Twitter for Android

When Twitter overhauled its Android app last month, we lauded its update to the Holo design while facepalming at the settings being buried behind one of the tabs (to say nothing of the broken menu system on HTC phones). Twitter's done a solid with an update today, however, tucking the accounts and settings menus into that overflow button. 

Also new in this update are location-based trending topics, along with "a smoother experience thanks to bug fixes and other improvements." We, however, would say following basic Android design guidelines already took care of that.

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That's one small step...

tommydaniel says:

I just updated and have no menu button.

gtg465x says:

You probably have a phone that doesn't conform to Android guidelines then. Samsung?

rohneas says:

Good. The old way of switching accounts was a pain.

return_0 says:

Yay, Twitter is now 0.4% less evil in my eyes. Okay, I'm being a little harsh, 3% less evil. :)

I'm not seeing the overflow button either. Evo Lte.

Edit: False alarm. It didn't actually update like I thought.

ZigmunD says:

Official Twitter app sucks.

I most definitely did not read that as "tucking." Whoops. Makes more sense now.