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Happy Wednesday, Android bargain hunters. Why not celebrate being halfway through the week with some app, device and accessory deals. Head past the break to see what's new today. As always, we'll keep this posted updated throughout the day with any new stuff.

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thanthalin says:

Woot! Has Galaxy Note Tablets 8" and 10.1" Factory Refurbs on sale.

Dizfunctions says:

SwiftKey becoming free is awesome. I had already paid for the app so I got 10 free themes!

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bass2style says:

never got the paid version, but i got the 10 themes, i dont know why. price whas scrapped, and set to free.

AxlMyk says:

Twice I tried to buy screen protectors for my SGS3 today. Twice the shipping was charged, and the order never went through with Paypal. I was using the mobil app.
Using my PC, it finally went through, but shipping was still charged. I thought it was free shipping.