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Looks like Lloyd has been busy this week. He's our Android Highlander in training for sure. Check out the forum links below if you want to grab the image for your device wallpaper and well, since you'll already be there -- be sure to hit some of the other threads as well or lend a hand with some of the questions being asked. Have questions of your own? No worries, ask away and we'll do our best to get you all fixed up.

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Reader comments

Sprint Nexus S, Android Highlander is an Apple killer [from the forums]


I am Lloyd McCloud of the clan McCloud. Hey where's Joe? Oh at the bar again drinking that yellow beer! Wait.. where is that lighting coming from? AARGGGGGHHHHH

I love that wallpaper, and totally snagged it. I think it'll look great when my Galaxy Tab finally comes in (or if the Evo View gets announced).

Ahah love it will use it as my background. You should make one for Windows too, with guns this time :-)