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Starbucks lovers with a device running Android 4.2 -- quite a few of us now -- have been out in the cold waiting for an update to fix compatibility with the latest OS update. Some problem with the app in Android 4.2 caused a nasty bug that made the app crash almost every time it was opened. Thankfully, the wait is over and today's update fixes the issues.

Go grab that download at the Play Store link above and get back to paying for your latte (or quadruple extra hot venti caramel macchiato, if you're me) without a wallet.


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Starbucks updates app with Android 4.2 compatibility


As much as 4.2 is great and all. I was just about to to do an image to 4.1.2 just to get this functioning again. My day tomorrow will now be much better.:-)

thank goodness. I spent an hour on the phone with starbucks tech support last week trying to explain to them that I had 4.2 on my nexus and it was causing the app to crash and it was going to be a problem coming up when more people got the 4.2 OTA. Glad they got it fixed so quickly!

You are not alone; here in the United States of America, the app, also is still not compatible with the, Nexus 7, and that is not nice of, Starbucks.