Tesla 'considering adding a pure Android emulator' to vehicles, says Elon Musk

At a recent event in Munich, Germany, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at the possibility that his company's cars may one day be able to run Android apps. Fielding a question on app development for the Tesla Model S, Musk said the company was "considering adding a pure Android emulator," allowing users to run an Android app in a window on the car's Linux-based front-end.

The Android emulator is one of a few app development avenues being considered for the vehicle, which Musk expects to be opened up to developers "towards the end of next year." Musk also outlined several software additions that had to be made before this could take place, including adding local language and navigation data, and upgrading the cars' built-in browser to Google Chrome.

If these plans come to fruition, the Android emulator could give Tesla's vehicles access to a large library of mobile apps in a relatively short space of time. And it also begs the question: how long until we see an Android-powered car?

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Tesla CEO mulls in-car Android emulator, Chrome browser upgrade


Not only are you a troll, you are a hallucinating troll. Pure Android does not lag and has the fastest and most frequent upgrade cycle in the consumer industry.

Can you just imagine? Unlockable car bootloader? Flashing stock images from the dash? Cyanogenmod enhancements?? Total geek-gasm!

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In the past 14 days I have purchased an HTC One and a new Acura TSX Tech. I love both. But the navigation system in my Android is the superior of the two. The UI for a variety of thing, including phone book and music, could easily be improved with a polished mobile OS. Tablets are already in cars. The manufacturers just haven't yet seen that Android is cheaper and easier than a DIY operating system.

Android in cars is coming.

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Why did Elon say emulator? Why not run Android natively? Or did he mis-speak?

The Tesla S is already running Linux. Android uses the Linux kernel. Surely Android is capable of doing what Linux is doing now for the car.

That's MY question. If Tesla uses a customized Android KitKat version, the lagginess of their current Linux implementation would be solved (since lag was finally killed with Project Butter and fstrim in 4.3, plus DroidBooster in 4.4 should futureproof the speed and smoothness gains even without OS upgrades). Using an emulator would put them in the same boat as Blackberry. They need a "Tesla Skin" to customize the experience for their use cases and screen form factor.

The way google handles its apps and lack of taking suggestions from the public seriously I would never buy a car that runs on Android. I love my Android phone but that would be too much.

Been using the Pioneer Appradio 2 along with the ARLiberator app for over a year now. I seriously could not drive without Android at the ready.

No thanks. Don't need a constant notification icon that all 4 tires are still on the road..... I jest. :)

LOL! I'd hate to force close Android crash in my car. Glad Tesla isn't bringing Android without QNX holding it down. QNX kernel is a different beast. Without it you would never see Android in automobiles period. Lets all just get along. http://www.qnx.com/company/30ways/