Android Central Stocking StuffersRight. It's Christmas Day, and the gifts just keep on coming in our Stocking Stuffers contest. Want to win a $10 Google Play Gift Card? Here's all you have to do: Leave a comment on this post. Tell us the coolest thing you got this holiday season. That's it. Get a new tablet? New phone? New puppy? Fruitcake? Nutcase? Crazy horse? Tell us all about it, and you'll be in the running for $10 of free apps, movies, music, magazines and TV shows.

And don't forget -- all 31 of our daily winners will be entered to win a free Nexus 4, which we'll pick just as soon as we've got 31 winners.

Good luck!


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Stuff your stocking with Android Central, Christmas Day edition


Coolest thing I got was a fifth of Cuervo Especial Silver. I don't even really drink Tequila, but they, it's Christmas, so why not?!

I received nothing...not a meal. Not a gift. Only my phone bill played an I'm so glad can live without my galaxy nexus.

Hoping to get a new dog and a tablet but only got a couple gifts today. So far the best was my annual Simpsons day by day calendar for next year. My girl gets it for me every year.

I got a free Rudy Project watch from Citibank credit card, I used the credit card for buying my mom a new refrigerator. Giving is better than receiving indeed! :)

I found out a few months ago that I was in REMISSION from my 3 year battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma....

So, I was surprised to receive a beautiful Tacori 3 carat ring from my family for Christmas---perched in amongst the branches of the Christmas Tree!

: - D

And my prognosis looks really shiny, just like my ring!!!

I got a big thrill when my wife opened her new purple Moshi Concerti case. She setup her odd white tablet with that 40-pin connector that should have been a USB port and really liked the whole package, the right shade of purple and the functionality. Maybe next year we'll get her a good tablet.

I got several blu-rays from the Criterion collection. My girlfriend knows I'm a huge movie buff and so she got me some. Meant a lot to me.

Family together in several years. Brother in Navy in California seeing his Family (wife, son,and daughter) my wife from Europe and our 7month old son, my sister and her son, my other sister and her 2 daughters. 2 brothers of mine. And our Parents still alive and well. Its by far the best gift in my opinion. All I can think is how will it be when people are no longer with us as time goes on. A sad thought but reality.

Enjoy time with your family for one day they may not be there.

i got a whole day with the family,which had me showing them how to work tablets, phones, etc. the reason this is so cool is because my family is scattered across the country. one of the very rare times we were all in the same place at the same time. it was amazing to see all my sisters and brothers.

My wife and I are "dog" people, and I guess we were on the same wavelength. One of my presents to her was a night shirt that says, "Sleeps with Dogs", and I got two pairs of lounge wear with dogs on them. Merry Christmas.

What did I get? Nothing but some time away from the office, which I've spent entirely with my family. I'd love to win a Nexus 4, though!

I got a pair of Klipsch X10 in ear headphones. They are going to make listening to music on my Android devices even more enjoyable.

Bunch of Amazon gift cards. Nothing sweeter because it can be anything I want (although I wish I could transfer the credit to Steam).

Id love to have a gift from my favorite site. You guys bailed me out with my android troubles time and time again. Thanks

I got a $50.00 visa gift card........I know it's not a google play card, but hey it's 50 bucks that I can spend on apps and games! Sa-weet!

Santa brought me a Samsung Galaxy 2 7" Tab, which was ordered online and arrive 2 weeks early! Yipeeeee!