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Direct links to the Play Store make music buying easier

TuneIn Radio has just released an update to its streaming radio service that lets users quickly find and purchase the music they're listening to in Google Play. The app has simply added a Google Play icon to the action bar between the share and search buttons, and tapping it brings you to a pre-populated search page in Google Play where you can purchase the track being played. Presumably the button doesn't show up when it can't find a match for the music (it doensn't show up on talk radio, for example), but in our few tests it always returned results.

The update is available for both free and paid versions of TuneIn, and is certainly one to update right away if you find yourself trying to remember and search for music to buy later. You can grab the free version from the Play Store link at the top of this post, and the $4.99 paid version right here as well.

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still1 says:

i was happy to see this update this afternoon. i love this app.

Pretty cool but don't know if I would ever really use this feature. No a big fan of buying one track for more money than its worth.

mwara244 says:

One great feature of tune-in radio pro is the ability to rewind the song, podcast, or whatever you are listening to and Record it. The Recording can only be stored in the app itself and can't be added to your music on your phone though

Buy.... A single? How about a direct link to the track in Spotify...

tdizzel says:

Taylor Swift? Really? Really! Really?!?

Don't hate.

mwara244 says:

She's not country, just crazy, dates guys and then rips on them in her songs for breaking up with her because she doesn't put out. At some point she is going to have to figure out that maybe it's not every man she dates but herself. I hate modern day country music, it's pop music not real country like old CBG (Country Blue Grass)

offdahglass says:


Wreckus says:

Cool feature...oh wait can't buy music in the play store in Canada yet.

mwara244 says:

That's messed up, Britain can but Canada can't.

mwara244 says:

And like 5% or more of the top Music artist in the US are Canadians too

TheDu9du says:

Nice update, do ppl really pay those Google Play music prices thou

+1. I wait for price drops, but not very many these days. I still cross-shop with Amazon MP3 though.

dchawk81 says:

I buy albums, seldom individual tracks. Albums are on par with typical CDs, with added convenience of not having to drive anywhere.

offdahglass says:

Glad I bought this app when it was just 99 cents long ago.

Aww, man! Great feature, but I can't have it yet unless I install the free version alongside the Pro version. I got the Pro version from Amazon as their AOTD over a year ago. Amazon's most recent version is 7.1, but 7.2 has the Google Play link. Gues I'll have to wait it out.

11.1 version is amazing, but only pro:P i downloaded pro version from http://hack-methods.com/tunein-radio-pro-apk-download/