Sprint Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich

Some good news for those of you patiently waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich on the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, which until now has been little more than a "coming soon" line. We just got slipped this screen shot that points to it being released this week, starting Thursday and lasting through July 20.

If you've been rocking any versions of Ice Cream Sandwich to this point, you should be fairly used to the changes. If not, well, they're listed in the pic above. Don't expect too many UI changes, other than settings being rearranged -- after all, it's still running TouchWiz atop it. But the ICS update certainly will be welcome.

We do need to remind folks, however, that Sprint and Samsung don't exactly have the best history when it comes to updates. So until Sprint says it's coming, and until it's actually hitting devices, we'll remain cautiously optimistic.

More: Epic 4G Touch forums; Thanks, anon!

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Its about time!!

Justadye4 says:


autoprime#AC says:

Sprint Galaxy S III Epic 4G Touch.. nice. lol

Whoops. :p

briankurtz79 says:

I think a lot of people will be disappointed. With touchwiz covering all the beauty I don't think it will feel much different. Glad I switched to the gnex.

OniKyanAE86 says:

Apex Launcher is basically the Ice Cream Samish launcher with extra options.

Sigma6 says:

Apex/Nova Launcher(s)both are not compatible with the epic 4g touch.If so, how can they be downloaded for use.

VDub2174 says:

They're compatible with ICS devices. I use Apex on my E4GT running an ICS ROM.

KingGinger55 says:

You won't need apex or another launcher because just like it was with ginger bread, you can use sprint ID to switch to a stock launcher. I have been running all the latest leaks and they are all that way.

thisguy81 says:

Just download home switcher. In ICS there is a stock laucher built into the system. I think it was a requirement of ICS.

tompro53 says:

I want to be happy so I'll say this "thank god its about time", now that I got that off my chest I am still hesitant about this I will be watching Sprint's twitter feed for updates.

ramonm2 says:

Hell... It's about time!

Maxxamas says:

Whatever. Sprint has really gone to shit over the last few years. I tried, but unlimited data isnt enough to keep me on board. Back to the GSM world and unlocked Nexus devices for me.

Ogre840 says:

After being without data for almost 3 weeks in the area I work and sprint denying any issues I decided to eat my etf and jump ship as well. Too little too late I'm afraid.

Cubfan says:

Dang. Knew this would happen the moment I traded my Epic Touch for the Galaxy Nexus. Got sick of waiting.

Lawbreaker says:

Lol. Me too! Just got my gnex on Saturday so I figured the announcement would be this week

VDub2174 says:

I did the same thing.....lol

a112883s says:

OMG Finally... About Time...

chrisharmful says:

Looks like it's back to stock for me. Let's just hope they don't cripple search like they did to the S3.

CeluGeek says:

No Kies crap? Score!

mmark27 says:

Kies is still on there

CeluGeek says:

I meant, no mention of having to connect your phone to a PC running Kies to download the update. I know it sounds too good to be true.

mmark27 says:

All the Epic4GTouch updates have been OTA, this one should be no different. The Kies business has been for the GSM versions (to my knowledge).

Scott_LAN says:

mmark27, how does one get the update over Kies? I entered Kies for the first time a few minutes ago and all I saw were the files and information on my phone.

frankyblike says:


mmark27 says:

FF18 is the last leak from June 18th. They've done no improvements to the ROM. That's too bad, there are a few lingering bugs they should have dealt with.....Also ridiculous why they sat on it for almost 3 weeks before releasing it. You all might as well go to XDA and get sfhub's one click with root instead of waiting for official release.

gator_rick says:

Sprint is always and foremost a business to make profit!! They waited so they could release SGSIII and have it sell before they updated the old one. Would you want to make an old product better when you were trying to sell the latest and greatest. Money was the ultimate reason they waited so long.

AndrewRich says:

Forgive the n00b question, but do I need to restore my non-rooted image to receive this update? I installed the rooted (everything else stock) image following instructions here ( http://forums.androidcentral.com/epic-4g-touch-rooting-roms-hacks/156311... ). Thanks.

VDub2174 says:

If you're rooted, just wait until there's a ROM built off the official release.

pahern says:

It's about time! Now which will get here first, the update (rolling out over 8 days) or the Nexus 7 delivery? The race is on...

llfloyd79 says:

Very good news....i was almost about to give up and get the Galaxy Nexus or S3. Glad i waited.

DWR_31 says:

Still no love for my Evo 3D....?

Glenuendo says:


Braun00 says:



nanosman#AC says:

i take it we will never get jellybean

tompro53 says:

No we might get jellybean since it is a minor update not a major one like ics.

DirkBelig says:

Question is whether CM10 will get JB together faster than Samsung/Sprint?

tompro53 says:

Of course they will it just depends on how many bug there will be when it is released.

youngjediboy says:

I don't believe it till I see it!

We can finally get some decent multitasking!

Phenom says:

Geez...about frickin time!

ackthbbft says:

PLEASE let this update get rid of SprintID on my E4GT!! Installing it was apparently optional, but uninstalling it is not!

mmark27 says:

Got badnews for you man, it's still on there....

Go to XDA and install the FF18 rooted. Installing rooted roms are super easy for the E4GT, easiest I've seen for any phone. They are all set up with sfhub's ODIN one clicks. super simple. Then get Titanium Backup and freeze or uninstall whatever you like.

Gator352 says:

Why go through all that. Seriously, does Sprint ID make your phone smoke? Turn different colors? Cough all night long? If it doesn't actually hurt anyone, why bother removing it...besides reclaiming the small amount of space it actually fills? But I agree....Sprint ID sucks donkey &*^$$!

B_Quick says:

At least with sprint ID you can switch to the stock ics launcher super easy and not have to look at the old ass touch wiz launcher. So I'm glad it's still there. All the other Sprint crap needs to go though.

eweezy55 says:

Its good that they finally got it out but seriously why they hell did it take so long. Like do have to be dead last in everything geez...

Saneless says:

EVO 3D people are still waiting around

FireCrouch says:

Why the hell would you get such a crap phone anyway? 3D is such a gimmick. I just don't understand when a great phone like the GS2 was available.

rsanchez1 says:

I can haz ice cream with my Evo 3D?

Gator352 says:

Anyone notice this looks like it was done in word??? Also notice that under application compatibility, it says "some 3rd applications......"

After 3rd it should say party. Sprint doesn't screw up like that in an official memo.

tompro53 says:

@Gator352 stop ruining peoples hopes.

Gator352 says:

Just pointing out the obvious.

olorin says:

While it could be fake, most major corporations use Word, so, yeah, I maybe it does look like it was made in Word! Big deal....

Oh, yeah..... everyone screws up with official memos.... all the time!

Gator352 says:


Lito187 says:


Gator352 says:

Hell, I just read that the AOSP rejected the Sprint Gnex. That means no early push of JB to it. I'm glad I decided to wait to use my upgrade!! But I think this AOSP can kiss my A&* as they are not gods...but like to think they are.

JB for GSII anyone? Yeah, right.

VDub2174 says:

I read that yesterday too. I'm still not worried about it though since the dev community already has a JB ROM out (with working MMS).

peezzy1 says:

yaaaaaaay....oh wait quick noob question....what happens to all my go launcher stuff, does that all get updated or is it lost?

Gator352 says:

Most likely it will return to stock launcher but go launcher stuff will still be there and you'll have to re-apply it as your default launcher.

peezzy1 says:

cool thanks

li2327 says:


In the immortal words of the great Jim Raynor...

"Hell, it's about time."

garfnodie says:

Bout damned time. Now Team Epic can get the ICS kernel source, and the E4GT can become an officially supported device with CM9, instead of just being Alpha builds. Plus, we can finally get true UV and OC of the process and other stuff.

Do you know that Sprint Tech Support are awed at this news and can't believe what is posted on this website. I really hope this update goes through so I can rub it Sprints face....

If not, I'm selling my E4GT and get T-Mobile at least I know I'm being treated fairly.

rick420f says:

I have been to the Sprint site for some kind of official word about the rollout. However, I can't find anything. Does anyone know where it would be posted on their site?

tompro53 says:

Samsung has released the kernel source code which means that the 12th will start some ics love.