Talk Mobile App Week begins tomorrow; join us for daily Talk Mobile hangouts!

The second week of Talk Mobile 2013 kicks off tomorrow, and the discussion is going to center around mobile apps. With five days of awesome content lined up and sure to be some great conversations in the comments, we really want to expand your interaction with the whole Talk Mobile crew.

Starting tomorrow after fresh Talk Mobile content goes live we're going to do something we wanted to do for the last week of Talk Mobile, but couldn't thanks to everybody traveling for the awesome Talk Mobile launch party: we'll be holding a live video hangout with a rotating cast of Talk Mobile editors, developers, designers, our special guests, and everybody else involved in making Talk Mobile happen. You can expect the hangouts to go live a little bit after we publish the Talk Mobile articles. After all, they're pretty big hunks of text and video, we want you to have some time to digest it all first!

So tune back in to your favorite Mobile Nations site(s) tomorrow for more great Talk Mobile content. It's time to get the conversation about apps started!

p.s. We want to give you (just you, because you're special) a look at the full schedule of what you can expect from Talk Mobile 2013 in the coming months. Here's how the weeks ahead look...

  • July 1: Mobile Social
  • July 15: Mobile Platforms
  • July 29: Mobile Security
  • August 12: Mobile Carriers
  • August 26: Mobile Life
  • September 9: Mobile Creativity
  • September 23: Mobile Cloud
  • October 7: Mobile You

Reader comments

Talk Mobile App Week begins tomorrow; join us for daily Talk Mobile hangouts!


I don't really want to be "that guy", but does anyone else find the talk mobile sessions really painful to watch? they seem very unnatural and scripted, feels like an informercial trying to sell the talk mobile idea rather than a serious discussion on anything really mobile. chemistry seems lacking, it reminds me of that magic bullet commercial where they are all sitting around the kitchen counter. ugh

Give it time. There are talk shows on cable TV that I have watched from their infancy that were, in the beginning, extremely rough around the edges. As the shows matured, the hosts comfort level grew and the quality dramatically improved.

In regard to the comment of it seeming like an infomercial, remember, this is a business. They are SUPPOSED to promote (sell) the talk mobile concept. Especially in the start-up phase.

They are absolutely terrible. The problem is that they play it all too safe - they give generic responses on some artificial topics. And the fact that they all lack any sort of personality does not help a bit.

Appreciate the feedback!

Be sure to tune into the daily hangouts if you feel this way about the conversation starter videos... You gotta remember, we pre-recorded 50 of those videos, and they're not meant to have all the answers in them... but to touch on all the subjects (we couldn't turn every daily episode into an hour long debate). Will definitely take your feedback into account for next year.

In the meantime, the daily hangouts will likely be more to your flavor.... more off the cuff like a standard podcast, and we'll be debating things in real time (with live chat room), and also be handling current affairs of the day.