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Monitoring usage and managing your Ting account just got easier

Prepaid carrier Ting, which is relatively new in the U.S. phone market, has just launched its official account management app in the Play Store. The app, which is both phone and tablet compatible, gives you a quick way to both manage your account and monitor current usage. On the account side, you can view your bills and enable or disable account features such as text messaging or international calling. You can also view complete details of your minute, text and data usage for all lines on the account, all in real time.

Ting, if you're not familiar, runs on the Sprint network and operates on a model of prepaid service and subsidy-free handsets. You can learn a little more about Ting at the source link below, and if you're already a customer grab the app from the Play Store link above.

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Ting account management app now available


I have been using Ting on my Galaxy Nexus for a month now. It is much cheaper than Sprint as long as you keep data to a minimum. Luckily Sprint makes that easy with their horrible data speeds. Now that they allow you to port your Sprint phone, it can be a very good deal since Sprint phones can be found very cheap.

Just did the calculations on Ting's website and they told me to stick with Sprint.
Before taxes I pay about $85 for unlimited everything. With Ting I would pay $127 for 500 mins/500 text/5Gb of data.
Again, Ting's website told me to stick with Sprint.