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We've put a whole lot of work into the official Android Central App — download it now if you haven't already! — and kind of let our mobile-friendly site fall by the wayside. No more. We're happy to announce that we've cleaned up the joint just a little bit, with fresh curtains and a new coat of paint. Now you can get your favorite Android stories from your favorite Android site in a package more friendly to mobile browsers.

Don't worry — the full site is always available for those who want it, as well as our app for those who prefer a native experience. (And we've got a handful of other great ways you can keep up with Android Central in our downloads section.) But today, we're happy to give back a little to those who prefer the mobile site.

Check it out now at!

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ScottJ says:

I love the app except that I can't reply to some messages within a thread. Long-pressing does nothing. It seems random. If I go out of the thread and then back in it often corrects itself. I have a 16GB Nexus 4.

Yes I've seen thus too. Does not seem to have any rhyme or reason

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NoNexus says:

Me 3 on an SGS3 and a HTC One, had the same issues.

BlueSauce says:

Still have to side scroll on my GNEX in Chrome :(

wicketr says:

From looking at the code, it looks like they set the viewport to 480px. I'm not sure why. It'd be better if they used "device-width", so it wasn't locked to a certain size resolution (which is really small these days).

Here's what they have:
meta name='viewport' content='width=480'

Here's what I usually use for mobile websites:
meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=2.0; minimum-scale=1.0;"

DeerSteak says:

I'm happy about this mostly because if I click an AC link in Twitter on my Verizon S4 it doesn't give me the AC app as an option. Only stock browser or chrome. Links on FB or G+ open in the app though.

The mobile site is actually showing up in app every time I try to look at a Talk Mobile article from the past week onwards - I don't mean it's opening with browser but the mobile site is inside the app where the article usually is. It didn't do this before. My phone is a Motorola RAZR i XT890 (GB Retail version but unlocked) running Android Jellybean 4.1.2. Is this because you are having trouble with it or a bug?

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Yep. Fixing that.

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thegrants82 says:

Everything looks great Phil and I love the app. You guys keep up the great work! Do you guys have any plans to make an app for iOS?

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return_0 says:

I believe they made one and submitted it, but Apple rejected the app.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the Android Central app.

Thanks, that would be great!

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It's fixed and as normal now, thank you. New design looks good too!

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demontooth says:

Looks good Phil.

Synycalwon says:

That explains why the two forum bookmarks on my Note 2 (stock browser) started going to the mobile site. I prefer the full site (applies to most sites really, not just here), so I added ?styleid=74 at the end of the URL for each bookmark. :)


Noticed this earlier thanks guys

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kellybrf says:

liking the old site better. when i use the mobile site its because i want to get the info fast, and with pictures now there is a lot more rendering which means significantly longer page loads. im all for a redesign, but not feeling this version. thanks for the hard work though, dont want you guys to feel unappreciated!

sprint4lyfe says:

I'm sure I will get used to it but the old mobile site was simple and to the point. More social media added now and more scrolling.

ben7798 says:

I really like the new look. Keep up the good work!

Metro1088 says:

I really like the app but whenever an article features an image gallery I'm unable to see it and have to go to the website. Is this a bug that only I'm experiencing?

Great job on the website. I browse a lot on my Nexus 4 and I'm really happy to be on a mobile-optimized website.

focr6 says:

Love it. I can actually enjoy looking at it.. Lol

TaiwanTeddy says:

I love how it has pictures on the homepage now, it was the reason why I was using the desktop site. Keep up the good work!

Gator352 says:

LOVE IT!! And the app too!

techymarkbo says:

Love the new mobile site guys! Great job. Just redesigned my website so I can appreciate the work put into it!

S_C_B says:

Good revamp. The buttons at the top of the site are very small. All Stories, Tablets, Phones, Apps, etc.

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With this app you became my only Android news source.

Cheers from Australia.

sushiguy732 says:

I love the app but the new site is AWESOME!! Great job!!!

Fairclough says:

Hate when I get new paint on my mobile ;)

- Android Central App. Remember courage is contagious.

Seronac says:

Nice site, both web and mobile, but I like the app, too. And wish add a little request. On the list of articles, could you add when the article was posted, or how long ago? Thanks.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 7

SRR500 says:

New sight looks great. Thank you from those of us that are still using Gingerbread and can't make use of the official app.

FitzAusTex says:

Not happy with the new mobile site at all. Old site was concise and I could click on the articles I was interested in. New site has me scrolling, and scrolling, and getting fairly lost in what I'm looking at. I was hoping this was a mistake that was actually directing me to full site. I'm obviously a vote to return to the old mobile site view. New mobile site is awkward enough on my Nexus 7 FHD, that I don't think I'll be reading Android Central 15 times a day any longer, sigh... (and yeah I have the AC app, but preferred the mobile site as my go-to)

speculatrix says:

A long running problem remains for me.
When reading the mobile version ( of the site, if I try and comment The site takes a long time to respond and finally tells me my comment has been queued for moderation. I used to believe it but then started checking and those comments never appeared.

Once I realised, I'd go select desktop site first. If I forgot I could tap back, copy the comment and paste it into desktop site where it would be accepted.

I raised this with on of the team, Phil took it up but it went stale you all went off to some big exhibition.

So you really need to see if if it's not just me and fix it.