Android Central Stocking StuffersOK, so our stocking-stuffing schedule got thrown off a little bit thanks to some other, bigger, giveaways. These things happen, right? But it's Christmas eve, we're back on the horse, and we're ready to throw more $10 Google Play Gift Cards your way.

For today's entries, we'll keep things simple: Just leave a comment on this post, telling us what sort of Android kit you'd love  to see this holiday season. That's it. We'll keep giving away a gift card a day until we run out, which looks to be in early 2013 at this point.

And remember that these gift cards are good for apps, books, movies, TV shows and magazines, if you're in a region that supports them. (And if you're not, there are, ahem, ways around that.)

So good luck, happy posting, and Merry Christmas!

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jennyfur says:

A universal bike handlebar mount, a slip case, maybe a nexus 7 :-)

dewey32399 says:

I'd love a little help in getting a car kit for my S3

rsa says:

Hoping for a Nexus 4!

sconrad308 says:

I'm hoping for a Nexus 7 and/or a Nexus 4.

DamnSkippy says:

A great kit would be a Nexus 10 with spigen ultra crystal screen protector, coupon code for a skin from one of the good places, car charger, extra wall charger and cable and a 50.00 play store card.

spoggle says:

I'd go for a nexus 7 3G...

emillan says:

Android 4.2.2 for Nexus 7 with every fixed which Google broke

supermarkyo says:

Even though I love my note 2 and it handles my big screen craving well my laptop is dying and I need a casual data consuming device. After having to buy a very special someone a very un special overpriced 2 year old tablet, I'd like to get rid of that taste in my mouth of being ripped off by finding a state of the art nexus 10 under my tree for the same $400 that was just stolen from me.

Oh I wish I could splurge and start showing everyone that not only is android not the wasteland of tablet apps that everyone makes it out to be but you don't need to buy ridiculously overpriced tech to get a well made piece of hardware.

Derek1267 says:

I'd love to have a Nexus 7 to go along with my Galaxy Nexus :)


What I would like to see is family and friends get android devices instead of ios devices, that would make my holiday!

Tim Norris says:

A Nexus 7 would be a wonderful addition to my stocking.

Tsudeily says:

I'd love to see a Nexus kit including the 4,7 and 10.

hdfegely says:

Hoping for a Nexus tablet to go with my new One X.. but I think he's delivering it via pony express.. in the snow.. uphill.. both ways..

peterjr123 says:

I would love to see a Nexus 7 + Nexus 4 under the Christmas tree but that's not going to happen xD

lisuhhh says:

Nexus 4 with charging mat!

Galaxy Note 2!

jod1 says:

I would love a nexus 10 a dock, Bluetooth keyboard,mouse and some hdmi cables that's it. Merry Christmas.

mattyboy247 says:

Would love just the opportunity to buy a Nexus 4.

Suntan says:

I'm really happy with my N7, but I sure would'nt mind adding an N10 into the mix!


Miguel Avila says:

I would love a Nexus 4, but it's probably coming until february, bummer!

Hubertsng says:

Nexus 10 would be great! Or just a Note 10.1, a large android tablet would be great.

My wife has a Nexus 4 and I have a Nexus 7, so my latest geek lust is focused on the Nexus 10.

SDWolf says:

A 32GB Nexus 10 would be a great gift for me!!

Plano26 says:

Loving my Nexus 4 and looking forward to a decent case and car mount! :)

sjd2246 says:

Would love Sony's Google TV set top box.

All I want fir Chistmas is a N7 that too much to ask for? :)

BSrz24311 says:

would love at see a universal car docking kit fit phones and tablets! my note 2oor nexus 7 would look great standing on my dash!

kirsch.m says:

Looking forward to a nexus 7, all new devices from CES and MWC and hopefully an update to Key Lime Pie for my Nexus 4.

evoANDY says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 4 with the wireless charging kit! Still waiting to get my hands on a N4.

DG-08 says:

A Nexus 7 or Nexus 10, that's where I'd like to begin!

trojans says:

Cheap and easy wireless solution for my tablet to be shown on my TV.

weswerkman says:

A nexus 4 with the wireless charging system.

HellRa1SeR says:

I would love to have a nexus 4 with the wireless charger (and the nexus q too!)

thanthalin says:

I wireless charging kit for my GS3 would be a really big plus!!! Merrry Christmas all!

atlas9171 says:

Count me in, would love a Nexus 10 and a 7, or either.

eureb says:

Nexus 10 with a protective case

sizzle7 says:

Nexus 7 dock and Nexus 4 wireless charging mat!! Oh Merry Christmas everyone :P

eeshas says:

I would love a Nexus 10

jjester372 says:

Hope Santa got the memo: Nexus 7 (32GB) with car charger and anti-glare screen protector

bsball721 says:

I would love nexus 10 and the nexus orb... You did say a wish kit

wish i have a 16 GB Nexus 4 under the tree

kygator13 says:

I would like to see a HTC DNA on at&t with blue accents instead of red ones...Merry Xmas everyone!

baldypal says:

My fave setup would consist of a nexus 7, nexus Q, and a full home network with my new Samsung smart TV that I just bought for Christmas.

adam49555 says:

Anything with the word Nexus in it. New or old. Preferably new.

Lori Ann Ola says:

I would love a nexus 10 with a keyboard and a good camera. Can I wish for a samsung galaxy camera too? And a clean house....dare to dream!

Hatshepsut says:

Hmm I would like to see a Nexus 7 with keyboard and speakers, a Google enabled tv, and some Galaxy S3 docks 1 for work and 1 for my car under my tree. :D

btgrave says:

Looking forward to unreleased Nexus accessories like the Wireless Charging Orb and Car Dock.... or just a Nexus 7.

I would like a waterproof case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 that is set up for earphone use. Seidio has a nice waterproof case but earphone use defeats water resistance. H2O Audio has a waterproof case that allows earphone use but it's not big enough for the S3.

Irwright says:

Nexus 7 32gb

Irwright says:

Nexus 7 32gb

fupayme says:

Would love to see a nexus 10

Mary Brodd says:

I'd love a wireless keyboard for my Google Nexus tablet!

Wes Carlson says:

Nexus 7 tablet with sub 3.0 and wireless charging mat!

2gerry says:

Looking forward to a Nexus 10. This will give me two out of three Nexus devices. I opted for the Note2 as my phone vice the Nexus solely for more features. I hope I dont regret it in the end.

just got a nexus 7 last week..just want google to make movies, magazines, books, google music etc available in my country or probably all over the world :P..:D MerrY Christmas!

blazarus says:

An android phone google will upgrade to ICS or JB

keili says:

a Nexus 7 Dock would be great

OffSpot2 says:

I would like an android kit that lets you mix and match your own design and specs. The company of your choice makes it and sends it to you. No fuss, no muss...

mittcb says:

Enjoying my Galaxy S3! Wishing I had a Nexus 7 :)


i love to get my hand at a nexus 4

wayoutwest1 says:

Nexus 10 so I can get my Nexus 7 back!

jmoney13 says:

would love a nexus 7 or 10 and some apps for it :)

raedchen says:

Perfect christmas combo would be Nexus 4 with a nice case and a car dock.
Where are all the docks at?

ledzepfan33 says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 10....that would be the ultimate Christmas!!

alacrify says:

Nexus 7 or 10 would work - I'd just use them for different things!

frozencloud says:

a NEXUS 10 with a dock...need i say more

mled203 says:

Nexus 7 32 GB with Dock. Pick me a poor college student.

Treknologist says:

My wish is for a Nexus 4!!!!

chappy319 says:

A Nexus 7 would be cool. Merry Christmas.

Mr. West says:

A nexus 10 would make my christmas, but i would love a gift card to use with my evo 3d

dpezet says:

I need a Nexus 4. Can't wait until the orders are open again

Zulu Warrior says:

A nexus 7 would be pretty darn awesome! :D

chubb says:

A Nexus 4 would be great if they ever come back in stock! Along with the bumper case.

armstrong47 says:

Nexus 4 or Note 2...

I would like to see an in car dash kit for the Nexus 7. I don't really listen to the radio that often and would love to be able to take the stock radio deck out and dock my Nexus 7 in it's place. The dock would be able to charge the Nexus, turn it to car mode (kind of like android phones) and connect it to Bluetooth. That would be my dream kit for my Nexus 7.

TheCube says:

i would kill to get a nexus 10. that screen...

Iceman90 says:

I am really hoping to see a red Galaxy S III with a case, better headphones and an extra battery under my tree.

Paul Neumann says:

Razr M and a 32gb sd card. In your face eyefonfive!

eRod v1.0 says:

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm needing some accessories for my GN2....

I want to see more docks with tv outputs available and at reasonable prices. The galaxy nexus dock was the biggest disappointment price wise and availability wise. Other than that I've been loving seeing android grow like it has. I still carry the excitement I had when the g1 came out. Also love seeing all my Apple fan friends giving in to the Droid side.

I would like to see the neuxs4 with the neuxs 10 and a Google play card.

WhiskeyBob says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 7 or two or 30 million under the Christmas tree. I'm going to use the Santa tracker app to see when he'll appear and nab his gift bag full of Android goodies.

iamblob says:

I would love to see the entire Nexus line up!

MysticMi says:

I would like to see a Nexus 10, wireless charging mat and a google play gift card. Thats a christmas i dream about. Merry Christmas everyone.

itsjose says:

I would love a Nexus 10 with a dock. Maybe a wireless charger/dock for my Nexus 4 would be amaziiing.

beanoX3 says:

I want the Nexus 7 pogo dock!

lindend says:

Love a Nexus 7 or 10 and some apps from the play store!

muddyjch says:

Nexus 7 would be just fantastic!!!

scottf0624 says:

I would like to get a charging case for my note 2.

jenskristian says:

A dock for my Nexus 7 would be nice.

onixblack says:

Android kit would be the Nexus line (4,7,10)

Android kit? The whole Nexus line please!

Incubus123 says:

A Nexus 10 would be pretty awesome, and a wireless charging kit for my S3

BrianTufo says:

I definitely wouldn't complain if I got a Nexus 10!!

dynesh says:

Some accessories for my nexus 10, nexus 7, and note 2. Come on Google and Samsung and Asus. Get with it. Take my money please!

AJC1973 says:

Would like to see the oem charging kit for the GSIII or the very least more 3rd party ones. Since every time I have money they Zens one is out of stock... Fml!

kobe24b says:

Nexus 10 with a dock!

fillossofer says:

Hoping Santa brings a Galaxy Note 2 with spare battery + charger.

Hanover says:

I really need some more books for my 2 hour bus ride everyday.

Thanks Android Central!

hollywould says:

I would love to just get a battery charging kit with extra battery for my Galaxy Note 2. Would also love a BT Keyboard.

Vegas863 says:

Would love to stream some videos downloaded from Google Play via the Smart Dock for my Galaxy Note II!

Ekreed says:

I'd love a phone I could charge wirelessly. (A new phone, or a case for my current phone, either would do).

TOOLEY says:

Sprint pogo charging dock for my Sprint Galaxy Nexus and Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece ( always wanted a Jawbone never could afford one) that would be Great and of course a few extra Dollars to spend in the Play Store.

hollerwt says:

nice. anything.

nighthawk700 says:

I'd have to review the current tablets to see which would be most useful for going back to school. So I guess one with a keyboard dock.

Droid Brick says:

Any of the new Nexus devices would be great. I've also been looking at Bluetooth speakers.

dprice95 says:

I just want the new Nexus 4 that I ordered!

strikeir13 says:

VZW GN2 and/or N7 32GB HSPA+. I don't ask for much...

AllGood says:

A nexus 10 with dock and the new sony google tv.

cellio says:

Nexus 7 dock and Bluetooth headset please.

Galaxy note 2 and some apps.

Tesler32 says:

Would love to see a car dock for the gn2 and some great navigation based apps. Thx

kfoster79 says:

Hoping for a Nexus 7 with HSPA!

HermansHead says:

A G3 kit including a cradle/charger extra battery, and Bluetooth speaker would be sweet!

extremenet says:

I'm looking forward to the docks for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, but I'd really like to get my hands on a Nexus 4 for Christmas.

videorx says:

I'm hoping for anything Nexus.

bigzinewicz says:

Would love an HTC Evo 4G LTE on Sprint to give my wife.

piizzadude says:

How about a "total phone package". Case, dock, cables (HDMI cable and others) car dock, chargers, portable battery...


RonD says:

Pogo pin connector and doc for the Nexus 10 and a wireless charger for the Nexus 4.

BRIVERS73 says:

I want a Nexus 10 with dock and case!

SkinsFan1987 says:

I'd like an HTC One X+ with a car mount.

Prophet22 says:

Nexus 7, charging pad, dock, Google TV and a $50 Google gift card!!

Happy holidays!

Dradien says:

Google play Gift card(s), and perhaps a type of Dash holder for it so I can use it as a GPS/Music player while on the road and not be distracted with looking as it, so I stay a safe driver.

my3poos says:

I would like to see a diary case with more card holders and room for change for my note 2!

Awesome :D Glad its back!

Forgot to mention nexus 4 is all I really want!

I'll take Anything you guys a want to gift wrap for me lol MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!

Trishia42 says:

Really any Android tablet (although I tend to lean towards a Nexus or Galaxy Note 10.1...)

mputtr says:

I would love to see a universal dock that has a built in MHL adapter for newer phones!

beetlefreak says:

I think that an Android Gaming Kit would be kinda cool. Maybe some Play Store Credit, wireless gamepad/controller like the PhoneJoy Play on Kickstarter, suction cup analog sticks, and/or some ShopAndroid credit for a second battery or charging cable.

Thanks for the contest, and Merry Christmas (Eve)!

N2B8U says:

I would love to see something for my GNex Verizon. Or a new Nexus 7.

hurang says:

Just more galaxy s3 accessories s3 is a sexy beast! =D

gtbarry says:

Overall, I would love to see more kits that have docking stations that accommodate devices that are in as wide a variety of cases as possible. So I don't have to uncase my device to use the dock.

Pierce09 says:

I would love a nexus 10. That screen is gorgeous.

A Nexus 10 would look lovely next to my Nexus 7. :)

gollyzila says:

Nexus 4

quibbles says:

A Nexus 10 dock! (Oh, and a Nexus 10 to put in it)

foppa78 says:

A note 2 with a dock that had HDMI out so that I could share my videos would be great! Pretty sure I wouldnt shoot my eye out with that!

I would love to see any kind of POGO dock for my Nexus 7.

martyah says:

I think I lost a layer or two of skin scrolling my way down to this Comment input field!
There are a couple of new games I've been eyeing and a Google Play card would be very cool. Cheers and happy holidays to all!

manneo says:

Nexus 7 with hspa+

hopefulfarm says:

Would love a note 10.1

Happy Holidays!

ldebid says:

Ummm. A Nexus 10 or a Galaxy Note 10.1. A dock. Some adapters to beam content to my flat screen. Fun;)

JinCT says:

I would like to trick out my white GNII with an OEM Samsung black battery replacement cover with NFC chip!

camiller says:

Would like a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. 7 inch

miknxn says:

A shiny new Nexus device with a Authentic OEM Gaming Controller made for the Nexus by LG/Google. Just imagine the possibilities...

MalachyNG says:

I would love to find a Nexus 4 under the tree... Or a nexus 7 dock

eancox says:

I would love a galaxy note 2.

mawilson82 says:

We need more phones like the Motorola Maxx series. Long live our batteries!


flicktron says:

Nexus 10 with apps.

jyemenai says:

A solar-powered extra battery/charger. THAT would be sweeeet. I think they have 'em, too, they're just a bit expensive. Great for those road trips.

sralj says:

I'd love a Nexus 10 and a dock.

GUHoya94 says:

Wireless charging would be awesome.

CrackBeeb says:

Docking station for Nexus 7 and wireless charging station for my smart phone.

arfunk says:

Okay, what I'd really like would be an Android tablet with the form factor of my Kindle 3 - the light weight, thinness, etc. But those aren't available. So, out of what's currently real, I'd like a Nexus 10, or a Play Store gift card to cover more apps.

dandinnj says:

can you really go wrong with any kind of Android kit .. I say not!! But a Nexus 7 would be awesome under the tree

hyang12 says:

I'd like to get a Nexus 7! functional and inexpensive.

the google orb wireless charger for the nexus 4

Alcarnor14 says:

Love to see a nexus 4, if they ever go back in stock. Otherwise a dock for my Nexus 7 would be nice.

bswann says:

I would love to see a N4 with wireless charging and speaker.

jrsnively1 says:

I would love to win the play cards and any device with 4.2 jelly bean!

I'd love a Note II with a car dock that charges the phone. The ultimate in pocketable GPS/guidance/music solutions, NII > iPhone FTW!
If I win, will the model in the picture deliver my card? I don't see a wedding ring on her finger.

sakasune says:

I might get myself a Nexus 10 and give/sell my Asus Transformer to my parents (who just discovered Angry Birds)

danno.scu says:

A Galaxy Note 10.1 would be awesome-possum!

B_McFly says:

I would love to get a Nexus 7 titanium encased with a wireless charging mat an can't forget the apps that will make it ever so better.

LotusLord says:

I'd love a nexus 7 or 10.

mwong says:

Would definitely want to see a Note 2 10.1 with a dock!

Anything I want, maybe a new album.

Jacques says:

A Nexus 7, or even a Nexus 4 would be swell. :)

SOLGarion says:

Car mount for my nexus 4 in a case, or a nexus 7 so my nexus 4 isn't so lonely.

mop26921 says:

A nexus 4!

javi9600 says:

As a kit, I would like a Nexus 7 with a charger and cover.

duke82722009 says:

I'd like a nexus 7.

tdcrone says:

Nexus 4! If you mean kit in the American sense, then a Nexus 4 with a prepaid Tmo SIM card. :)

fguills says:

Nexus 7 and Note 2 charger mat.

kylyon says:

Would love to get some new apps for my new Nexus 7

JaiHook says:

I would've loved to get headphones with my Verizon Note 2. As much as I paid a car charger would be nice too.

m4p says:

Anything would be great, but in particular I'd love a Nexus 10 or any 10" tablet. Happy holidays, everyone!

boofont says:

A nexus 7 and a Samsung S III.

A Nexus 7 with a dock would be sweet

mattb5#AC says:

I just got a Nexus 7 for my wife. She would love this.

tinysalmon says:

would love to see wireless charging for Galaxy Note.
Happy Holidays Folks.

Mr. Creeper says:

That Nexus 10 kit including a dock, case and car charger, yo!

rballen85 says:

I'd be happy with ANY official accessories for my Nexus devices. Specifically the pogo dock for the Nexus 7 and the wireless charging orb for the Nexus 4.

patrickmaher says:

Nexus 10!

BMIC50 says:

Best Android Kit would include Samsung GS3 (your choice of carrier), Galaxy Nexus 10, and Galaxy Camera!

genoist says:

I'd love a shiny new Nexus 10.

ClmnKssfr says:

Thanks Android Central !
As for my stocking, I could definitely use a Galaxy Note II, any good Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S3 Docking Station and Google Play gift card. Thanks for asking !

desilva says:

Nexus 10 + Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices

ndm22 says:

Just got my TransformerInfinity. would love some new apps to go with it!

emg75189 says:

I'd love a Samsung Note 2 under the tree, but my tree doesn't have any present under it.

slyder0244 says:

So wish I could have a 32gb Nexus 7

boonhoong says:

I would love to see a wireless charging car dock.

lthevenot says:

I would be happy with the google gift cards. But a samsung galaxy 3 would be nice.

greyfoxxx says:

What i would really like to see is a real Android App Installer beleve it for the Blackberry Tablet where you would beable to access the Play Store and able to install on the Blackberry Tablet. Now that would be AWESOME. Else i going to have to get a BETTER TABLET than what i have.It would be a great Christmas,(2 days later)Birthday present.:)

dessa says:

Merry Christmas!

dessa says:

Merry Christmas!

GreyGhostRos says:

Nexus 4 + Cover + Wireless charger

se66kw says:

As long as we're wishing, I'd like a Droid DNA with a microSD slot. Or 32GB built in. Please?!?

But if it has to be an item that actually exists, I'll take a GN2!

nsnsmj says:

Thanks for the giveaway!

I'd like to see a Nexus 10 under the tree.

My kit would hopefully include a N4! I am looking forward to returning to Nexus since I dropped my Nexus One for a Razr and S3!

mattebowman says:

This would be great for the wife to buy books for her new nexus 7.

A kit with the entire nexus family.

G-Money713 says:

I would like a Nexus 7 with dock and Beats Pill as an entertainment kit.

AndroidDave says:

My Transformer TF101 is starting to age. Would love a Nexus 10! Thanks!

rapp9 says:

I would like to see a kit with a wireless charging pad, and a car charger.

misimisi2 says:

I'd love a Nexus 7 dock, bluetooth speakers, oh and a Nexus 10 would be like icing on the cake!!!

l00natic71 says:

I will like to see a music dock. Where it will charge the device and can be controlled through a remote.

M.C.Grath says:

Nexus 4 with wireless charging dock! Make it happen, Google, we're waiting!

daniel2744 says:

I would like a nexus 7 3G and some Google play cards

phalkon30 says:

Docking station would be awesome!

hisownhero says:

A nexus charging mat and a car dock.

jjbusa says:

Would love to see witless charging for the s3. Also want a nice case and apps! First time doing this wish me luck

jimb0bmij says:

A Nexus 7 and a dock with wireless/mouse/keyboard/speakers.

dsandman87 says:

I'd love a Nexus 4, 7, or 10!

valapsp says:

As an Android kit I want a nexus 7 with its dock.

gtmerciless says:

I'd love a N4 or old nexus 1 or s to hack on.

acWoodcarver says:

A waterproof case would be nice. Thanks!

saiko_search says:

I'd like to have a Note 10.1 tablet with an all share cast dongle

Sladen5150 says:

Nexus 7 with a dock and keyboard would be a Christmas miracle.

biga187 says:

I would love to have a Moga so I can get gaming hardcore on my HTC Evo 4G LTE.

ASR95 says:

I would love any Android kit. I don't have any! I didn't win a Nexus 7 :(

Please select those persons to win a device who don't have an Android. The winners always have some Android device which is unfair!

dervari says:

Nexus 10 with a dock

jean15paul says:

What type of Android kit? I'd love to see Kit from Night Rider running Android. Lol. Seriously, I'd love to see an official oem keyboard dock for the N7, or even an official bluetooth keyboard case.

priesjd says:

Nexus 4 or 7

WenfangHb says:

I would like a ipad 5 and ,aha,a google play gift card

Bruce Taylor says:

Just purchased S3. Would like wireless charger and case.

reevester says:

A Nexus 4, oh please lord, a Nexus 4!

Mystx2112 says:

Hoping to open a Nexus 4 and maybe some google play cash 0.o. Merry Christmas Everyone.

juustin56 says:

I don't know about an android kit, but I'm always up for cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3:)

juustin56 says:

I don't know about an android kit, but I'm always up for cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3:)

Buckeyes says:

A car dock for the HTC EVO 4G LTE would be great.

LARR says:

I wish my Droid X could still get updates!!

ShokuBox says:

Wishing for a samsung galaxy note 2 with lots and lots of apps

JulioGM says:

I'd go for an extended battery for my Galaxy S2, mine dies really quick :(

Purgatory says:

A Nexus 10 with case and $25 gift card.

Wireless charger would be great :)

licotto says:

i want to trade my transformer for a Nexus10!! ..but in the meantime I'd totally take a Nexus 7 to tote around with me EVERYWHERE!! :D

would love to buy nfs mw if i could just score this

J_Droid says:

I wouldn't say no to a Galaxy S3.

Cyclone_Cy says:

A car dock and desk dock for a RAZR maxx HD would be awesome.

gdbusby says:

I would like the HTC Butterfly to hurry up and get to North America

robreyes4 says:

How about a Nexus 10 and a dock for it?

Zonkey says:

Droid DNA would be changing phone :)

raino says:

Just got a S3, so stuff for it would be great. I'm scouting some cases already, will probably look for some car stuff next.

zrl2012010 says:

A nexus 4 or 7 and charging mat!

bikerbob1789 says:

Too late to enter? I'd love a
Nexus 7.

Skyeclad says:

I would like a Nexus 7, dock and gift card.

pmjj says:

a kit for the galaxy note 2 with wireless charging accessories would be nice of course a Note 2 that will work with them.

I'd like to see a kit with the elusive Galaxy Note II media dock.

lumens says:

I just got a Nexus 7. Now I want a Nexus 4 and maybe a 10. ;O)

AlvinPing says:

This still open? If so... hoping a Nexus 10 finds its way into my hands some point soon!

N82k says:

Nexus 7, nexus 4, chrome book, alongside the nexus q re release as a Google TV.

ehall1957 says:

A dock for my Nexus7.