think it got worse).

I am trying to revert.

I received a message from AT&T announcing the upcoming update and how to reply to the push. I followed the instructions (about 2 steps) and it downloaded in a few minutes and all is well...Well except for the PC Tether .. I want my damned PC back!!
And WHEN will we get voice 'dialing'?? My 5+ year old Motorola flip phone is a far better phone than my Captivate! As a pocket computer and cool Android device it is fantastic. As a phone it makes a good toilet plug.

Updated on rooted phone w/ absolutely no success on the GPS front. Called AT&T, who had the audacity to tell me that GPS wouldn't work unless I paid for AT&T Navigate. Right...
Learned that Samsung will be offering the update on their website within days. Will it make a difference?