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Remember when Thursday used to be Must See TV? Those were the days. Today, however, it's all about the best deals we can find on apps, accessories and devices.

And here they come:

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brendilon says:

A $20 Bible app? Jesus...

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Trollcachu says:

People plis.

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Pseu says:

Yes, I expect He does feature prominently.

Good God that's a lot of money, especially when you can steal one from any motel room.

TaiwanTeddy says:

The Word of God is priceless.

mlett says:

Or you can get The Bible App ( which is always free. There is also the Bible App for Kids.

Pseu says:

Nice Chrome book deal on Woot today. Not sure if that falls under your purview.

HP 14-Q063CL 14" Chromebook, HSPA+ with Free 2 Years 4G, HD BrightView LED-backlit, Intel Celeron 2955U, 32GB SSD, 4GB DDR3, 2x2 802.11n, Chrome OS - Snow White


newboyx says:

That is a really good deal.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

Russ Smith says:

Surly they can't give Bibles away?

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mlett says:

The Bible App ( is always free.

o2bnclemson says:

The Study Bibles are a bit different than the Gideon Bibles at the hotels, folks. They may not be your cup of tea, but they're loaded with cross-references, glossaries, contextual illustrations, alternate translations, historical contexts, timelines, and a lot more to help people better understand what they're reading. If you just want a straight-up, basic Bible, those definitely come in free apps. But Study Bibles are an entirely different thing.

brendilon says:

They are. But $20 is an exorbitant price.

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The Bible is $9.99 not $7.33

bluesun3030 says:

Correct. Don't forget that it also has IAP's. Seriously?

brendilon says:

Wow. $20 (non-sale price) AND in-app purchases? Sounds like someone is not being very Christian in their fleecing of Christians.

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dimm0k says:

fucking hate this site... links always hidden to get to shit