First they said their Android handsets were delayed. Then they were a no-show for MWC in Barcelona. Then, they weren't delayed again. Or, was that delayed no-show? No-show fo sho? Samsung is making our heads spin, but according to Won-Pyo Hong, Samsung's head of product strategy, the company would unveil "more than three" (yes, THREE) Android handsets by the end of the year. Is talk cheap or is this the real deal?

There is no confirmation concerning where these handsets will be released into the wild. Europe? Asia? The U.S.? Mr. Hong did confirm that Samsung Android handsets will be available in America and Europe by the end of the year. Is it time to start holding our breath?



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THREE Samsung Androids by End 2009


I think maybe for someone whose life is Always in motion, but for the rest of us the apps make up f0r some entertainment, but in no way are as useful as the internet. At least someone like me wouldn’t think so..