Fake BBM apps

Since everyone's asking, yes. There are a bunch of "BBM" apps in Google Play at the moment. Like, a whole pisspot full of them.

None of them is real.

We get that folks are excited about BBM for Android. We are, too But we also need to be a little patient as BlackBerry works out the launch-day kinks and gets the official version rolled out. 

That means staying away from these fake apps in Google Play. (Be sure to report them if you have a minute. And, damn it, Google, it can't be that hard to squelch fakers, right?)

How can you spot a fake app? We'd start with the logo. There are some obvious bad ones there. Then look at the publisher name. (Right below the app name in these images.) BlackBerry Inc. sure looks official — but it's not.

Also take a minute to read through the app description. For example:

minion rush plants vs zombies Grand Theft Auto Vice City Marvel Avengers Alliance Minecraft Free and Full Papa Pear Saga Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Rio Fruit Ninja Free Angry Birds YouTube Adobe Flash Player 11 Gmail Street
youtube tubemate downloader blackmart clash of clans dragon city mobile hay day hay day asphalt subway surfers minion rush plants vs zombies Grand Theft Auto Vice City Marvel Avengers Alliance Minecraft Free and Full Papa Pear Saga facebook twitter gmail outlook
sex porn lesbian gay Tiny Flashlight + LED WhatsApp Messenger Pandora® internet radio
Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Rio
Fruit Ninja Free Adobe Reader Facebook Messenger Google Translate Google+ Google Play Books

What the hell is that, you ask? That would be keyword stuffing. It's frowned upon — and specifically outlawed in the Google Play Developer Program Policies. "Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in apps descriptions, titles, or metadata."

We'll have the real link up just as soon as it's available. Patience, folks.


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These are all fake BBM apps — don't download them


But they are popping back up. Does anyone know how to report an app the web browser on a desktop or is it only possible from the device?

This is actually ridiculous and lazy from google.

Common folks don't read androidcentral/androidpolice web sites. Nor do they think too much before downloading something. They will automatically assume that these are valid apps. They *will* download these apps.

This is what gives a bad name to android, and google is being lazy to allow apps without any sort of preliminary analysis. That's why 80% of apps in the play store are either junk/badly coded and simply pathetic.

100 good apps are much better than a million junks.

I am common folk, I came to this site to edumacate myself with Android news, tech, and information to use my device better for myself. Though at first it was to educate, it has now become an addiction. Wis I was a bit more savvy to root and rom my device, just got a GS# replacement for my GNex that asurion just eol'ed.

PPEOPLE BEWARE: I was hit with a Trojan ( 30133 )on tues 10/15...thinking I was in the real play store downloading real apps but no...the new galaxy centura started kicking me off everywhere I went, freezing, CCALLING ITSELF....
First we just did a restore. I put my same chip in and all was ok....but then bam almost same thing only the port number (?) Was different. This time it was ( 12355 ) and I found them because I was checking data usAge when it was.nt making sense why I was using so much ram battery dying quick etc etc. I restored the phone a second time with a new .sd card and a brand new account. So far so good.

I'm not sure why people are saying it works because it isn't working for me. I side downloaded and installed it on my HTC ONE two days ago. Yes, it allows me to create a BBM ID, confirm the ID via an official email from RIM and even let's me attempt to sign in via the app but that's where it stops. Those stating that it works should post screen shots of messages being sent back and forth. Side downloading it and installing on your phone doesn't mean that it works.

I wouldn't trust an app that is not from it's original source and company. I'm security expert and I understand behind the scenes. Things that could be in an un trusted app. Back Doors, embedded malware or exploited code, spam and bombarded ads, data collection of hidden back doors. Best thing to do is look for the official release by BlackBerry them self's under the official company developer name "BlackBerry LTD." in the Google Play store.

I'm thinking it will most likely say Research in Motion...

Posted by someone who is watching you...right now

I've tried several times with the leaked version and it won't work...still waiting for the unofficial I guess

..Lazagna ...Posted via Android Central App

My leak version just start working. It seems to be quicker that whatsapp to me. I thought that is was dispose to so sms also?

Posted via Android Central App

Still not working, it sits on the loading screen forever

..Lazagna ...Posted via Android Central App

Fast my ass. These apps have been available on the play store since last night (9/21) and Google hasn't done a thing to remove them or suspend the dev accounts of the persons responsible for posting them. Generally not one for conspiracy theories but in my opinion Google is having a good laugh over this one.

Considering that its only been 12 hours and the number of bogus apps has dramatically been decreased I'd say they are working hard to weed them out..

Posted via Android Central App

You are correct. It does appear as though most have been removed at this point. It also appears that the offenders accounts have been removed as well. I still believe this is mud in Google's face and highlights the fact that Android users are fair game to folks with malicious intent through the Play store. While iOS through iTunes has seen a small number of these events, the likelihood of this particular fiasco happening in their app store is slim to none due to their verification process.

To hell with patience... @Blackberry Don't F'ng commit to a launch date and time if you don't know with absolute certainty that you're ready...

Sell BBM to a real developer and close the damn doors already...

You idiot, you think they are uploading BBM as I write? Do you really think they are compiling it in the upcoming hours and then calling google, hey man, here is the app, publish it!

Seriously no. As usual the idiots at BB have seriously misjudged reality. Why would you commit to a date and time of release if you don't have the everything, including server capacity, etc ready to go?

Name for me the last launch that BB hit, you can't because it hasn't happened...

Before you call someone an idiot you should know what you're talking about because you clearly don't...

Just curious here, but did you ever stop to think that BlackBerry DID submit their app on time and GOOGLE PLAY is the one who is screwing up and hasn't loaded it yet? No developer publishes to Play directly. It all has to be pushed through TPTB at PLAY first even though they do a disreputable job of filtering things.

So try to stop blaming BlackBerry for something that is most likely, out of their control.

Actually I highly doubt this has ANYTHING to do with Blackberry being at fault. There are one of two possibly reasons for the delay

A ) Google is the cause

B ) Blackberry demanded the fake apps be removed before theirs went up, which means GOOGLE IS STILL THE CAUSE!

WHEN BBM goes up, trust it to be under the Developer name rather than trying to sort through the fakes!


If BB wants to wait until the fakes are gone, that's their fault. They could easily tweet/fb the direct link so people wouldn't go for the fakes.

More likely, this is just the usual BB failure to deliver a decent launch in a timely fashion.

Wait, if they want to wait until the fakes are gone, how is it their fault? That's not a fault. That's good business sense for them.

And maybe their servers won't handle the load that Google's will so they're waiting on Google. I'm just throwing stuff out there. I have no idea but seriously? Their FAULT??

We had a BlackBerry three years ago. It only made or received calls when it felt like it, half the apps for it didn't always work and the reception in most places was awful. I haven't used one since. I have no horse in this race other than I'm interested in the app. But it's amazing to me how many of you are so quick to blame BB without any facts to back your assumptions. If BB goes down for the count over this, it's not entirely their doing if they aren't holding things up. They'll have the instant blamers to thank as well.

Blackberry's PR team could, at least, say what the hold up is. It might be obvious to us, that the holdup is because they're waiting for the dubious apps to be removed from Google Play. But, the "friend-of-a-friend," or the clueless members of the media, will instantly say that BlackBerry is missing, yet, another launch.

Maintaining military silence isn't always effective...

Posted via Android Central App

I have to agree on this one. Don't need to tell me how long its gonna take to get the app in the app store. But a few updates on the issues would be nice to hol us over. Plus if its not BB's fault then they should pass the blame onto someone else. aka (all those fake apps)

BB would get the benefit of the doubt on this if they had a track record of delivering things when they say they will. Their track record is just the opposite though, so no one is surprised that there is a delay.

For the poster who said Google would be deliberately holding up the launch... Why? This is a good thing for Google/Android. BBM being on Android will pull some of the remaining BB users away from their foundering platform and onto Android.

Since the fake apps are all gone now, one can only surmise they must have been in a quiet launch war with Google, waiting for the fake crap to disappear before they would allow the official app to go live.

No, as someone else said earlier, military silence isn't always best, but in this case, maybe it was right.

And they do have till 11:59pm whatever time zone they're in to launch before they're actually late!

Whether or not this does have anything to do with RIM, their PR department could do better here. People at RIM have computers that send Email and Tweets. They probably have Facebook and G+ pages. If there's a holdup that's out of their control there's plenty of ways to get the word out to deflect some of the heat their taking.

January 30th launch of BB10, January 31st launch of the Z10 in the UK,Febuary 5th Launch of the Z10 in Canada, Sept 22 Launch of BBM for iPhone.

And I assure you, the servers have the capacity

Good god. You sound F'n loony. Is it really something that you get this worked up over?? Its an app, not a deadly disease. Get a grip on yourself.

Posted via Android Central App

Google needs to fix this but users have to not be idiots too, simply scroll down to the contact email and if it says joeblow@gmail.com that's a pretty huge clue that it's not legit.

You are your own best defense, always.

It's shocking Google haven't done a better job of weeding out the malware. They should be all over this. Apple wouldn't let it happen.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually, it is more up to BlackBerry to police it. It is THEIR trademark and THEY have the most to lose by having it dragged through the mud and abused.

Google has mechanisms in place that work. But users have to report issues. There are far more apps in Play that Google could ever hope to police.

Apple wouldn't let it happen because they lock down everything in a way that is developer and user hostile. It is not better, it is different.

"Google has mechanisms in place that work."

What? How in the hell did all these fake apps get into the store to begin with, if Google's mechanisms are "working" as you say?

Quite the opposite, sir. This is one area where Google really, really, REALLY needs to get their act together. These kinds of apps should NEVER have been allowed on the store to begin with, and all of those developer accounts should be permanently banned. Removing the apps after the fact does too little to protect users.

Much needed post. Many of us are keen to this BS in the Play Store but many more are not. What's sad is that there are probably thousands of people that won't re-download the real app. I'm starting to think this delay was purposeful. Look at all the hype on all of the social media outlets and blogs. People are talking about it. Even the negative aspect of this will be forgotten once the real app drops and there will be even more of a download frenzy. With that said..... COME ON BLACKBERRY GET THIS THING OUT! oh, and I'm happy. I have like 3 people that are going to try it out with me. Heh.

Posted via Android Central App

Plus we can report them: click "flag as inappropriate" then "other" and write "fake app". When I did that in the past, the app was removed in a couple days.

Posted via Android Central App

I've taken about 240 of those seconds just trying to work out how to report them online. I don't think its possible any more with the "improved" play store.

I really do not understand why this cannot be done via the web page.
The web Play Store experience is really bizarre.

Lol. And how is getting push advertising to your phone useful? Or the apps they put on your home screen, how is that useful? It actually made me mad. Waste 5 mb of my data plan for crap

Posted via Android Central App

Google needs to step it up, a similar incident occured a year or so ago (I think with Fruit Ninja or something) and took Google quite some time before they dealt with it.

This time it's a BIG deal.

"This time it's a BIG deal."
I think the BB fanbi's have a bloated sense of how significant this release is. Temple Run getting faked was a bigger deal than BBM. I wouldn't be surprised if BBM's downloads never reach Temple Run's numbers.

This would've been great for me a year ago when we didn't have unlimited text and my wife had a BB. Then she got tired of the endless stream of cool apps that were "available on iOS and Android" with no BB version in sight.

If whatsapp had just implemented a pin # system in addition to auto adding your contacts, we wouldn't be waiting for this.

Posted via Android Central App

I guess I do not get it. I used BBM like 3 years ago...when I did not have unlimited texts or imessage

So do you have unlimited global texting as well? I have family and friends in the military or just work or live abroad. Texting is not an option for us.

Posted via Android Central App from my Vzw GS3

I know this. But 4 of my brothers, mother and step dad use bb's. So I won't be left out anymore. Lol. I also have plenty of friends and business peps that also use bb's.

Posted via Android Central App from my Vzw GS3

It's pretty bizarre that several of these have BlackBerry, Inc. listed as their publishers. Doesn't Google at least have protections in play that prevent impersonating a known legit publisher? Can a malware vendor create an account to publish apps using multiple different publishers' names? Or the name of another account holder that already has that publisher name. How on earth can you know you're downloading the legitimate app for anything, then? Kind of renders the search function in Google Play useless - if this is really the state of things, I'll never download an app again without finding it via a known good link. But I don't think it's *really* that bad. Somebody enlighten me.

I believe BlackBerry Limited is the official developer name and once it goes live will be under that. They only have 3 apps on Google Play. I just keep looking under that & the BBM twitter @BBM

Posted via Android Central App

Actually it is the best messaging service available. Anyone who once owned a blackberry missed this feature. Yoy can add contacts through a pin number or scan a barcode. Very original

Posted via Android Central App

Wow, through a PIN number!? How original! And counterintuitive...
Let's see, I can go around asking my friends for their string of random digits (because we all need another number/id assigned to us), or I can add them automatically on another platform when the app reviews my contact list.
I think I'll do that second one, much smoother. Unique doesn't mean better.

I'm actually going to download it and see what's new. I'm going to have a hard time getting my friends on it, but who knows?

Posted via Android Central App

I can't wait for this app. It was the only thing I missed when I moved from BlackBerry to Android

Posted via Android Central App

Im first and foremost an android user but this just goes to show how easy it is to release crap on the play store. People always say 'Google is doing a better job at filtering apps'...this is so blatant and embarrassing on how Google is allowing these apps. I mean there are tons of kids and youngsters on Android that don't know any better imagine the other crap ware thats on the play Store if Google can't catch all these obvious ones. Apple Store is definitely more secure I'll give them that.

Posted via Android Central App

You're right it's a complete mess, I hope someone is getting a major bollocking over at Google.

Posted via Android Central App

Just after going through the play store and flagging them all

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

Yet another reason I have such a hard time embracing Android. Great OS but I shouldn't have to worry about malware in the OFFICIAL google play store. This doesn't happen in Apple's App store. I think I have read maybe 2 or 3 times that something snuck into the App Store that wasn't cool in the last 6 years. None of which was pure malware, they were just things that didn't adhere to Apples rules.
Was going to buy the LG G2 sunday, but this may have just changed my mind to just sticking to a safer platform.

This wasn't One app full of malware, the picture above shows at Least 18 malware apps, there may be more since the picture was cut off.

Come on, I agree that there are too many fake apps but you'd have to pretty damn stupid to download one thinking it's legit. It's so easy to check if it's real or not.

Posted via George Foreman Grill

If that's your reason, then it sounds like, you weren't truly sold on switching platforms, anyway.

Sure, the Play Store has malware; but, if you're the kind that pays attention to the apps you download, then you have nothing to worry about.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't understand the benefit of someone making a fake app. What do they get from itm

Posted via Android Central App

Money from the thousands of ads they pack into their app. Every time one pops up on your screen, the developer makes money. Get enough people to download your fake app and you could be sitting on a tidy sum of money within a week or two.

Google needs to fix this fake app issues on the play store asap.it just makes the play store look really really bad and shouldn't even be an issue.

Posted via Android Central App

If it were Google's fault the BBM twitter feed could easily say that the app has been submitted to Google Play. The fact they don't but instead preach "patience" leads me to believe its Blackberry's fault.

Posted via Android Central App

From their Twitter feed : " Thanks for your patience #Android users! Working hard to get you the real #BBM ASAP. We'll let you know when it's live. #BBM4ALL"

Posted via Android Central App

Something like this is REALLY embarrassing for Google and its Play Store. How can devs and users take the Play Store seriously as compared to the Apple App Store when they cant squash out fakers and prevent something like this from happening? It can't be this easy for someone to impersonate others.

I suggest, like Twitter, maybe have "verified" badges on icons in the store so people know its from someone with a good track record and its "official" and from the actual developer, not a scammer.

Posted via Android Central App

This. +9000. Google needs to seriously revamp its app review process. Hell, the "amateur" eye has probably spotted and flagged more of the fake BBM apps than Google, in this regard.

Posted via Android Central App

I believe it's google.... This might kill hangouts.. No better way then to mess up the competition buzz... Like how everybody is in a frenzy... But I have official app.. Side loaded it works

Posted via Android Central App

why why why Google approve this kinda of scam? using same icon as BBM?? why nobody filter and verify either those content is official from BlackBerry Limited? is it so hard to do see the differ between those original developer and the fake one? this is not suppose to be happen!!

Just looked in the Play Store....seems like a lot of the fakes have been taken down. Still some but nearly the number there was this morning.

Posted via Android Central App

Just downloaded the official leak which took 60 secs, works perfectly, no need to sideload / root phone. Looks like there are some real issues with BlackBerry and Google as a result of cutbacks and fake apps making the play store a bit of a joke.

Posted via Android Central App

You may be a bit confused, Google hasn't had any cutbacks. BlackBerry was the one that just laid off 40% of their global staff after losing nearly $1 billion in one quarter.

This is taking forever, and i can't believe the Play Store allows that fake apps.

Posted via Android Central App

I find it funny how many people are rating the spam apps five stars. The comments say this is spam, and it will have five stars.. SMH..

Posted via Android Central App

Google took off a lot of the fakes...i think there making way for the real one so its easy to find

Posted via Android Central App

Google took off a lot of the fakes...i think there making way for the real one so its easy to find

Posted via Android Central App

Everyone is so passionate about tech this century. For whatever reason BBM was slow to launch today and really are we all that impatient? I love all tech myself, I just prefer some more than others. I hope BlackBerry can save itself and I think it is pretty cool to run BBM on an Android. Remember, everyone has their own way to get where they have to go. I prefer Android, but that doesn't mean my choice is better than anyone else's. So happy gadgeting people!

Posted via Android Central App

Google play should really have a way to stop the fakes. Kind of ridiculous really. Makes you wonder about the Play store

Posted via Android Central App

I'm beginning to NOT even want it anymore. I was only getting it for nostalgic purposes anyway. It will nvr replace hangouts, or even kik.

Posted via Nexii 4 (2012) using the Android Central App

Some of these icons don't even look right. Ill wait and let everyone else get it and test it out.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks for the update Phil. Glad AC took the time to point it out for the masses. :)

Posted via Android Central App

BlackBerry's inability to release anything on the launch date + Google's inability to regulate the Google Play Store = What is happening today. I'm not at all surprised.

If the fake apps could get up on time, why couldn't the real one?

While the fakes are an issue, the failure to deliver the real one is a bigger problem, and that's BB's fault. They could have it up with direct links on various social media and sites like this, and have the .apk available on their site for users who will install that way.

Google slowly removing those fake apps, now when I click on some of those apps, it says item not found. Probably Google gonna remove all those fake apps before releasing the official one.

Posted via Android Central App

+1 agreed it's not like blackberry can't figure out how to upload the app. They just want the mess cleaned up first.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Then it'll never get released. Anyone can upload anything to the play store. It's an open market. If blackberry had released their app the fakes would still be there few would be downloading them.. Instead the fakes are all people have to choose from.

Posted via Android Central App

I think blackberry is trying to get Google to clean up the mess before they launch. I seriously doubt that they are having trouble trying to get the real one uploaded.

Once the mess is cleaned up they will launch.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Love how people are ripping the "sewer that is the Google play store" for letting fake apps in as if that changes the fact that Blackberry can't release the official app. Its obviously fairly easy to submit an app to the play store. Blackberry late again

Posted via Android Central App

Who is using BBM?

I just looked into the contact list on my Android phone and home PC.

There are 271 contacts. I sorted them by the kind of phone they use.
69 percent use Android smartphones, 27 percent use iPhones.
The rest are regular dumbphones. Zero Blackberry users. In fact,
the last time I saw someone with a Blackberry was 2 or 3 years ago.
(my former co-worker who now switched to Galaxy S4)

It's kinda stupid, wasn't the iPhone version planned later than the Android one?
Well, the iPhone's seems to be there already...

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, because the average person that uses a smart phone, pays extra for data, and reads this website would be considered "patient."

Posted via Android Central App

Wow, I'm a matter of minutes, the number of fakes are dwindling in the US.

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

I may make myself unpopular here, but, who still uses BBM? Most contract and pay-as-you-go tariffs come with unlimited texts. In relation to the fake android apps, surely the developers name would be evidence of the psudo nature? I own a Bb and it is an utter pile of canine excrement, I have no contacts on BBM simply because there is no purpose for its existence.

Damn, the Google Play Store really sucks, I know all of them suck but damn, no regulation...

To top poster:
Corporate communications and it's better than paying for international text for personal use. It's like asking why do people use Whatsapp. There's some really good reasons. The strong is hate in you. :D Joking though.

No regulation is a two edge sword. On the one hand I can publish updates nearly instantly (up to two weeks for a critical bugfix to an iPad app is *not* fun, trust me) on the other hand people take advantage.

I'm sure the combined smarts at Google can come up with something.. No idea what though.

Posted via Android Central App

Ok, so Google has started cleaning all those fake apps now. Any time from now, we can see the official #BBM release hit the store.

Posted via Android Central App

i hope they release it getting bored now of waiting :/ the days nearly over here in the (UK) so cmooon realease the damn things already!!!!

I don't understand how this could happen. Is there no quality control or validation to put an app on Google Play? This could never happen in BlackBerry App World!

Posted via Android Central App

There's bouncer, which checks for malware.

No quality control, no. That's what app ratings are for. It's a real market not just a closed store.

Posted via Android Central App

Jbeachy: that's cause nobody bothers releasing apps for blackberry app world

Posted via Android Central App

It bad but not terrible, at least the main stuff is there.
But ya, could always use some improvement.

I'm not trolling. But, you're getting angry, because we don't all share your opinion. This is Android Central. If you want to hangout with delusional BB fanboys, then you need to go next door. Get off my lawn, lol.

Best comment off chatroll: "it's out in Narnia"...

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

Anytime now, all the fakes from blackberry inc. has been removed.

Posted via Android Central App

What's the big deal about BBM? Am I missing something? I don't know anyone who has a BlackBerry anymore.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks Phil, there are a lot of angry people out there trying to blame BB. So given the way the way the Play store works, is it really possible to schedule a launch precisely at a specific time? Doing so might have been a big mistake since the fraudsters precisely timed their malware and bogus apps at the same time.

Where Phil that was telling folks to be patient, can you help up explain what the hell is going on? After they officially announced date and time and didn't deliver, you're asking folks to be patient. IOS version has been released successfully.
Which side are you on Phil? Answer the folks here!

Nexus 4 via Android Central App

Hopefully as they pull these they also pull all other apps from those developers and then lock them out. I get so sick of this crude in the google play store all the time. Makes it way to hard to find what you are actually searching for.

Who the hell is taking care of business at the Google Play Store??? Pretty sad that many fake ass apps can make their way into the Play Store. Who knows what kind of sneaky ass imfo those apps might or could be trying to steal from your phone. Google must do something about this kind of bull shit if they want their Play store to compete with Apple. Just My Opinion.

Remember this is RIM none if their products launch on time. I think though this comes too late sadly, the decision to put BBM onto all platforms should have come with the launch of the iPhone 3G and should have been implemented with the launch of Froyo. Now whatsapp and co saturated this market. Only some people want the app. But if your friends don't bother then this app is useless. And personally I don't like having 10 messengers on my phone, ideally just one.

Posted via Android Central App

There will always be kinks in a new network. This case I see being network overload. BBM for the loyal BlackBerry users and now the Android and IPhone freaks and fans. That is a s**t ton of network users jamming up the system. Grid lock to the max. Whatever reason for the app not showing on Google Play will probably be a variety of reasons. I would hate to be a Blackberry network engineer or administrator today. I never take this stuff personal, sometimes s**t just happens.

Posted via Android Central App

This shows how much Google wants to make BlackBerry look like a fool. I see no issues with Apple rolling out BBM at midnight in each time zone as promised. This is not a BlackBerry issue. It is a Google Play FAIL!!!!! And people wonder why I hate Androids so much.

Androids are going to fall to the side while Apple and Microsoft take over mobile like they have computers, with a small remainder using Linux. People want things that work, and No Android I ever used just worked. In the last month I have used GS3, iPhone 4s, Lumia 1020 and BB Q10. Blackberry is my daily driver, wife has the Lumia, Iphone sitting as backup, and trying to sell the GS3. Android fanatics are WORSE than iSheep!.

Want a real phone, and not a toy? Buy a BlackBerry!!!!

Honestly android users don't give a crap. We just do our thing knowing we have superior hardware and software to suit our needs, not hardware and software we are told is all we need

Posted via Android Central App

Jerry just reminded me, the Play Store has no involvement in publishing an app.
BB hits publish and it is published in a bit. No middleman. This is not iTunes

Posted via Android Central App

OK.....So you not pro choice then from that mad rant? I love my Android and I get it that ishee...people like Apple too. And if you are a BB fan then so be it. :-)

Posted via Android Central App

If you search the play store for BBM, among the fake apps you will find the stupid test app, made by BBM! Lol

All in all if you install the fakes you fail the stupid test!

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Yeah I know the phone sucks/ed, but I hate dishonest people, anyway lesson taught. I believe he will think twice about taking peoples stuff.

I am using the One now, it took more than fourteen days to get the Bionic back.

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Have we hit the point yet where this is just too funny to go on? Can we call it a day and say it isn't coming? Poor guy got laid off and his last act was to hit publish. He said to hell with it like so many other BB users

Posted via Android Central App

Interesting take on this subject. Wouldn't that be the best way to go right before the human resources shows up with your papers and security "gently" walks you off the floor. To funny.

Posted via Android Central App

Regardless of whose fault all this is, at the end of the day it's BB with egg on their face, again. Just give it up already BB!

On an unrelated note, I just saw an article that said BB was sitting on over $1 billion in unsold and unwanted inventory of phones. Sad, just sad.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Samsung has announced through Twitter that BlackBerry is unable to provide BBM today. Maybe the issue resides with BlackBerry.

It does, play store has no involvement with an app getting published as Jerry just reminded me in the apps thread.

BlackBerry just cannot get either the app or the network ready on time

Posted via Android Central App

The fake BBM apps have been removed from Google Play store. Wonder if it has to do with the delay? Maybe, they were waiting for the house cleaning to be done before the real app is available.

It's just an app but it's a shame that BB has done so much damage to their rep. recently. And why Samsung has to PR for Blackberry is a double shame. And I can imagine there are 4500 employees who don't give a shit right now, and it's a weekend so who's gonna come in to help out in this pinch? No one.

Well, BBM is pretty huge for BB so I have to wonder why they didn't push it out before their Q 2 report and the pending dismissal of so many employees. Couldn't they see the potential for roll out issues and support required for it?

damn it i feel like i got to the party 3 hours early..... just sitting here with no pins(everyone jumped to droid) for everone else to get the app to get it start going

More importantly... What is GOOGLE doing about this issue.???
How come so many fakes are managing to be allowed on the Google play store..? Google need a more secure store...

All bogus BBM apps have been removed from the Play Store. Maybe the real thing is finally coming?

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I blame Google for all these fake apps. Opportunists will always take advantage of an open door, Google needs to close it. If Apple can, so can Google.

Apple closing doors is the reason I jumped. I like googles slack approach. Just gotta take the good with the bad!

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I downloaded from the drop box above... Not saying it's fake, but I keep getting it to stop after the introduction because it says I have no data connection... I got wifi on and also tried with Sprint 3G.

rim just launched their new bb z30 n´that´s why the bbm thing got delayed!! cause they already lost lots of money with z10 and they wanted to give it another try with this new divice ... but guess what it´s the same bshit they wont get nothing ...they are just being as stubborn as a donkey!!

And this is why Apple's app store is still seen as the premier place for developers. You don't see this excessive scamming happen.

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It is also a flaming pile of 'we don't think you will want this so we won't approve it'
Like the android central app. Why wouldn't that get through?

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Yeah, even with its flaws, I like the Play Store more. No company should be turning down a legit app, that people may be waiting for.

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For users.
read additional information before.
you can see "contact Developer" for accuracy app. :)
maybe can help you.

Wow all the stupid fake apps are back. Wtf google, block these scamming a**hole from posting it up. All your work removing it yesterday for nothing.

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Really makes Google look amateurish and bad in this case. How difficult could it be to put in a little more quality control before accepting an app to the play store? So if it means delaying an app a little bit by making sure it's legit and not just some advertising scam so be it. Official developers like Blackberry should have some priority approval process that they can sign up for so their apps aren't delayed. It's ridiculous to see so many obvious fakes by companies like "BBM limited", "Blackberry message dev" etc. How does Google "approve" these developers in the first place. I hate Apple but at least they prevent this type of obvious scamming in their store.

Yeah, I like Google, but, something's going to have to change. This could potentially have implications with developer relations. Eventually (and I can't believe I'm saying this), Google is going to have to "lock" things down a little more. At some point, I see Android app developers demanding some kind of change in the app approval process.

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And again, all the fakes are back for the third day, this time alot more.After google removed them all the last 2 days. Obviously this is not gonna stop, google can remove them everyday, but its just gonna come right back the next day. Might as well leave it up.

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I tried to download BBM on my Android phone but after creating the ID it didn't proceed further so i uninstalled it but since then getting bombarded with ads like save battery speed up android, how to stop these ads??? looking out for help if anyone can help pls reply