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Google has announced that it will be integrating Google Voice with Sprint devices to give users a nearly native experience from their Google Voice number. The Android GV experience already is as good as it gets, and it's about to get better. The long and the short of it is that your Sprint number will become your Google Voice number, without any messy porting. Here are the deets, straight from the Google Voice blog:

First, Sprint customers will be able to use their existing Sprint mobile number as their Google Voice number and have it ring multiple other phones simultaneously. So now, calls to your Sprint mobile number can easily be answered from your office or your home phone, or even your computer through Gmail. Calls from Gmail and text messages sent from will also display your Sprint number. This basically gives Sprint customers all the benefits of Google Voice without the need to change or port their number.

Alternatively, Google Voice users can choose to replace their Sprint number with their Google Voice number when placing calls or sending text messages from their Sprint handset. This feature works on all Sprint phones and gives Sprint users all the benefits of Google Voice without the need for an app.

While unfortunately this is not currently available right now, it will be coming "soon" to all Sprint users. If you are a Sprint user, be sure to drop your email at this link to sign up for the service. [Google Voice Blog]


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Google Voice integration goes deep with Sprint


I guess this solves the issue of being billed for calls made or received from Google Voice as a Sprint customer? (since previously they would be routed from a land line #) Or not?

I've never really used GV but I might try it now, I have a question though... If I go this route and use my Sprint number, can I later pick out a GV number and use that instead? Say if I move and I want a new GV # that's local to that state...

Good questions, especially the one about not getting billed for calling mobile numbers via Google Voice. I think Sprint should include the GV numbers in mobile to mobile calling.

I've been using gv for a long time! I flash a lot of roms and it always shows up ready and working! That's awesome about the sprint # being your gv #. Another industry first! More to come this week!

I think this is a great idea and like that you still have the choice to display your GV# instead of your Sprint#. Looks like your Sprint number can take over as your home line.

Speaking of MMS support, if we set our current number to our google voice number, what happens if someone sends an MMS? Does it get delivered to the phones MMS client, or does it just not deliver since GV doesn't support it? I currently use GV for voicemail and this switch is intriguing...

So will this help fill the gap (although not completely) that the HP TouchPad has created for Android tablet users? I was really jealous when I saw that they (WebOS users) could take voice calls, etc on their tablet from their phone. Essentially, the same thing will now be possible right? Somebody calls my phone, but I can answer it on my tablet seamlessly via Google Voice (without the need for a unique Google Voice number), and without the need to take my phone out of my pocket.

I found this in the somewhat small print on the Google Voice website.

"Standard Anytime Minutes, data, and text messaging rates apply to Google Voice services on Sprint phones."

That, to me, sounds like calls made with your "Google Voice" number will now no longer be eligible for M2M calls. Maybe I'm wrong in assuming that though.

I evaluated Google Voice about a year ago, and it was pretty much unusable. There would be a 3+ second delay between when the talker spoke and when the other party heard what was said. So I'd be talking to somebody, and we'd be talking over each other because we never knew when the other person was finished.

Did Google Voice ever solve that little show-stopper of an issue?

Ive been using GV for about a year now and I havent had that issue. and thats using phone/gmail to call. Maybe I started using it right after you had the issues, and they fixed it. it works great now for me!

Unless Google no longer charges minutes from my plan to use Google Voice, there is no reason for me to do this. I already have a Google Voice phone number that I use as my "home phone" to receive calls from non-personal callers, but I don't use it to make calls because Sprint doesn't consider my GV number a true mobile number and calls eat up my cell plan anytime minutes. If this does indeed no longer eat up minutes to use Google Voice to make/receive calls through Google Voice, then why would I need a cell plan? I would only need a data-only plan, which Sprint doesn't have. I can't see Sprint offering a plan that would cut the need for everyone to all of a sudden no longer need cell minutes to make/receive calls, unless they start to offer a "data-only" plan.

I would venture to guess that in the very near future, cell providers are going to end primarily being "data-only" plan providers, because as these soft-phone/VOIP services start to take hold with more people, why would anyone need to use cell minutes when all you need is a Google Voice number and access to wi-fi or 3G/4G wireless for sending voice over data packets through the Internet? The writing is on the wall for traditional POTS lines to die out, and cell phones will be next as VOIP shifts into wider use.

This is great news. There have been some good questions raised in the above comments that I hope are ironed out. But other than that, having the ability to use Google Voice with your current Sprint Number is good. Something I wanted to do before I signed up a few weeks back.

It seems likr Sprint is going head first in to the Google way. Between this and a Nexus device on CDMA they are really going for it. Its awesome to see a carrier going this route especially given the nails put in Tmobiles coffin by yesterdays announcement. My contract with Verizon is up next year and the way prices and attitude are coming out of Verizon lately my family plan will be migrating over.

too bad the google voice feature does not support my area yet... St. Louis, MO.... you would think Missouri's biggest city would be under their support umbrella. I guess I will still have to wait until I can port my number for both Sprint and Voice.

that's what I'm talking Sprint. Land the Nexus S 4G then announce you're all in with Google. Just need a few more Google phones and position yourselves to get the exodus of T-Mobile users who might get screwed if AT&T pricing gets pushed down to them. Remember Sprint, stay unlimited and keep the price plans low!!

I'm not a Sprint user, but I do enjoy Google Voice FAILS. A friend of mine uses YAP and really enjoys it. The audio to text feature on Google Voice isn't the best. There's an awesome website called for all voice-to-text fails. Google Voice is all over it!