Twitter is everywhere, and it just announced that it will have a client for Google TV. This will allow users to easily browse their timelines, mentions and direct messages as well as click links, compose tweets and keep up with everything right through their TV. So, um Apple, where is that Twitter for Apple TV? [via Twitter Blog]


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Twitter for Google TV in the works


Apple TV. That's a good one. Oops just did a quick Google search. I guess apple really is doing the TV thing. Wonder how long it will take them to sue Google again.

Ouch! I hate reading some of the crap people tweet when they are fully conscious. I'd hate to follow some of these people while they are dreaming.

You got that right.

But who wants to be sitting around watching the TV with the Family and having tweets from god knows who popping up?

This seems like like selling furniture polish for your 1980's vintage hifi speakers. Too late. Everybody has earbuds in and nobody uses big stereo systems anymore, inflicting their music tastes on everybody in the household. Same way with tweets. Just cuz you COULD read tweets on your bigscreen is no reason to do so.

Why in gods name would you inflict tweets from your self-absorbed friends on your family?

Its looking more and more like Google TV is for single people living in their parents basements.

I think adding Twitter (and Facebook) is just covering the waterfront. It's the soup de jour, if you will.

I don't mean to nit pick, but is a swipe at Apple even necessary? Can't we just celebrate innovation without feeling the need to turn a screw? I'm just sayin'

I know my LG HDTV already has a built in twitter application, so this is to be expected.... It also does netflix, silly yahoo widgets, Youtube and vudu...