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We're halfway through the week, but we're just getting started on today's best deals on apps, accessories and devices. We've already told you that the Moto X is $100 off for the next two days, and so we'll remind you again now. What else is up for grabs?

Let's find out.

App sales

Device sales

  • Moto X 32GB GSM unlocked ($100 off, including custom designs)
  • [HTC One M7 32GB silver unlocked( ($349 on eBay)

As always, be sure to read the app permissions and user reviews before installing.


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Top app, device and accessory sales for June 4, 2014


You need to fix the article. It says the moto x is only $100. Its $100 OFF. I wish it was only $100, I'd buy a couple of them.

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Just curious as to why you guys never list Amazon? I can understand some of the sketchy 3rd party sites but Amazon?

Yeah, this is amazing. I'll be picking one of these up for sure at this price. Of course, this is in the wake of what is a coming storm of new devices that will be taking their place, but the Moto X is still a great device and worthy of anyone's needs.