Android Central Stocking StuffersRight. It's Christmas Day, and the gifts just keep on coming in our Stocking Stuffers contest. Want to win a $10 Google Play Gift Card? Here's all you have to do: Leave a comment on this post. Tell us the coolest thing you got this holiday season. That's it. Get a new tablet? New phone? New puppy? Fruitcake? Nutcase? Crazy horse? Tell us all about it, and you'll be in the running for $10 of free apps, movies, music, magazines and TV shows.

And don't forget -- all 31 of our daily winners will be entered to win a free Nexus 4, which we'll pick just as soon as we've got 31 winners.

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Stuff your stocking with Android Central, Christmas Day edition


My wife and I got the extended Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray set! Its already coming in handy as we both caught the flu on Christmas Eve! Now we are marathoning all three!!!


I got my father an Acer iconia 200, & received a look of confusion when he opened it. Classic. It'll be fun teaching him how to use it though.

Found out that if I had not bought myself my nexus 7 in August that I would have gotten that! Oh well,was worth it. Got a helmet for autocross!

Got Galaxy Note 2 couple months ago but as for christmas didn't really get anything since we have very small family and too old to really celebrate. =/ would be nice to get play store card to use on my note 2!

I got everything I could ever want, family friends, and health. To all enjoy the season and may many more come


I'm most excited about reviewing money for Christmas. I'm saving up for a new Android device next year, whether it be a tablet or phone!

I got a remote-controlled helicopter! It flew from Australia all the way here to Minnesota and still had a full battery when I turned it on. It flew straight up into the ceiling and crashed back down. I'm going to wait until it's a bit higher than 1 degree outside to try it outdoors next time...

Please pick me!

I got an ipad mini and I love it and I'm not going to apologize because it's the perfect supplement to my galaxy s3!!! Merry Christmas all!

My niece found a pic of me and my mom (who passed away a couple of months ago) from when I was five years old and my mom was only 27 or so. Vicky got the pic framed for me.

My friend who lend me his iPhone 4 for a few months until I got an S3, got me case for it! Not only did she help me out by lending me her iphone but now she's helping me protect my new s3

Best thing that I got this holiday season was to be able to go back home this year to meet my new niece and see the rest of the family. It isnt about gifts, its about family.

the coolest thing I got this season was a call from an old friend. Believe it or not, it was special. I had a bad year this time around with health problems and I realised that when you are out, no one wants you. I got only 1 call this year and it was from this friend. Made me feel quite happy :)

We never did Christmas gifts as my dad would throw everything out. So small things like a phone call mean a lot to me. It shows how much people care about you when they take the time out to talk to you :)

I got the Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray box set with 3 Ultraviolet copies. They look great on my tablet's Flixster app.

Im a tall fella, really tall, 7 feet in fact. My favorite gift - a designer sweater that hits me right below my elbows and above my belly button. For a one and only gift - epic fail...haha
Merry Christmas :)

Well lol right now it's depressing Christmas. I Christmas rk no real Christmas for me till probably tomorrow. But I do work for an airline maybe I can get someone home for theirs. They say that Christmas is about giving so ill try that today..

I'll take boxing day tomorrow instead lol

Merry Christmas everyone. Please remember the troops I know this is an international site I'm not so vain to say just American. All nation's troops need the support of their people.. Remember them especially today when they put their lives on the line so you don't have to. To defend your freedoms and collective asses..

last christmas, i received a heart but i gave it away the next day.
this year, she gave it to someone else so nothing for me :(

Instant Coffee wrapped in a Rick Santorum wrapping paper.

(I'm a progressive Canadian.... Which is why I find it so awesome.)

The best thing I got was a necklace made with pretty stones that was made by my grandma. Not as awesome as the necklace made with snake bones and raw turquoise she gave me 6 years ago but still pretty great.

I got a blowpoke. Hard to describe, but a cross between a toasting fork, a poker and bellows. Very, very cool.

But no batteries!

Not to sound cheesy but a clay ornament in the the shape of our little android friend Lloyd my daughter made me. At 6 years old she's becoming a little artist.

Got a 32in TV to use as a computer monitor, but epic fail = 720p. Can't blame the wife: she was brave enough to buy tech. :)

I got an autographed copy of Adam West's autobiography 'Back to the Batcave' where he wrote "Miles, There's No Time To Lose!"

I bought my parents a fully sponsored trip to south east asia as a gift for their retirement as well as Christmas! The look on their face was simply priceless!! kid got a Nexus 7 and I got an umbrella hat. A $10 gift card would buy my kid a couple of apps so he doesn't need to use my account.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

My Christmas present was actually a trip to Charlotte a couple of weeks ago to watch my Falcons get blown out by the Panthers. :-(

My employer gave me vacation through till Jan. 1st. But the coolest thing I got was the RealTree Otterbox Defender case!

Steelers tickets! Although they were earlier this year, it was still my present. Thought Phil might appreciate this...

I got a remote controlled helicopter that's controlled by me Nexus 4. Trying to make sure it's compatible before I open it though, haha.

Well Christmas presents were pretty dodge this year, Singlet topping the list Or candy canes from 2 year old. However I did go out with Nanna for Lunch on Christmas Eve, Lunch with the other nanna at hers a 2hr drive away and back, the delivered the misses present back up 15 min drive across from mine and today (boxing day) Its a drive to my sisters to afternoon tea/dinner! Did I say I hope Santa gives me a nexus four from ac ;)

Best thing I got was a bottle of old new england eggnog which I just drank and it was yummy and good. That and talking to my daughter in Belgium on Skype...awesome... thanks technology!!!

I received lots of Play gift cards, but wouldn't mind another! Can you use them towards Nexus purchase?

Mi esposo me regalo mi Samsung S3 para cambiar mi BlackBerry me lo dejo en el arbolito como otro regalo mas y hasta me adapto la simcard.

I received enough money to buy a Nexus 4. Now, it may not quite be the same thing, but I am looking forward to finally having a decent smartphone! Just waiting for them to come back in stock.

Coolest thing i got was a daughter that wanted and got a nexus 7, what more could a dad ask for? I mean she didn't want an ipad but a nexus :) I'm so proud

Best gift I got wasn't under the tree. My dad was putting away a bottle of wine that they received for a present. I saw a Glenfiddich 15 on the bar, unopened. I asked about it, he said they received that as a gift a few years ago but they don't drink scotch...said I could have it :)

Oh and a giant Android plush (squishable brand I guess)

The coolest thing I got was a 50mm 1.8 lens. Other than that it was good to spend time with the family.

My family and amazing dinners :)
Other than that the only material thing I got was a 20$ Amazon gift card :]

Material: I got a new watch from my fiancée!
Family: my brother is back in town for the holidays. After living with him for the first 29 years of my life, he moved out of province for work. Great to see him!

New Galaxy S III thanks to a $50 deal from Sprint a couple of weeks ago. So far all I've bought is a screen protector. I've found it runs out of power about 5 PM, so it needs a bigger battery or a battery case. Y have an dumb TV, so I need the HDMI connector (or better yet DLNA for the TV) so I can watch the smart content from the phone on the TV. Software plans include Tasker.


On this Holiday season I got my Android developer account suspended cause of someone's (from Google/AdMob) vendetta. And my wallet account suspended as well. I've sent the requested proves about a week ago and still no answer...
So, this is my happy Christmas - Google took care of it :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

The coolest and only thing I got this Christmas is a check from my grandma.

For the first time in over 5 years, my entire family was together for Christmas. I couldn't ask for anything more :)

This year was mainly focused on my kids since they're young, so my wife and I didn't really get much for each other. We bought a camera. I did get the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray set, though, which is one of the coolest boxed sets I've gotten yet.

An awesome T-Shirt highlighting one of my favorite moments from this year's F1 season: "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing."

This is easy, my best holiday gift this year (and ever) is my son. He's our first child, born November 8, 2012. Believe it or not, his due date was today (Christmas). We were able to bring him home on December 3. Nothing for me beats this gift.

The best thing I got for Christmas was I got to spend the entire day with my lovely wife, no realitives, no grandkids, no kids just her and I. A feller couldn't ask for much more.

I got a day that started out lousy and lonely, but ended up wonderful. I went to a neighborhood Christmas feast for the homeless and those like me with nowhere else to go. I was made welcome, fed, and then volunteered for the rest of the event and cleanup. Met amazing people and had an awesome time. Merry Christmas everyone.

We got the most amazing chocolate hazelnut cake ever baked from our very good friends. We're not much for the "material" things for gifts - food and such has been our holiday currency for years. This cake is indescribably delicious, and as much as I love Nutella, this was done from scratch and no Nutella was used. The cake was half-gone within half an hour, and won't last much longer. I did give myself a Nexus 7 - waiting for it to arrive.

I didn't get anything but frayed nerves from dodging tornadoes. My 21 month old daughter got gifts, though; seeing her open her presents and flash her million dollar smile made me happy.

I got a razer anansi keyboard, some wiley x brick sunglasses, got the death star ice cube maker, and some sweet tennis shoes.

We've been living the past 2 or 3 months with a old tube TV who's blue gun was non functional most of the time. So the new TV we received to replace it was awesome.

The only thing I got was a gift card for the supermarket, but hey, I already have a nexus 7 and everything I currently need. A nexus 4 and/or a google play gift card wouldn't hurt though.

i got The Dark Knight Trilogy on Bluray, and got to watch TDKR with my dad, say what you say, but i think the movie is fantastic and im glad i got to share it with him.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The coolest thing I got this year, literally, was the White Christmas. It started snowing last night despite the weather forecast, and it managed to stick around until this morning. That really made the holiday feel much more special to spend with friends and family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The coolest thing I got was being wanted over by family for Christmas. If that is not considered a thing per your rules, then the coolest thing I got was a Droid dna.

Got to spend a lot of time with family, which is most important. And a small amount of time with my new laptop.

The coolest thing for me was being included by some friends into their family to celebrate Christmas, being all alone in the town, where I work.

I seriously got Zipp! I gave iPods and laptops, and and feel good about it, but geez! Merry Christmas everyone!

The only thing I got was a graviplate on my FTB -minecraft server.

Proof that sometimes cyber friends are sometimes better than the real thing

Also proof that I'm the doofious geek ever

Hope I am not too late (finally got home from "home").

Coolest thing- Hmm, that would be a Minix pocket PC running Android Linux (Neo G4). Not sure what the hell I am going to DO with it, but it is the coolest.