Sunday is Father's Day, so here's a Google Glass video of one of the small pleasures of being a dad. It might not be as touching as their Mother's Day vide, but it'll still put a smile on your face.

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Take a spin through the eyes of dads, thanks to Google Glass


Can't wait to get some GG so I can get that point of view when I do that with my little guy.

On a side note, Mothers got two and half minutes... We got thirty seconds... Weak!!!

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@vpblaze that's so true lol maybe dad's will make it to 45s to a full minute next year lol

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Considering the difference in how much we spend on mother's day vs father's day, this seems par for the course. Also, hope your Father's Day with you kid is magical.

Google has really been stepping up their commercials. They pull at the heart strings, while also highlighting what they this new direction!

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Google is brave. Have a white guy swinging around a black kid and have a black guy swinging around from the looks of it an interracial kid.

People are going to flip out like they did the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial.

"Wah! That's not right! The hell?!"


Two bags of big league chew. A mitt. A baseball. A phone with over 400 ppi. Only one of these things don't matter.

I liked the commercial, having taken lots of those videos with my cameras over the years. However, I am concerned these commercials focusing on video just reinforce that GG is only for recording everyone you come across. It seems like (from the news at least) that is a common stereotype "explorers" are having trouble getting past.

Google Glass is pedophile and other assorted crime-related technology. If you find someone in possession of a Google Glass unit, seize and destroy it or contact police.

If you own Google Glass you are bad, and you should feel bad - you are destroying our society that took so long to build.