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TheScore is a sports app for Android and is getting a beefy update today which adds a new section to My Score called Feed. The new section will have a continuous update of new items you care about in one spot: leagues, teams, players, final scores, video clips, and relevant news items. This way you can track multiple games at once, and drink from the firehose of sports news.

As is, My Score tracks user-designated games, teams, and players as more or less static items that get updated values in real time. theScore also has dedicated pages for major sports leagues, a full-bodied news page, and an area to see the biggest games that are coming up.

Folks that are into fantasy tracking or just want to keep tabs on games as they happen will likely find a lot of use in theScore's Feed. This is a nice update for sports fans, and should be hitting the Play Store later today. How many of you guys are using theScore already? Any features you'd like to see in the next update?


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theScore sports app adds new Feed section


I use this app, football thru basketball season. After that it becomes bloat ware until next fall. Glad its getting an update nonetheless. Updates are always good, if their good! Lol

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My favorite sports score app. It does it so well. But, it keeps a background process running for some reason. There's no need for the app to take up valuable internal memory when I'm not using it.

Looks cool but the permissions request when installing this app is asking for access to a lot of personal info it seems?

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I've found the Score superior to ESPN Sportscenter. And it seems less of a battery hog than sportscenter was.

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The Score has gotten much better in the last year through updates and added features. The big gripe at this point is that in the past, you could select the number of leagues you wanted scores to scroll from in the widget. That option was removed a few updates back. Now, you have to scroll 5 leagues if you use with widget, whether you want to or not.
This is a lot of wasted scrolling time, even if you select leagues that aren't in season, when all you want to scroll at any one time is one or two leagues.

TheScore is one of the best apps to keep up with scores and stats. I wish the widget was a little better (more customizable and less of a battery drain).

This is great, the iOS version has had this and I kept bugging the developer for it to come to Android as well. Real nice to have for quick updates on news for teams/players that you follow

Nice! I'd like to be able to see the user comments section of articles. When you currently see an article picture in the feed, it shows a number which looks like the number of comments on the article but when you then open the story it doesn't seem to show them.

Hmm... Android central, can you help me choose the best sports app for android? I'm mainly gonna follow basketball and football (not handegg).

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The only sport that the app covers that I follow is F1. No rugby union or rugby league coverage not even at international level.

Best sports news and results app I've found so far is the BBC Sport app (at this point those west of the Atlantic most probably complain because it doesn't cover the sports they follow as well as they'd like).

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This would be the greatest app on my phone if it featured the American Hockey League. I know it's possible (see AHL Score Tracker app). Also, player alerts for golfers would set the app apart from similar sports apps.