I'm finally seeing some daylight as the pile of stuff in my office gets smaller, but there is one last thing that needs to go -- a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV set-top box. Almost a year after release, it's still one of the most capable Google TV units we've tried (and we've tried a bunch), and there is still plenty of life left in this one even after daily use for almost a year.

To win, you need to enter, and that's easy enough. Leave a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll shut the comments down and pick a winner. We use the email you registered with here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it from time to time. 

Tomorrow, I'll announce all the spring cleaning winners here on the blog. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV player



Jerry you are my jam! Thank you for all the contests for these excellent Android devices.

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Would love to upgrade from my Revue - at least this one has a modern version of Android on it instead of dead Honeycomb!

I was debating on this or the Video Co-Star. This would make that a very easy decision.

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Always wanted a Google TV. Huge step up from apple TV!!
Thanks for a great contest!

My sister has one and I'm totally jealous. If I don't get one soon I'm stealing hers. Now just have to plan my crime.

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I could definitely use this. Thanks ac, you guys rock!

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I would be so blessed to have and be able to use this, please choose me, it will have a good home

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Since I love android I think I would be the perfect candidate for Google TVim just saying.

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5 Android phones on 2 diffrent carriers, 1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 1 Acer Icona Tablet, and a T-Mobile G1 (The first Android phone) in my underwear drawr as a back up in case my Nexus 4 gives out ... I really need Google TV.

This would make a nice addition so closely after Father's day!

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My tv is seven years old. That's almost EIGHTY in human years!! This Google TV thingy would really spruce it up and tie things together.

Need to replace my Google TV revue. Just died about two weeks ago and having withdrawal from Google TV. Help me.

There are 10 types of people, those that want to win this and those that don't. I want to win this.

You've read my mind! I've been in the market for one of these! Just haven't mustered up the courage to spend the money :X

My desire for this is unmatched and cannot be summed up in one sorry post. Therefore, I won't try.

Having the Sony NSZ-GZ7 would be way better and easier then hooking up My S3 via HDMI cable to my 42" TV to play games. Doesn't really work to well.

wishing all those who bought the first sony googletv devices (3 years ago) somehow get this newer version.

New to Android. Loving it so far. Bring Google to my TV please.

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Google TV would be amazeballs, even better through this amazing bit of kit.

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Jerry I would really appreciate a Google TV, I'm a home theater installer and would love to see how I can incorporate this device into customer setups. My work doesn't sell these devices =(. Any who hope I win

I really need to continue the apple replacement in my house and use Google TV rather than apple TV. Android domination:)

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I never win & have been beggin' the wife for this & until she saw the awesomeness she was skeptical. Hook me Up Jerry

I been begging for this. I tried the Roku but I need internet. Oh, the things I would do for this!

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