Sprint Epic 4G contest

Our kingdom for a launch date for the Sprint Epic 4G, its contribution to the Samsung Galaxy S line. (See our hands-on with the Epic 4G) And while there's still nothing official, we've run across the following news in the Android Central Forums after a link was messaged to Sprint customers. And there's good news and bad news to go along with it.

"Going the Distance," an epic tale of adventure a romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the I'm a Mac guy), opens Aug. 27, and there's a contest to go along with it, with a grand prize of a 4-day, 3-night getaway and $1,000 spending money. Ten first-prize winners will receive an Epic 4G. (And we assume the grand-prize winner will, too?)

And that all likely means the phone won't actually be released before the movie. Or maybe at the same time. But it stands to reason the launch won't happen before then, right? Oh, and the contest ends at midnight Sept. 3, so toss that in the mix.

And add to the Evo 4G's tie-in to "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which opened in theaters May 28. The Evo then followed on June 4. So, yeah.

This may all be a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense, too. Feel free to throw your own conspiracy theories in the comments. [Going the Distance sweepstakes via Android Central Forums]


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Sprint giving away 10 Samsung Epic 4Gs (and did it give away the launch date?)


I am having a virtual affair on my Nexus with this darn phone! I am making my N1 my dev only phone now, and getting this one.
So i called my local sprint store and got the first spot in line, he also told me they do not have a firm date yet but said i should take off of work on the 27th!
Also, he said he is receiving something on Wednesday (the 11th) and to call him on thursday morning for details, maybe the display phones and such? hmmm...

I believe that each phone is assigned to 1 or 2 Sprint reps at each store so they can be an expert to better help customers with questions/issues. I wonder if the 11th is when the rep you talked to gets his Epic.

That is the "ambassador program" and those handets can be given to the assigned rep at the store anytime from three weeks before to one month after a lunch.

Sounds like you are doing just what i did a couple of weeks ago. I have had the Nexus One since March and never even thought about the Galaxy S line until i stared reading about the Captivate. Now just like you here in a couple weeks my Nexus One is my "dev phone!" You wont be unhappy with your decision the Galaxy S line is top of the line. Thanks to XDA i am getting over 2100 Quadrant benchmark scores on a stock Android 2.1 with TouchWiz! Great phone and it seems that it will have a great develping community thanks to the i9000 being out for awhile and it is starting to look like all mods will be compatible with other builds. This will only get better as more devs jump on the king of the Galaxy S line the Epic. It will be the top Android phone for awhile i think i know i wish my Captivate had a keyboard. Take the jump my friend you wont regret it i promise I would suggest the Galaxy S phones to any Android fan. The Snapdragon processor doesnt compare even with 2.2 no phone in my opinion does. That being said i wont ever get rid of my Nexus One and i hope my next phone is a Nexus Two

Just because the contest ends the 3rd doesn't mean the phone won't launch until then. All this speculation has really gotten out of hand. Couldn't the phone be released and then after the launch, people could win them. Samsung is giving away Captivates and Vibrants right now and the phones have been out for a while. I think you guys are looking too much into this.

Until this article, I completely forgot about the EVO Prince of Persia tie in. Considering THAT didn't do much for this consumer's awareness- (and I actually SAW that film) I REALLY don't think this a good tie in at all.

I was hoping for the release of Samsung Media Hub and an announcement of a cool pack in film for Epic- instead they launch with this EPIC fail of a tie in.

But you have to be a sprint customer :( maybe verizon will do something like this for the droid 2 or droid pro

Count me in , after the problems my samsung moment had I swore I would never buy another samsung phone, but I will take a free one.

Ok Sprint, I want to leave Verizon, but droid 2 is getting closer than the Epic. Anounce already, why are you playing Chicken with the release dates? College students already need to have their gear together before september.

"6.Drawing: On or about September 10, 2010 the Sponsor will select..."
i read it on the official rules document. so maybe the phone will come out then or the day after?

This is the DUMBEST article I've read so far. Just because sprint is having a giveaway to "sprint customers" doesn't mean that is when it will launch. Why is it so hard to understand that they can have this giveaway AFTER the launch? To promote the phone to already sprint customers. If it were a promotion to all customers, then maybe I would think it was a tie in with the launch. Sprint stands to make more money with new customer contracts, not existing ones. I'm sure this is after launch.