Sprint Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio

Two of the three phones that Sprint announced last week at CTIA -- the Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio -- are available for purchase as of today. They'll run you $149.99 and $99.99 respectively after contract and $100 rebate. The third phone announced last week -- the LG Optimus S -- will be available Oct. 31. [Sprint]


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Sprint Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform now available


I used to ask myself the queation about mail-in rebates. After looking into it, I found out that companies bank on peoples laziness or forgetfullness to go through the process. At the same time the mail-in rebate makes the whole price look more desirable.

I called Best Buy today, and the geniuses there said it's not released yet. Put me on hold forever to find out if it when they would have it, I had to hang up. I was counting on BB, I hope it ends up there. Paying for a rebate is a deal-killer for me. At least the Transform is not 4G, had the Evo and Epic. Returned both in part b/c 4G is a ripoff still in the Washington DC area. Not worth $10/month.

I have never gotten a phone thru a carrier because of the rebate BS. The only time I thought of it was to get an R2D2 Droid2, but didn't like the unit in general and bought the X.

lmao, it took youtube to find out its running a 800mhz processor.. sprint hides it on the website.

So, these are fully functional Android phones that don't have a 4G radio and they won't have the "It's not a 4G fee though it's a fee only on 4G phones" monthly fee. Is Sprint still denying that the 4G capability fee is still not related to 4G?