Tapatalk is one of the more popular ways to use the Android Central Forums from your smartphone. One problem though -- it wasn't playing nicely with Ice Cream Sandwich. But we've been working with the developer for a couple weeks now and can happily report that the app was just updated to fix the crashes in Android 4.0. So now you can browse and post in the Best Android Forums Anywhere™ from the Best Android Smartphone Yet™. Huzzah!

We've got download links after the break. And be sure to check out Android Central on it.


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Tapatalk Android forum app updates for Ice Cream Sandwich


wow ics has been getting lots of love by the time i get mine today and activate it everything will work lol. When the razr and rezound get it the os will be very well ironed out.

So when will the Amazon Appstore be getting this update???

I love the Appstore for apps that the whole family will use since when can share the one account but it seems to be the ugly stepchild when it comes to getting updates for apps.

You know I felt the same way and I am sure I'm not the only one frustrated by their untimely updates.

I decided to look at all my installed applications via Amazon. At the time it was 41 applications and the results surprised me. I did this at the end of November so it has changed I'm sure but,

22 applications were on the same version.
7 were on a newer version via Google.
12 on a newer version via Amazon. At the time 2 of the applications were not available to Google. All I can assume is Amazon must request a minor update to something they see in an application in their testing phase that doesn't make it to the Google version.

I wish Tapatalk played nicer with Huddler based forums. Some of the forums I visit regularly have switched from vBulliten to Huddler. Tapatalk works but no PM's, and when viewing participated posts it no longer marks posts that have had activity since your last visit.