I'm finally seeing some daylight as the pile of stuff in my office gets smaller, but there is one last thing that needs to go -- a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV set-top box. Almost a year after release, it's still one of the most capable Google TV units we've tried (and we've tried a bunch), and there is still plenty of life left in this one even after daily use for almost a year.

To win, you need to enter, and that's easy enough. Leave a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll shut the comments down and pick a winner. We use the email you registered with here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it from time to time. 

Tomorrow, I'll announce all the spring cleaning winners here on the blog. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV player



You are, and have always been, sexier than Phil. Take that, Phil! I said it. Now, gimme a Google TV!

A/C spring cleaning is a good time for us android fans.

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Leapin' Lizards! Would love to start my entertainment center with this! Awesome and thanks for the give aways you always do!


I never used a Google TV before, but it's never too late : )

Good luck to everyone and have a nice day.

That sounds like a cable cutter's wet dream. Would definitely be a welcome addition to my home theater setup.

thats what I am talking about, now only if we can get google to show some more love to the google tv....

All I want for half-Christmas is to win an Android Central contest. And a lot of money...like a lot a lot.

I've been touting the awesomeness of Google TV since it first came out and have never been able to actually afford it. I would LOVE this!

That would be awesome! I've always wanted to try Google TV, and none of our tellies are smart. Thanks for one last spring cleaning!

K now this is what i love most in Sony TV they are simple to use,they have clean UI and the best part is even i do have a Sony smart TV hence i am double eligible to win this..... problem?

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Gatta get me one of these. Love me some Google TV

Turp415 Posted via Android Central App

Some Google TV love would be awesome! Please Please Please!!!!! Thanks for being the best Android blog out there!

Hey there best buddy. Have I ever told you how much I love your beard.

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At least I know if I don't win the Google TV, tomorrow is Jimmy John's Customer Appreciation day. $1 Subs! So either way, it's win win!

One man's trash... Is another man's Google tv!

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Missed the boat on the Logitech Revue and the Vizio CoStar doesn't have the Guts N' Braun like Sony's Set Top box. Cheers to Android Central for the Spring Cleaning series - Its nice to see Sites reward their members.

It's between this giveaway and a £30 android TV dongle, hope I win this because those dongles look terrible :)

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Roku sucks, already have a phone and tablet, help me compelte my google/android collection!! I'm really good at watching TV, so I'll put it to good use

I haven't had a chance to use Google TV. I'd love to win this device and add some brains to my "dumb" tv.

My Logitech Revuew is pretty much dying, and I've already reserved my coach for the July4th to sit and relax with some G-TV... :) winning this makes perfect 'Freedom' for me... :D

I need a Google tv to shut up my buddy with an apple tv...

Thank you sir

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Comment left. Now I'm just waiting for the great prize. :)

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Looking to make my hdtv a smart tv so I have been doing a lot of research on Google TV and this one looks the most promising.

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Can't agree more with the comments here, this would be an awesome device to get free!

Recently moved into a new apartment and would love to add this to my apartment. Looking forward to the hours of joy and entertainent the Sony NSZ could bring into my life!

I had one of the Google TVs, until it was stolen :( I really liked that thing but they don't sell them anymore... This would be a great replacement!

The greatest task before civilization at present is to make machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men.

How does anyone know who wins this contest, going all the way back the the anything but E3 and WWDC white nexus? Nothing. Notta. No one knows? Lol. Pick me!

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Now this would be a great belated father's day gift for my gadget dad.

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I love Google but I can't afford to buy one right now and.... OMG I would love to win one. Come on, have a heart. ;-).

No word on where you have to live to win? Does that mean that the competition is open to us europeans??

This would be awesome. Ive been wanting to try out google tv and kick cable to the curb!

I sent you guys a tip last night about the HTC One update that just rolled out. Can I get some gTV to get my beak wet?

My TV not a real TV without Google TV added to it. Plus my Logitech is on its last leg. lol.

I'm about done with my Revue Google TV. This upgrade would do nicely

We are actually looking at this device for our home. *Come on good karma, please pay off* Thanks!

I would be so happy to win something from you guys and owning something else from Google than just Nexus device. *_*

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