Carbon Backup

A third (and probably final) beta release of Koush's Carbon backup app was let loose this morning, adding support for the Box cloud service, notifications, a cancel option and other features and fixes. Also new is a accompanying Windows desktop app that will let you backup and restore an unrooted device.

Koush, in his Google+ post, says the beta should stop working on Jan. 30, by which time we should see the app in Google Play, with free and premium versions.

Source: +Koushik Dutta


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Third Carbon backup beta drops with Google Play release imminent


A Carbon article without mentioning that there is another app in development called Carbon? I never thought I'd see the day ;_;

For one it can backup on cloud..meaning u can restore any time ,anywhere across the devices... also u can install & make data restore across the devices..which is very usefull form multiple devices .

So what your saying is that its the same a titanium backup as you can sync with dropbox, box, and google drive

and you can backup app data without root. Supposedly, that feature's not working for me yet, but others seem to confirm.

I don't want a Windows app. My laptop broke awhile back and had all the drivers on it. If I had a computer I'd be rooted. I want a full back up with no computer and no root. I have the locker storage. I don't understand why this is so difficult in android. I really wish Google would address this and make a universal solution.

Titanium (I have the premium) already has all these cloud features. Root is the problem. If I'm rooted I would just use titanium since I've already paid for it. I want a non root cloud all in one solution.

The last beta is non-root as well but it's not working for me at the moment. I've sent a log to the developer and he's working through it to find the issue. YMMV